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Hoverboard SPEED TEST 🏁

– Too much speed. Okay, you push. Hover board time trials speed test because Bryce is here. Bryce, this is Bryce Jurgy, he’s my buddy, you guys have seen him before. – What up, guys? – Today he was like, hey, how fast do these new, the unicycle things that we like to ride, he’s

10 Species Where the FEMALE is Boss

Male dominance is frequently assumed to be the norm in the animal kingdom and has been a significant matter of reform in modern human society. Yet other species, some well-known and others obscure, with extremely intricate social arrangements or perplexing life histories may astound us with their incredible characteristics of female domination within the species.

10 Reasons You Should Be AFRAID of GOOGLE

Google is not the richest company in the world or even the most profitable in its own sector; however, the search giant poses the biggest threat to the privacy, security and sovereignty of individuals. How can this be, you’re probably thinking? Google provides free email, storage, and analytics services, they’re not one of those corporations.

Top 10 Fastest Electric Cars

These are the fastest all-electric cars in the world. 2013’s car of the year gets the equivalent of 89 miles to the gallon. It also drives better than it’s gas-guzzling BMW and Mercedes competitors. The modified BMW packs an astonishing 850 lbs of torque, so much that its wheels spin when accelerating at the start