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How Movies Get Vintage And Custom Cars

– [Narrator] In movies, cars get blown up and flipped. They define characters or they’re characters themselves. Sometimes they’re the center of the shot and other times they’re in the background just helping to set the scene. But where do these cars come from? Some of them come from the Auto Film Club in Staten

Devils Food Cake Recipe/Victorian Style

In this video I’m sharing a Victorian devil’s food cake recipe that I discovered in an old recipe collection. It’s light and luscious and is wonderful layered with a simple syrup and vanilla Italian meringue buttercream. So stay tuned. You’ll need 1 cup of unsalted butter at room temperature, 2 cups of sugar, 5 eggs

Quadruple Your Wi-Fi Speed for Free

Hey what’s up guys. I’m ThioJoe, and as many of you have requested. Today’s video is gonna show you. how you can quadruple your Wi-Fi. Internet speed for free. And in some cases, even faster than that. We’re basically gonna use some household materials that you already have to improve your router’s antennas so they