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NICEST Car Horn Ever- DIY

Oh, here we go… [courtesy horn] Yes! Thats what I call the courtesy honk I just pushed this custom button And it’s two super quick chirps of the horn that are not only friendly sounding but it’s intentionally not as loud as a normal horn, so I’m gonna show you how and why I did

Speedo Corrector

Changing the wheels on your car is probably one of the most common modifications that people do Thats right but it CAN stop your speedo from reading accurately because of the change in diameter and that means you could be inadvertently speeding without even realising it and that means you could lose your license, and

Idiot Drivers vs Police 👮 Instant Justice POLICE 2017, High Speed Chases & Stupid Driving Fails #34

(officer speaking indistinctly) (radio traffic) (Indistinct radio chatter) …traffic. (indistinct radio chatter) (indistinct radio chatter) Radio: He’s headed…west… (SIRENS) Officer: HANDS UP! (SIRENS) Other Officer: GET OUT OF THE CAR! Officer: Stop…right now! Officer: STOP Radio 1: Eastbound Starks, Eastbound Starks (indistinct radio chatter) Radio 2: Dispatch, radio (indistinct). Three One, we’re gonna be down