YouTube Secrets – 5 Things They Never Told You About Starting a YouTube Channel

Hey guys this is Clark and today I’m going over five YouTube secrets they never told you so if you’ve ever wanted to start a YouTube channel or maybe you thought it’s just too hard or there’s too much competition on the platform or you know the best time was two years ago YouTube’s dead now I don’t challenge that I want to walk you through five things in this short video that will show you how to start grow and monetize your YouTube channel in 2017 why this is the best time it’s ever been to start a YouTube channel now and how there might not be a better time and then at the end I actually have a few bonuses for you just for watching this very video let’s get started alright diving into it due to some YouTube policies that can’t show you some numbers in the dashboard just you know for partnership agreements but this is an estimated site so you can see here over the last thirty days I’ve gotten sixteen thousand subscribers on eight hundred and twenty four thousand views you know estimated monthly around three thousand dollars and then yearly you know under 40k thirty to forty K if you want to go buy this so here you’re looking at videos for the last thirty days you know so my channel it’s about three hundred four hundred subscribers a day two hundred subscribers a day here it’s live I’ve gotten one hundred and thirty eight subscribers and you know if you look at the estimated earnings to about $80 hundred dollars a day okay so that’s that’s how it is it wasn’t always like this you go down here look at these total monthly views total monthly subs you know and then right there something just happened and imma walk you through exactly how to do that step-by-step in these five lessons let’s get started let me walk you through how you can do the same if you have a youtube channel again if you don’t have a YouTube channel I like this even better because you can just go from the get-go you can start banging out videos that you’re passionate on and reach millions if you know these strategies so tip number one this is my favorite strategy this I like to refer to as the dirty restaurant alright I had a friend who was in Japan and he was studying over there and he said it was the weirdest thing when he would walk in the streets everywhere he went there would be 20 restaurants and the one that was the most busy was always the dirtiest he said in fact he knew some of the owners and they would actually pay him or other people to come in there give them free food just to social proof that restaurant because if people were eating there it showed to other people that that restaurant was popular people are going there that’s good food and so other people started going there so I like to call that the dirty restaurant that when you’re doing a channel you’re doing a YouTube channel make it a dirty restaurant all right go where people are fishing a lot of times we’re getting the mindset of saying you know I gotta do something completely original completely unique but that’s not the best way to do it at all in fact that’s the opposite of what you should be doing on YouTube you got to create videos that people are searching for you got to create videos that you’ve seen before on YouTube and when you do that you cut that first three years off okay so let’s go how do we do this how do we go where people are fishing well it’s something I call modeling all right model success so here’s my channel and this is what I would recommend you do again if you don’t have a channel you want to get started or you have one and you’re like man my channel just won’t grow I’m actually coaching consult clients on how to do this very thing but I’ll just give it to you right here go into their channel so right here I’m on my channel we’ll do this on a couple go to sort by most popular now look at this right here I have the 30 most popular videos for my channel and this is what you can do to any of your channel so what you do is you find five six seven channels that are similar to the topics that you want to be talking about or if you have a channel in the health and wellness field all right find five or six channels that have about 10,000 or above subscribers that proves that people like that content and go to their channel most popular and look at what comes up now I know if you’re on practical psychology you know about the 80/20 principle right that 80% of your efforts only yield 20% of the outcomes but if we flip that 20% give us 80% of the results the Big Kahuna so that’s what we want to do with our YouTube challenge you look at my videos right here I think I got like 4 million views on my channel well look at these 30 add them all up I guarantee you it’s way more it’s like ninety ten all right that like ninety percent of my views are coming from ten percent of my videos so why would you even waste your time on those other ninety percent that are only giving you ten percent of the results in fact when you go to other people’s channels and you do this very strategy you’re basically taking their 300-400 videos and they’ve already done the work for you you just look at what’s popular and you create similar videos we’re not copying them you don’t even have to watch them just look at their title look at the topic and that just validates a demand and you can go where people are fishing so I hope that’s making sense so right here look at look at my content how to sell anything how to sell a product anything to anyone here’s a video it has almost you know it’s got four hundred forty thousand views how to win friends and influence people book summary interesting book summary book summary book summary okay see these patterns here that’s what we’re doing we’re looking for patterns and so when I see all these things and I see book summaries I’m definitely registering