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How Do Glaciers Move?

Here’s something we all take for granted: Liquid things flow like liquids, and solid things flow like, well… solid things don’t flow, right? Not so fast. Glaciers are cool, and not just cuz they’re made of ice. I’m here at Mendenhall Glacier, one of about 40 glaciers in the famed Juneau Icefield. Glaciers are cool,

Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates

I’m going to talk today about energy and climate. And that might seem a bit surprising, because my full-time work at the foundation is mostly about vaccines and seeds, about the things that we need to invent and deliver to help the poorest two billion live better lives. But energy and climate are extremely important

Drag Race: Formula E Car vs Cheetah

Formula E car vs Cheetah Jean-Eric Vergne – Techeetah Formula E driver Western Cape, South Africa Formula E car 0-100 kph: seconds. Cheetah 0-100 kph: seconds. The cheetah is one of the 10 animals most at risk of climate change Formula E racing is accelerating the development of electric powered vehicles See our cars in