Photoreading Demonstrated & How it Changed My Life – By Creativeflowevolution

Align:start hello there my name is Paul cards and I’m musician and found of Allah missiles called creative flow evolution and why there is help people who have their passions and projects on a back burner jewelry allergy momentum stir love and life and I’ve been a spot showing tools nowadays to support focus and productive flow now in this video like to share of you how folks who readin changed my life and how it improved my learning capability therefore any ambitious learner whether your student or somebody wants to learn a master new subject area it will often feel overwhelming to learn ornaments here all we need we have the resource we have because through so many books and articles online and the market for any given subject how do we find the time and energy to reach that target so keep watching because I’m about to reveal to you how photo region can actually work very conscious mind can process up to 40 bits per second which is a lot however the subconscious mind can process 14 million bits per second which is much much more and a photo reading the strategy actually utilizes that back in my school days which is a long long time ago now and I experienced quite a bit of frustration a lot of stress as well with my learning capability and speed often felt as if I had to work much harder than other kids to achieve the same level of results now things improve for me when I went to college because I learn how to relax more and also I had more purpose behind my education and it’s always good to have purpose behind what we wish to achieve in life then even so even then I spent a lot of my college school holidays catching up and reading material and ferb most of my adulthood I had trouble completing a book that was until I learned how to photo read and I’m about to reveal why that photo Eden is a five step process devised by a guy called Paul Schiele who introduced it about 20 years ago and Porsche ely is an expert in a field of accelerate learning now under the whyte supervision and all can learn how to use this strategy to read up to a capacity or 25,000 words per minute or even more Bostwick extracting recording information simple for their purpose or reading the book in the first place now this is partially cheap I use less of the focus approach or expanded vision or reading the book here’s an example of them photo reading as you can see I’m flicking for the pages failure cooking here my subconscious mind is taking a snapshot the information now it’s an idea for you to express expanded vision yourself if you haven’t done so and still this you can hold your fingers in front of your eyes just a few inches away from your face and keep your fingers close but not connected and then then allow your vision to expand as if you could see the whole of the room even the four corners now watch to do this and the hotus in the middle that there’s almost like a floating sausage between the fingers when you see this you know that you’re in expanded vision which is what you’ll be using to capturing information but as much more to process than there and I’m going to give you know with you of the five simple steps ten photos a week now photo region is a state dependent activity so the first part is to prepare this purely involves allowing yourself to relax becoming to a state where you’re fully absorbed by what you’re doing now Haven this firstly sort of can yourself then his example I say to myself free I feel relaxed to feeling more relaxed one feeling total next my body and my face all calm and then I allow myself to actually imagine a town dream above the head that’s what it’s interesting that this position towards the back of the head is the most important part was powerful heart afforded mind to process information and what also lasts if you alert and ring to float on this part of head it allows you to focus on one thing there the idea is is to keep it relaxed as much as you can do because what you’re doing is bypassing the rational mind so that the subconscious mind to abstract information then we also don’t use effectively you need to state a purpose readable because they’re last in line to focus on what you need now the second part is called a preview now this basically involves scale over the information like the front part of cover the back and the contents and a book of index pages as well so what you’re doing is just establishing to see if this book is simple for you to learn what you need to learn because if it’s not you might have read something else but when you’re really comfortable about the book it is suitable for you furtively photo reading is the next step now like I spend earlier we use expanded awareness to focus on the pages and what we do is allow to rhythmically brief and relaxing us they keep motion alert and room above the head monster darkness we flipped through the pages in a sort of firm build in the corner now once you get towards you in the book and this is a pad file called super photo reading okay when we get to in the book what we do is terminal command and do the same again then we first man because what’s particularly interesting is that a human mind can actually read words outside then try yourselves on stage now when it gets you on the book that’s the photo reading done now the next part of it is to preview the actual book now what this means is that like the second step you just go to the front cover the back the contents just we connect to structure the book because what we’re flexibly doing here is allowing us to use the reticular activating system which is part of the brain which actors are like a a goal-setting mechanism to allow you to achieve the information you need and it allows us to to link the subconscious mind to the conscious mind it’s quite powerful that preview basically what we do is actually pick our trigger words that appear at a blue when we’re looking at pages how we do this is that we use a super reading method by moving a finger that is set on the page every 20 pages for example and what you notice that anything that pops out of any particular words of phases that seem to highlight cells you widen them so what we do we create a list for trigger words using this super reading technique once we’ve got a list together and I won’t spend much more than that two to three minutes per house on on doing it we use these trigger words that helps us formulate some questions using like how what when for example and why these questions as if you’re going to ask the author himself this also allows us to be more specific on what we need from the book again it allows our mind to to focus on them then the next part is called the activation part but before we do this we know a take a break from material because what we learn is the minds actually incubating process the information it’s good to have at least 20 minutes wake from the preview section before we activate even more ideal is to sleep over overnight because most of sleeping the subconscious mind fixes patterns won’t be learnt on a date notifies the reefing now when we press wake up next morning with your debt evasion process what this allows us it means to conscious mind what we already learn photo reading put it affects them so what we do here and we use a variety of reading techniques including super super reading rapid reading skittering and dipping which effectively allows us to extract the information that suits their questions we do this intuitively now what I mean by is intuitively we get feel for the book because I subconscious mind away knows what’s in here would you we know where the ants are sitting we just need to allow that to happen or spin relaxed state now what I find is that what I’ve attended the courses on are being twice we find my skills I found it really amazing to see how people transform their beliefs to say no how can I change my normal way of reading to this totally almost reverse reverse approach and sometimes I get people or potion me asking me Paul how do you know that photo reading works for you what he also give to that is that whenever people ask me questions on any topics that I’ve studied through photo reading I can somehow spontaneously come out beast not really specific answers sometimes it feels like I don’t know where it came from but I know it it’s in my subconscious mind and activate for their questions and when people actually ask these questions like about this information I can tell how much interested you are and how impressed they are but a way to move forward to move their eyes wide and totally engaged in what I have to say and I think it’s an amazing experience to get to share what I know quite fluently my advice again if you want to expand your knowledge and improve your reading ability I strongly advise you learn the five steps of photo reading you’ve been a trained trained environment and with groups of people who are learning this same place then of course is cost about 500 pounds or 600 bullets and it takes a few days to actually pop you learn it now all I suggest you can look at or Google for local when photo to photo reading partitioner x’ or look at the links below this video which gives you some useful contacts now I suggest that if you’ve any questions you want to ask me and go to my website by clicking on the link on the video just to put my finger here the link goes to my website and press upon and ask me any questions you wish even share your experiences on any photo reading so I’d like to say thank you for watching video and I wish you every success of your photo reading journey one best you

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