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-and that’s why the Earth is flat! That’s so dumb, y-you know you’re wrong, right? You know we have plenty of evidence to back up that the Earth’s round. Evidence, schmevidence. I heard there’s even hot dog spaceships up there! *sigh* Do I gotta, like, fly you out to space to prove you’re wrong? Yeah

How to Make an Emoji

This video was made possible by Squarespace. Head to Squarespace.com/HAI for a free trial and when you’re ready to launch, use the offer code HAI to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain. Welcome to the all-time least popular episode of Half as Interesting. So say you want to make an

Try Not To Laugh Challenge #6

Hello, everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to the Try Not to Laugh challenge. Now I know, there’s been some talk out there. “Oh…! The try not to laugh videos. They’re just mark laughing for ten minutes straight!” Well hey…oww first, oww my pride and then number two…..how dare you! *burp* I ain’t