Improve Your Memory: A 4 Minute Guide

– [Jessica] We all wish we were better at remembering something, but many of us use the excuse that– – My brain can only hold so much information. – [Jessica] Or. – I’m just really bad at remembering names. – Turns out there’s no such thing as a terrible memory, only an untrained one. (upbeat

How Fast Are You Moving?

Hi there. Hello. I’m Jake. It is great to see you I appreciate you. I’m trying to buy time so I don’t have to say this first website url because it’s a little bit weird But Hannah is making me say it. So I will. That’s a DONG, something you can do online now

Whatever Happened To Boxing’s Biggest Promoter

Don King, boxing’s biggest promoter with the biggest hair, rose to fame after staging the “Rumble in the Jungle” and the “Thrilla in Manila.” And after years spent working with the industry’s heaviest hitters, King became as well-known as some of his clients, even inspiring movie characters. “Gentlemen whoa whoa we’re getting carried away” It’s

Idiot Drivers vs Police 👮 Instant Justice POLICE 2017, High Speed Chases & Stupid Driving Fails #34

(officer speaking indistinctly) (radio traffic) (Indistinct radio chatter) …traffic. (indistinct radio chatter) (indistinct radio chatter) Radio: He’s headed…west… (SIRENS) Officer: HANDS UP! (SIRENS) Other Officer: GET OUT OF THE CAR! Officer: Stop…right now! Officer: STOP Radio 1: Eastbound Starks, Eastbound Starks (indistinct radio chatter) Radio 2: Dispatch, radio (indistinct). Three One, we’re gonna be down