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Apple iPad (2018) review

(upbeat music) – Let’s say you wanna buy a tablet and you wanna spend less than, I don’t know, call it 500 bucks. Well the obvious option is to get this, the sixth generation iPad that Apple just announced, but what else could you do? I guess there’s Windows tablets, but at that price point,

DIY SSD made of SD Cards!

Okay so today’s video yeah it’s a product that really makes no sense to me at least on the surface this right here is i’ve actually got the product page up behind me this is come on come on get in here check this out check this up this is the i don’t know highland

Hoverboard SPEED TEST 🏁

– Too much speed. Okay, you push. Hover board time trials speed test because Bryce is here. Bryce, this is Bryce Jurgy, he’s my buddy, you guys have seen him before. – What up, guys? – Today he was like, hey, how fast do these new, the unicycle things that we like to ride, he’s

MERCEDES A45 AMG vs BMW M135i Acceleration 0-250 Autobahn top Speed onboard Sound 1er A Klasse

Mercedes A45 AMG! 2016er facelift version 2.0L Twin-Scroll-Turbo inline4 cylinder 381 horse power 475 Newtonmeter at 2250–5000 rpm. VS BMW M135i 3.0L inline6 Turbo 450 Newtonmeter at 1300–4500 rpm. 326 horse power I really habe to say that I like the sound of BMW much more. which sound You like more? And finally… letΒ΄s compare