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– How’s it going, guys? Julian Bradley here from themusicalear.com. Today I’m gonna teach you the important parts of reading music. So, is reading music important? Yes it is, I think every musician should learn to read music, at least the basics, which I’m gonna show you in this video. For one, I know quite

How to Read Music REALLY FAST!

– Did you know that real piano players look at more than just the notes on the page when they read music? They’re actually using a few other techniques so they can read and process the music much, much faster. Well, today I’m gonna show you what these techniques are, as well as a lot

How to Read Barcodes

This video was made possible by Squarespace. Build your website for 10% off over at Squarespace.com/HAI. So, when you stop in a store and scan a soda, the beeper beams lasers and the barcode becomes numbers. This thing, though, isn’t free, no, because of these guys. But enough of that poetry poppycock. This is the

Read 3x Faster TODAY!

Want to learn how to read three times faster? Well I’m gonna tell you the secret right here. If you’re like me, I absolutely hate reading but I love learning more than I hate reading so therefore I force myself to read so if you get a big book, a book like this or even