(Weekly Idol EP.289) NCT127 2X faster version ‘Limitless’

We are now going to have the double speed dance. It’s relief that we still have that. What song is chosen for this? Let’s listen to the song that they will dance with double speed. What song is it? -Whoa. -Wow. -Wah. Whoa, its really fast. -Limitless. -Can you? Can you? We can do it! We can do it! Let’s succeed and neatly finish this. Yes! Neatly. Let’s end this with feeling a lot better. Music, please! [2X Speed, NCT 127 – Limitless] [Discipline] It’s their new song, Limitless. [Power] [Releases his charms at the start, Yong-pen (open) the door] [Changing formation in an instant] [Extreme choreography that splits into nano movements] [But these pretty idols are unyielding] [Limitless power that never gets tired] Nice, nice, kids! Nice! [1st cry is heard, EUAAAKK] [Formation changes in seconds] [Nothing is more intense than this] [Nevertheless, the knife-like choreography doesn’t get messed up] [Each has a certain expression on stage] [Replaying a cool part] Enjoy, enjoy! [In double speed, the coolness of Limitless is doubled] [However, stamina is lost 2x quicker as well] [Cries that are slowly becoming more audible] [Still full of smiles on their faces even though its tiring] [SM’s rookies showing their sharp choreography] [As expected of SM, once again acknowledging their reputation and fame] [Our fan instincts that were asleep has been woken up] [Shoot the hearts of girls watching TV] [Ignites limitless admiration] [Everyone was like a kid before this] [Everyone is a cool oppa now] [Display of perfect dance skill with no holes] [Fighting until the end] This has too many dance moves! [Pretends like it’s not tiring at all] [Lines that are so straight as if they were measured with a ruler] [A hell of a dance that finally heads to the end] -Nice, you’re doing well! [We want report NCT for moving into our hearts~] [Burned out…] Success! NCT is really amazing.

[No more energy] We didn’t know you have this many dance moves, from all the choreographs I’ve seen, this has the most things going on. It has always been this difficult and you have now danced to it two times faster. What do you feel, after doing it? I didn’t know we had so much moves in our choreography. It was really hard. Yuta’s shoes are worn out now. Anyway, once again, NCT is amazing. -Thank you. -Thank you. -That’s it. You did well. -You did well. [kk].

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