(Weeklyidol EP.251) AOA ‘Good Luck’ 2X faster version

(GOOD LUCK 2times speed dance) (Flicked) (Load the girl crush quickly) (Choa is in center confidently) (GIRL POWER) Hey, Mina (Black hole who missed the choreography on random dance) (Get out) (She blasted the dance on other member’s position) Choa, you are doing great Yuna never missed the steps (Center Seolhyun 2 times speed sexy wave) (Awesome AOA) (I am doing great) (Increased the dance confidence) (We’ve reached the half of 2 times speed dance) (Maeng Mina becomes black hole again) Mina try harder (Great, Mung Choa never missed the step yet) (Enthusiasm) (Cheer up! Maem you can do it) (Eventually, Choa missed the step) (Jinmin leader’s teaching choreography lesson) (Mental all stop) – Get up – She said get up She must be frustrated for watching her, she said get up to her (Choa’s mental is collapsed) (Mental is still missing) (Choa trainer) (Here here) (Barely reached the GOOD LUCK the final) Choa and Mina (They barely hold their mental) (Insecure and nervous) (Before they make mistakes, song is over) (Yeah, song is over) (Are we succeed it?) 2 times speed dance success I said I can not do it You guys succeed it! You can laugh now

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