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How Movies Get Vintage And Custom Cars

– [Narrator] In movies, cars get blown up and flipped. They define characters or they’re characters themselves. Sometimes they’re the center of the shot and other times they’re in the background just helping to set the scene. But where do these cars come from? Some of them come from the Auto Film Club in Staten

Idiot Drivers vs Police ๐Ÿ‘ฎ Instant Justice POLICE 2017, High Speed Chases & Stupid Driving Fails #34

(officer speaking indistinctly) (radio traffic) (Indistinct radio chatter) …traffic. (indistinct radio chatter) (indistinct radio chatter) Radio: He’s headed…west… (SIRENS) Officer: HANDS UP! (SIRENS) Other Officer: GET OUT OF THE CAR! Officer: Stop…right now! Officer: STOP Radio 1: Eastbound Starks, Eastbound Starks (indistinct radio chatter) Radio 2: Dispatch, radio (indistinct). Three One, we’re gonna be down