that in my mind if I was basing my channel off of this so go through their channels go through their videos and create a spreadsheet and then the spreadsheet you’re going to list these five channels you’re going to look at their 10 20 most popular uploads write them down and then look for trends and create similar content so let’s go to practical psychologies channel right here and we’ll go to most popular do this to him so look at right here we have all his data from his videos and I would be if I was you and I would do this I would look at what is popular on this channel what is the dirty restaurant telling us here or where are people where are the fish that we can go to and so look 10 psych tricks to get her to like you never run out of things to say signs a girl likes you so lots of first impression social interaction videos how to have confidence how to be a gentleman you know seven Habits of Highly Effective People confidence okay I’m seeing the demand here is that people want to to feel better about the interactions they’re in people want to know what to say in an interaction they don’t want to you know maybe they feel socially awkward and they’re like oh my god how do I handle this situation okay so I would be getting ID for that all along the way there’s another great channel I’m sure you’ve heard of he’s been on practical psychology as well improvement pill if we do this to him we look okay here’s his thirty most popular videos no FAP no FAP you know getting girls to like you okay so I’m starting to see all these trends come up and I’m registering that in my mind that if I want to create videos that are popular well I got to do the research upfront and now that I have all these video ideas only now can we start to create our content second biggest tip here make it evergreen now there’s two types of content in one of practical psychologies videos he actually went over this I think it was the YouTube algorithm one so definitely refer to that video if you want some more tips on on this topic now there’s two types of content out there the first is let’s just call it trending content or finite content so if we go in here and search for Donald Trump election polls 2016 Wow look at that a year ago it got a lot of views right off the bat and if we pulled up a chart we could see that it’s probably not getting much views right now okay so no one’s really searching for that outside of this example in this video no one cares anymore it’s old news you know so trending topics are like digit spinners okay if you do a video about fidget spinners great it’s going to be cool for a month but what happens in a year from now you do a video about hoverboards who’s searching for those anymore so those trends come and go but what stays is evergreen content now if you go to practical psychologies channel his channel is a hundred percent evergreen there’s no trend on here why it’s because this demands going to be here for years to come so what he’s doing how to never run out of things to say well in 5-10 years people are still going to be socially awkward people are still going to have that oh I ran out of something to say or first impressions how do I make one people are still going to be searching for it and when you do this you create something called a video asset that’s just what I call it and you know from like Rich Dad Poor Dad that the secret to getting rich making money is what getting these assets and collecting them so when you create these evergreen pieces of content like practical psychology does like I try to do like improvement pill does like my friend in Brandon from 1% better also great Channel right here these evergreen pieces of content they are good for years to come for months to come so if you’re creating a channel make it evergreen focus I always ask yourself are people going to care about this a year or two from now and if the answer is no don’t waste your time on that video try to make your content evergreen that’s the thing that’s going to give you that long-term growth okay now on that very same note how do you create this evergreen content Clark that’s great all right now where do I go from that two things what we just talked about with model channels look at that and create that the second thing this is the most important part that if you’re going to do any video that’s in this let’s just call it nonfiction niche of helping people you got to do this solve people’s problems that’s it create videos that solve people’s problems provide value is kind of the internet marketing catch-all that’s very overused and so I’d know that’s my pet peeve so if you hear me say provide value or value just call me out on it well if I hold the door open for you what happens you’re more likely to hold that second door open for me so when you that’s the reciprocity principle so great you create these videos that teaches people how to not be socially awkward or first impressions I mean that’s the reason you subscribe to this channel in the first place right the reason I subscribed I found this practical psychology solved my problem and now I want to support him in whatever videos he has and I’m saying yes yes yes give me more more MORE that’s how you create true fans evergreen content solving people’s problems let me give you another example here you know these book summaries well what problems do these solve you know I’m just talking about books well there’s a huge problem there because books have very powerful information in them right but what’s the problem that it takes 2030 hours sometimes to get through a book and you know speed this up for you we don’t always have that time when we need the ideas but we don’t have the time so I found like if I could condense that down into 10 20 minutes in a book summary into 10 best ideas take that book jam packet now all of a sudden these do very well