Zero Damage Tryndamere

Alright guys, I’m back. It took me a while to get around to making this video because I’ve been sleeping around so I don’t have to reflect on how shitty I did on my finals. And the time I wasn’t asleep was spent grinding. I had to get my rank up before showing my face in public because being anything lower than bronze 2 would just be embarrassing. Anyways, enough of the excuses. What I have for you today is Zero Damage Tryndamere. And when I say zero damage, I literally mean zero damage. This isn’t a build, it’s an advanced form of disrespect, that also includes a specific build. Just by playing Zero Damage Tryndamere, Both teams’ will to live will drop so fast that even a TI-89 Calculator couldn’t graph it.

It isn’t about winning, it’s about leaving every single enemy player both physically and emotionally damaged. You have to show the enemy team how worthless they are by not even wasting your auto attacks on them. Eventually, the existential dread of their useless existence will start to set in, causing them to spiral into an endless cycle of depression and self-loathing. Now, for your runes, you’re going to run 3 Time Spent Dead reduction Quints, and then whatever the fuck those other ones are.

Seriously tho, can you tell what these symbols mean without having to hover over them? No one looks at their rune page long enough to actually memorize the symbol. They look nice, but it’s mildly inconviencing that on the rare occasion that I’m actually looking at my rune page, I have to hover over them to know exactly what they are. The masteries don’t really matter, so I usually just roll something on Ultimate Bravery to decide what I’m running. There’s one important thing to note when playing Zero Damage Tryndamere. It’s that you shouldn’t ever build a Statik Shiv, a Tiamat item, or a Thornmail. (Yeah, Fuck those items) If you accidentally hit someone with their passive, it might make them think you started recognizing them as an actual human being. This is something that you want to avoid at all costs. In order to achieve the maximum mentally damaging effect, you have to neglect them as much as possible, and in every way possible. (Let `em suffer!) Other than that, you can build essentially whatever you want. I personally bought ZZ’Rot’s first to help me splitpush, and a Blade of the Ruined King for the lifesteal and more tower damage.

I couldn’t tell you what to buy after that, because none of my games have actually lasted that long. Zero Damage Tryndamere’s abilities are maxed in the same order as Regular Damage Tryndamere. Q, E, then W. Just don’t be one of those plebs that put more than one point into your ult, putting more points into your ult only increases the amount of Fury he gets when ulting, and gives him like an extra 40 health when it ends. Your fury is likely to be maxed out either way, and it doesn’t make a difference when hitting towers, so just don’t bother with it.

The only usage of his ult is to keep yourself alive as long as possible while you’re beating the shit out of a tower. His Q also allows him to survive for an extra second or two to get in some additional hits. You essentially just want to keep throwing your body at the tower until it dies. It doesn’t matter if you die, as long as you get some damage on the tower. (Kappa) This is why you take Time Spent Dead reduction Runes. Be careful when using his E in lane, because you might accidentally hit someone with it. This ability should only be used when you’re alone in lane and trying to push it.

*pros talking* “NO” “FUCK!” *pros talking* If you’re struggling to not hit people with your E, just completely unbind the key. Whenever your jungler comes to gank, just use W and go back to farming. If you’re lucky, the jungler will kill the laner for you, giving you some extra gold. If they fuck up and die, be sure to drop the question mark in team chat. (Kappa:On) Speaking of junglers, I never usually bother warding, since I can hear their footsteps with my Turtle Beach Gaming Headset. The ability to hear footsteps alerts me to any incoming ganks, completely voiding the need for wards. Before you start playing Zero Damage Tryndamere, there’s something I want to elaborate on. The ultimate goal isn’t to win, it’s so ruin other people’s lives. However, if you try to accomplish this by flaming or insulting people in chat, You’re not playing the metagame, you’re just a fucking cunt. The only acceptable form of BM is the question mark. That about wraps up this video. The final thing I want to say is: If I see you playing this shit in my game, I’m going to report the fuck out of you.

Like, seriously. Fucking don’t. Also, don’t forget to follow my stream, the link is in the description. ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀).

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