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How To Learn Anything 10x Faster

You’re gonna spend thousands and thousands of hours learning over the course of your life. And what’s crazy is that despite all that time in the classroom, learning languages, music, whatever it might be, you might be learning one of the slowest ways possible; not because your teachers didn’t have good intentions, but because they

[Saving Net Neutrality] High-Speed Internet Access for Everyone & Why Global Connectivity Is Needed!

[Music] Hi, thanks for tuning into Singularity Prosperity. In this video, we’ll be discussing why global internet connectivity is essential ensuring a more prosperous future for all and to assure in many of the new technologies in development today, as well as the ongoing and future initiatives to make this hyper-connected future a reality –

How To Read ANYONE

In this video, I’m going to teach you how to read anyone and specifically, what I want to do is give you six things that if you implement and think about these, you’re going to know what people are thinking and feeling, without them even having to tell you, and that skill is amazing. You