(Weekly Idol EP.317) SUNMI ‘GASHINA’ 2X faster version [선미의 ‘가시나’ 2배속 댄스]

Never mind good, I’ll do it Wait, I’m nervous (pressure) Chung-ha, come here I can not wait to see it Normally I like dance Do I have to sit with folded legs? Normally I dance on a table You need a sofa like Full Moon? I always sit with folded legs, is that I should sit with folded legs? Sorry, but I have no idea who you’re talking to – I have no idea either – We’ll see OK I will do it Sunmi is positive Music, please (Double speed Gashina) Sunmi I T’ADORE (Introduction very impressive) (Watch his facial expressions) (Look at a second time) (Oops) You just start (Already exhausted) (She has not done the chorus yet) It is too fast (But she dance perfectly) (Very different from before) (Sunmi attractive) (I just love it) We should focus on facial expressions Chung-ha, look and learn Hey, Chung-ha, look and learn (Perfect dance) (She’s Professional) She is calm (I control the dance x2) It’s a facial expression goddess “Queen facial expression” (It’s so interesting to watch the dancer) (You fell (in love / is) me?) (I’m a / e slave for you Sunmi) (Passionate) What is this kind of dance between that? (Impressive) (A short break) (But his upper body is busier) (Help me) (VAS-Y Détruis- the Sunmi) (Sunmi is back) The choreography is amazing (This song will be a big hit) It is still not finished, Sunmi (Perfect to the last drop) (It will fall (in love / is) it) Look how his face is Chung-ha, did you learn anything? – Do you saw how she was doing? – Yes I saw The dance is not all I liked the dance “bang bang” (This was with all his soul) – I like – I’m exhausted You like 007

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