and you know 136 thousand views and it was posted what nine months ago so these crush because they’re solving people’s problems all right moving on the third tip to exploding your YouTube channel or YouTube secrets no one told you is to we said go where people are fishing we said solve their problems make it evergreen now the third thing is to do your research beforehand with keywords all right now a keyword is the thing if I go to the search bar and type in Donald Trump all right well notice something I have Donald Trump right there Donald Trump song Donald Trump Mac Miller Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton all these titles these are keywords okay and so if I did a video entitled that Donald Trump that’s going to get very different search results and if I had Donald Trump China okay and so actually without going too technical in this Donald Trump is a short tail keyword that’s two or less keywords Donald Trump’s song that’s getting longer all right and as though tail gets longer what do you think happens less and less people search for it so as you add more and more words to your tail your keyword you can rank easier for that so if I do Donald Trump very competitive but Donald Trump Mac Miller less competitive and the more you lengthen that keyword that tail the better chance you have at the start to ranking for that so that’s what I did so let’s just go up here to the search bar basketball and this is the this is the example I used I don’t know why it’s just tradition I always use basketball I’m terrible at basketball I don’t play but I love giving basketball channels as examples because they’re perfect it’s like a thing that everyone knows about but channels are out here crushing it on basketball whatever you’re passionate about is probably channel on there so here you know we just typed in basketball and these are the search results that came up there’s 26 million search results all right now let’s type in basketball tips right there boom now there’s only two liyan all right for beginners see how this tail is getting longer and longer now there’s three hundred and eighty nine thousand search results so you think that it’s much easier to get a a video that ranks in the search bar right here if we lengthen that tail out and we say basketball tips for beginners yeah three hundred eighty nine thousand versus what was that first one twenty two million so that’s one thing you got to keep in mind is the competition you’re going after now how do you find you know I okay identify your keyword let’s just do productivity alright productivity and this is how I get tons and tons of video ideas it’s the search bar itself I’ll give you some more ways to get ideas in a bit here but you know what do you film videos on just go to the search bar okay you can look at other people’s channels and get ideas for videos but when you sometimes you have a concept that’s not there and you want to know how to make this a ranking high ranking video alright productivity music tips apps planner hacks let’s go with hacks but I have a feeling this is going to be pretty competitive and look you know without even doing this I ranked at the top here or one two three four I ranked in the fifth one productivity nine hacks to be more productive you know more productive right there so that’s our goal is to rank here so this is where the search bar sometimes doesn’t do very well and I actually like to install a free plugin I’ll show you right here it’s called tube buddy now they do have a paying option plan but the free version works just fine I think if you want to pay it’s about like five six bucks a month if you have less than like 50,000 views on your channel so let’s just do our same just do our same tag hope I spelled that right you guys ever do this yeah okay to buddy gives us so much information on what we’re going for so right here we can actually look at the keyword score it says it has a very high search volume but the competition is also very high so overall this is sixty one out of a hundred very bad now I wouldn’t actually look at this all the time you can work around this it’s not that important but it shows right here what ranks top so Evan I know this guy didn’t interview with him the other month he’s got 3 out of 20 search results I surprisingly own 1 out of 20 but here’s the real good stuff for tags it gives us all these different ideas right here on what we could film videos on you guys want to talk about money let’s talk about money that’s the biggest question I get asked is you know when I tell people I’m a full time youtuber like how do you make money and so look revenue from your channel is great you know not complaining when you get a couple thousand dollars a month from just videos alone on your channel that’s great right but if you’re not monetizing the backend of your YouTube channel you’re literally leaving money on the table and in fact you know as a smaller youtuber back a year ago and I’m still pretty small you know I got 78 thousand subscribers it’s not nowhere near the scale of some channels but it’s definitely at a time where I can do a full time now but you know back in the day when I had I don’t know let’s go down here you know I had what I was getting like a couple thousand subscribers a month maybe and I had like under 20 or ten thousand you know you can’t really do it full-time but you can make a lot a lot of money up – I made at one point up to five times when I was making on ad revenue I was making from back-end monetization stuff so let me just give you an example of this was not just thin air and I have a lot of ways you can back-end monetize I have a whole video of it on my channel if you’re into this ultimate guide to keeping a journal now I never thought I’d be a 25 year old dude on YouTube talking about journaling but if it helps people then I’m all for it and