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Max Solarzord First Megazord Fight (Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue) – Debut

(dramatic music) (arms swiping) Titanium power! (arms swiping) (beeping) (engine revving up) (dramatic music) (machines moving) Ms. Fairweather! The Max Solarzord has been activated. Impossible! (dramatic music) (pushing buttons) (machine moving) (engine revving up) (ship engine roars) (beeping) Titanium Ranger to Ms. Fairweather. I’m gonna need a little help here. (playful music) Ryan! (ship engine

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue – Operation Lightspeed – Lightspeed Aqua Base

(helicopter whirring) (epic orchestral music) Don’t tell me, we’re going in that submarine, aren’t we? Excellent. (sonar beeping) (elegant orchestral music) [Announcer] Civilian crew and authorized personnel have entered Lightspeed Aquabase. Security clearance is checked and confirmed. Where are we? I don’t know, but it’s cool, huh? (computer beeping) (alarm wailing) (computer beeping) (computer beeping).

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue – From Deep in the Shadows – Titanium Ranger Morpher Test

(dramatic music) Coming through! Here we go. Titanium Power. (pained grunting) (electricity surging) Carter, are you okay? I got you, buddy. Yeah, I’m okay. I don’t think we should continue testing the titanium powers. The circuitry is too powerful for an ordinary human. Would have been fantastic. Yes, it truly would have. Good night, captain..