GOT7 “Look” M/V

Where to look, look here, I’m right in front of you What are you thinking about? Do not worry I will be by your side Don’t worry believe me Yeah, yeah, yeah Don’t know yet? Feeling disturbed by your eyes Ready, ready, begin caught in my sight hurry Don’t you worry, we can make it,

Synthesizing Information

Have you ever given any thought to the way you process information? The truth is, you do it all the time – not just online, but at home, at work, and in the conversations you have every day. You read a negative review for the latest Steven Spielberg movie… you hear from a friend that

The #1 Thing That Can Make You Rich!

In 2006, Every single person in one of the poorest countries in the world became a billionaire! People in Zimbabwe had so much cash that they started using it to light a fire, create wall papers and gave their children millions of dollars just to play around. And that happened because the government started printing