Samuel’s Travel Vlog#1: Chinese High-speed Train Experience

Travel video diary Mainland Chinese high-speed rail experience November 25, 2017 Guangzhou – Xuchang Good morning, today I will ride with my father and six-hour high-speed rail From Guangzhou to Xuchang, via Changsha and Wuhan First, we must first take forty-five minutes subway to the train station Please enjoy it … Dongshankou Metro Station One line transfer line to the second line Former Park Subway Station Floor lobby, Guangzhou South Railway Station Now we reached the lobby floor of the Guangzhou South Railway Station We have used this automatic ticket machine printed our tickets So now we can go to the departure lobby Starting in the lobby, Guangzhou South Railway Station Prepare for the drive Changsha South Railway Station Wuhan Railway Station Passing Yangtze River After six hours of journey, we finally reached the Xuchang If you have never tried mainland China’s high-speed rail I would recommend you give it a try As compared to the aircraft, high-speed rail will be more comfortable and reasonable price Thanks for watching this episode travel video diary, see you next time! Xuchang East Railway Station

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