What If You Run At The Speed of Light ?

This is Arnold. A radioactive leopard has bitten Arnold today and he now has superpowers. First, he can move at the speed of light, and second, he looks like a bi███. Let’s give your abilities a try. Run, Arnold!!!! But not for long. Your body will instantly heat up, and burn away from friction with the air molecules. Hmm, it looks even more miserable than your breakfast. But, suppose you have a suit that protects you against the high temperatures. Moving at the speed of light, you can circle the Earth at the equator seven times per second.

But you only have time to run through the first fence with your luck. Even with your sickly body, the force of the impact will be *BEEEEPPPPP *CRUNCHHH dual collision with a truck. Even more, the only where you can run at the speed of light without obstacles is open space. Arnold: WWAARRRGGGGGHH But you will find problems even here. At that speed, even hydrogen molecules will be like a bullet for you. And, even without reaching the speed of light, you will die from radiation! So, better repeat this thing again with THE TRUCKS!!!!! Fingers up, share, and subscribe. DO IT! There’s many more stuff with Arnold. Made you look.

As found on Youtube