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How World War Z Should Have Ended

How World War Z Should Have Ended *Gasp* (coughing) Nurse! Mmmhmmm? You aint Brad! I need to know what happened. Tell me what’s going on out there. Oh Lord, we got zombies. Can’t you tell? Zombies!? You mean like the walking dead? Mmhmm. Well these don’t walk so much as run… or eat human flesh,

Jimmy Interviews Cardi B

-What a year. What a year. Everything you’re having. I mean, there’s so much to talk about. Congrats on everything. And thanks for being here. -Thank you. Ohm… [ Laughter ] -“Cardi B.” Where did that name come from? -My name come from — You know what? My sister name is Hennessy. -Mm-hmm. -You know

The First Honest Cable Company

Align:start hi we’re your local high speed internet and cable provider are you looking for a fast reliable internet connection a large selection of your favorite HD TV channels with 24/7 access to the best customer support technicians all out of fair price fuck you you’ll take what we give you you’ll have the option