This boy killed himself because of this text. When I saw what it read, I was shattered.

Daniel had really been bullied most of his school career. When he hit high school, it exploded. He didn’t fit in with a lot of the crowds. He wasn’t into sports. He was in the hunting and trapping, which not a lot of kids his age are into. So he had a hard time finding kids who had common interests with him. So that made him a target a lot of the time. It started out with words. He was called just horrible names. It progressed to having trash thrown at him. He was punched in the stomach. He was made to lick a bus window. He was jumped from behind walking to the buses. He was ridiculed for the music he listened to. um.. You name it. They looked for any little thing just to make his life miserable. When he was jumped walking to the bus, the boy told him the night before that he was going to do it He said to him in a text, “Why? I know you don’t like me.

That’s why I don’t come near you I don’t have any interactions with you. I respect that. Why can’t you respect me? What have I done to you?” His response was, “Because your a [expletive] and you need your [expletive] kicked.” It just makes no sense to me, even today. One of the kids Daniel had a lot of issues with had texted him. I saw the text myself and it said, “Why don’t you take one of your precious guns and do the world a favor and go kill yourself?” He texted the same kid and he said, “You won’t have to worry about me anymore. I’m going to go home and kill myself.” and the kid came back with put up or shut up That day, he told people in lunch, he had told people in his classroom, told a number of people on the bus That he was going to kill himself those were his words i’m going home and i’m going to kill myself and the bus driver said I’ll see you tomorrow Dan he told the bus driver you won’t see me tomorrow the one person we knew that would do something was the last person he texted in the last person he called just hunting friend math he knew Matt would try to call us and he said to Matt please don’t call my mom my mom will take me to the hospital he was trying to keep Daniel on the phone get a sister’s attention he was writing her notes and having her called their father who’s a friend of my husband and we missed the call the call came of Michael’s basketball game and my husband Rob said I missed a call from Cael I’ll call him when I get home next thing happened literally within minutes anything that so our other friend Wally calls now guys don’t talk to each other all the time and grab ones to the end and he shouldn’t angels talking suicide at home in extra neighbor and I begged her go over and check on him hey enough she walked in the door and she L Daniel and she heard she thought she heard him say something and she shouted out we love you and then she heard the shotgun blast And I ran to his room in the height but I saw was horrific it was horrific and I remember hearing my house I mean what I couldn’t feel and running back outside and I could hear Michael screaming I want my brother back and every year he I mean Tavish a little bit begged him please just like the Pope I’ll take him any way that I can handsome it was I plead a million scenarios over my head what i would do if i was there 30 minutes earlier knowing what I know now I would just rest there by ours it just begged him in tau and how much he means to so many people because so many people have talked to assess he died they sent us letters I received letters from kids of age I just wish he knew how much he meant to so many people he did matter it does matter his book bag with his books still right now the battery life to bed we will never recover from this never when somebody tells you that they are going to kill themselves where they’re going to do harm do something tell somebody give them their 15 minutes validate them because everybody needs to be validated when you know there’s somebody being bullied don’t be a bystander you are just as guilty as the bullies when you stand by and do nothing you need you see it you do something about you you don’t want to interfere then you talk to an adult and you talk to an adult until somebody does something you

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