it did and so again I went where people are fishing I just kind of spit balled this video out it wasn’t glamorous it wasn’t professional here’s a video a 26 minute video posted two years ago about me setting up my journal and it’s a GoPro it sounds like it was recorded with a bar of soap the whole thing is terrible like quality wise but the content in here is very good it’s very in-depth solves people’s problems so this video to this date has made me $600 around there six to seven hundred dollars just on ad revenue okay so give or take fifty it’s around there now that that’s great for a video that took me 30 minutes to make and I threw up on a YouTube channel you know I’m not complaining there but what I made from the back end of this was so much more so if you notice right here what do you see you see master journaling and here if you click on it it takes you to a page where I sell a course on the ultimate guide to keeping a journal it’s through Clickbank it’s $47 and this brings in you know one to three sales Jay really depends on the type of year how much video content I’m putting out but you know so I have that video and instead of just leaving it there of where you know people are watching that video and I take the ad revenue now I’m selling them a course that has 14 lessons in it that they can go through if they like that content even more and so it’s a great way you can also make it’s a just a fantastic way you can make money while you’re creating and growing your audience on YouTube now it doesn’t have to be online courses I’m kind of really rapid firing this I have my own course on YouTube if you want to know more about monetizing your channel so add revenue so online courses are great but also if you look in this video right here I have my journal gear listed for this video people want to know what gear I was using so if you click here it takes you to an Amazon link and this you can sign up for it Amazon Associates and so I think you have to have a website to sign up for this I don’t really know it’s been a long time but if you see up here at the very top right here you see Clark danger 20 that’s my tracking ID which means this was an affiliate link so if someone buys through this affiliate link all of a sudden I’m I get a percentage because I brought that traffic to Amazon and they give me I think it’s seven percent six seven percent it depends month-to-month based on how many units you sell but let’s just call it five percent okay and that adds up over time you know this is an extra couple hundred bucks a month just from linking it so that’s money you would have left on you would have otherwise left on the table for having not linked that in there you know for everyone who says that’s kind of like okay Clark who really does that well here’s Casey nice that you know one of the biggest youtubers out there fantastic Channel I’m sure you’ve heard of him you’ve seen his stuff and if we go here look at he has my gear and lo and behold these are all affiliate links so whenever someone goes and clicks on here you know and these aren’t cheap products these are cameras these are stuff he’s just using he’s not even mentioning it in this video but he makes a killing from this I guarantee you because those are you know five six seven hundred our products and the best part is when someone actually goes to Amazon and through your link you get credit for I think it’s 24 hours for anything they buy on Amazon okay so if they buy baby diapers even though you didn’t recommend that you know I’ve made money on baby diapers I’ve made money on toasters I’ve made money on the weird stuff that you see just because you brought people to the site so Amazon is a great way you can do that online courses fantastic way you can further monetize your channel this and then also I will say one last thing that when you start building a following on YouTube if you scroll down to my description right here this simple little like want to be coached by me ready to take your business YouTube channel next level and then my email address right there that little tagline and I post it in a comment or this that’s made me thousands of dollars off coaching and consulting right there and so I didn’t have to push my services on people I didn’t have to beg people to work with me and even really advertise it at all and people want to start working with you once they see your results so you could do something like that at the end of your videos just let people know that you do coaching and consulting it can be on anything you don’t have to have degrees in it you just have to be able to solve people’s problems and work one-on-one with them so it could be in health and wellness maybe you have expertise there great post that in your video maybe it’s in self-development maybe you can motivate people very well help them achieve their goals great post it in there maybe it’s in this case for me I do business coaching and consulting for people who want to grow their YouTube channel or people who want to start monitor their business or their following great I post it in here so whatever problem you can solve in the videos include a little link for people who want to work with you one on one your fans or something like this the fifth tip I want to give you and leave you with is to collaborate this is one of the best things to grow a YouTube channel and something you probably have heard of before but I just want I brought up my dashboard here so I could show you the power of collaborations now what do you notice right here you notice three spikes right here boom boom and boom alright so this right here when I did this I believe this was this was when a Saudi Arabia beauty blogger did a snap story about me she had like a million followers think it was of one of those videos that solved their problems and she just took a snapshot and so that’s