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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue – First Morph and Fight | Episode 1 “Operation Lightspeed”

(dramatic orchestral music) You want to destroy Mariner Bay, you’ll have to go through us to do it! Watch me! Ready? [All] Lightspeed rescue! (exciting rock music) (all grunting) Power Rangers? [Red Ranger] Alright! (excited chattter) Whoa, it worked! This feels incredible. This is just what we need, let’s get to work! (dramatic grunting) Badlings,

Power Rangers vs Evil Cyborg Rangers Battle | Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue | Superheroes

(mechanical whirring) (buttons beeping) Huh? (mechanical whirring) I can’t destroy them! Ahh! (mechanical whirring) Come on, Dr. Harlen! (gasping for breath) (loud booming) Aahh! (mechanical whirring) (scientists screaming) (loud explosion) (scientists screaming) (mechanical whirring) (whimpering) This doesn’t look good! (whooshing, grunting) We’ll take it from here! (mechanical whirring) (punching) Human Rangers are no match for