Read 3x Faster TODAY!

Want to learn how to read three times faster? Well I’m gonna tell you the secret right here. If you’re like me, I absolutely hate reading but I love learning more than I hate reading so therefore I force myself to read so if you get a big book, a book like this or even a small book this book can take 20 or 30 hours to read, it’s 500 pages so how do you take that 20 or 30 hours and shorten the amount of time it takes you to read it? well i’m gonna give you the secret the secret is to get the audio version of the book listen to the audio version at two or three times the normal speed and follow along in your book now here’s the same you might be saying that’s going to be too fast i don’t know if i’m going to hear all of it well i’m going to retain all that well number one here’s the thing you need to know humans can hear four times faster than they can read so they process information by hearing it four times faster than they read it so you can process and hear all of the information not saying start off at three times the speed you can start off at or two times speed and you can work your way up that’s like it was I worked my way up to three times the speed now you might say well i’m going to retain will I retain all the information here’s the thing you actually retain more information and the reason why is because instead of using just one of your senses reading which you’re just reading with your eyes you’re actually bringing into of your senses reading and listening at the same time so you’re seeing and hearing at the same time if you want to go a little bit further of how you can actually retain more information what they say is that if you read a book while listening to the audio and you pace and walk around the movement because you’re actually using another sense you’re feeling the movement actually makes you retain more information so you will retain more information by listening to it at a faster speed while following along inside of the book now that being said you’re not going to start off at three times the speed you’re not going to automatically go to it it’s going to take you time to go up there now if you’re saying this i don’t have money to buy the book and to buy it on as well well i would recommend doing that but if you don’t have the money to do it i’ll tell you a little bit of a roundabout way to do it if you want a couple different things there’s apps called overdrive there’s some other apps where you can actually download audiobooks from your local library for free another thing that you could do is you could then go to the library and get a physical copy for free so you can read a free copy and you can also listen to the free audiobook now if for some reason you have a physical copy or your library has the physical copy in for some reason they don’t have the audiobook another way of doing it is to go onto youtube on your computer and type in books like awaken the giant within audiobook and see what comes up a lot of the time you can actually find the full audiobook on youtube and for some reason if you’re listening through your mobile app or if you’re listening through ipad it doesn’t do this but if you listen just on your computer if you pull up your desktop it has the option if you click the little gear icon it says normal speed or two times the speed you can actually speed up YouTube which is another hack this is something that I use all the time if I have a 10-minute video i’m watching on YouTube I’ll just speed it up to two times and shorten up and save myself half the time because i watched a 10-minute video in five minutes so you can actually retain this information better so you can get the book and you can download it on if you don’t want to do that you can get the book or rent it from your library and check overdrive or check all the other apps there’s a few other apps i don’t remember off the top of my head and see if they have the audio books you can do it that way or the third option is to get the book physical copy from amazon or you can go and actually get it at your library and then check youtube put in something like awaken the giant within audiobook and see if you can find it on youtube that is how you read books quicker on average i’m reading about an hour every single morning with this way of doing it and i’m finishing a book every three days that’s how you read three times faster and read a book every three days so I hope that helps you if this helped you in any sort of way please share this with someone that you love and I hope that you have an amazing day

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