a collaboration right there when someone shouts you out and six hundred people came to my channel this one was when I collaborated with practical psychology we did a video on speed reading a thousand subscribers and then it also stayed elevated for a couple times here is when a video went semi viral of mine and I started getting a thousand subscribers a day for a while okay so collaborations are so powerful because if done correctly phenomenal way you can get exposure to their audience and and reach them while they get exposure to a new a new person so here’s here’s a video I say welcome to and knotted with Brandon from 1% better right here we swapped videos on Thinking Fast and Slow book summary so if you go here on my channel here’s Brandon’s video and this was a great way we swapped content and both our audiences went over to the other person’s channel and you just grow so much faster so collaborations are very good couple ways you can get started with collaborations if you have a YouTube channel go into that the channel you want to collaborate with go to their About section and send them an email right here you’ll see for business inquiries and an email address always contact people via email and just introduce yourself and let them know you’re open to collaboration link one or two of videos that performed really well that you’re proud of and that can be a great way you can get collaborations as well so those bonuses I mentioned earlier I promised some sweet bonuses so here what I want to do is show you my new course if you like this video you’re going to love this new course that I just put out it’s live it’s it’s up there it’s called video brain feeder Academy and the goal of this course was to take anyone like yourself from start to finish pretty much and get you set up making passive income on your YouTube channel okay so here’s video breakthrough Academy it’s a it’s like 14 hours of exclusive on-screen training lessons ten different modules 47 lessons you get bonuses along the way I show you start to finish exactly how you start growing maximize your YouTube channel so you can slash those years of growth off right here and just take this growth and explode your channel all together so if you’re ready the links in the description below this video right here so yeah you get 14 hours of content lifetime access I also give you exclusive worksheets in here like a collaboration guide of email scripts that I’ve actually used to reach out to and get high performing collaborations you get access to an exclusive Facebook group that you have other members as you can Network and mastermind with maybe even collaborate with in there as well I give you speaking outlines of videos I’ve done that have gotten half a million views almost of the exact script I used and how I went about using that and walk you through that altogether show you how I edit my videos show you how you can do this without even showing your face on camera so if you’re nervous about maybe you feel uncomfortable well you can still do all this stuff and grow your YouTube channel make money without even showing your face and this all comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee so if you don’t like it for whatever reason shoot me a quick email you get a hundred percent of your money back so really all the risk has been removed for you I’ve already been getting killer feedback from students and testimonials in this course go to the site my video breakthrough com or video breakthrough Academy not watch this video and if you’re ready to scroll down hit Add to Cart and come on in now some bonuses I promise the first bonus is that if you buy this course through the link listed below and send practical psychology and email listed down there you will get his passive income book completely free this is a fantastic addition that goes with this course you get a passive income book free on here and that’s only through the link below now the second bonus is if you do buy this course in the next 48 hours or so and you send me a copy of your receipts through the link below you can send me within six months a piece of your content and I’ll give you personalized feedback on it like a 10-minute voice memo or an email can now I normally charge my coaching clients 200 250 300 dollars an hour just to work one-on-one so with this you know this is a bonus I’m only offering to you on this video right now so that’s a 10 minute free free feedback that I’ll shoot you on whatever content you have as long as you’re still in the course you know you don’t just get it refund it and say hey give me feedback as long as you’re in the course and you’re reasonable about it ten-minute feedback on whatever content you want ok that’s good for six months after you purchase this course any time you can take me up on that so if you’re ready to get started hit the link below and I’ll see you on the inside in the members area again I’m Clark from video breaks your and thank you so much for watching this video post some comments down below if you got questions I’ll be in here on answering them on this video feed and yeah that’s it really excited really passionate about this I want you to succeed I know it can be kind of maddening on YouTube you know you pull your hair out you put all this time and energy in your channel you just want it to get the views it deserves or the subscribers you deserve or like all the editing you do or all the filming you do you want it to pay off so if you want to pay off you know this video breakthrough Academy is the is the process of my five six years on this platform and what I’ve learned working one-on-one people and what I’ve seen work so it’s definitely a course for you worth checking out and I’ll see you on the inside till then stop settling start living see you guys

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