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[ABehind] 2배속 커버댄스 | 모모랜드 MOMOLAND – 뿜뿜 BBOOM BBOOM | 2x Speed Dance Cover

Taking the last scene (Admire everyday) Wow you’re pretty. THX Keeping laughter The last 2X speed dance..(actually 1.5X) How would you do this? Funnily, joyfully. (didn’t order that) Funnily, joyfully? Getting excited Start 2X dance with light screaming Wow~ sharp group dance from the beginning BBOOM BBOOM ??? something’s weird (somehow chilly) Why are you

(Weekly Idol EP.329) World Class ‘Sorry Sorry’ 2X faster version [‘쏘리 쏘리’ 2배속 댄스]

(Double Speed ​​Sorry Sorry) (They are serious) (Look how charismatic they are) (The most catching part) (Awesome group dancing) I like it It’s awesome (Main dancer is losing sense of direction) (Concentrated) (He’s taking a break because he is the main singer) Good for you (I’m happy to be a singer) (But these dancers have