Need for Speed (2015) REP Glitch : Rank Up Fast & Unlock All Upgrades

How’s it going everyone, today I’ve got an awesome tip for all you Need for Speed players who want to rank up fast and unlock all the cool upgrades for your cars. I did this trick pretty much at the start of the game at level 8. I left it going while I went out for dinner and within a couple of hours I was at level 50. So how do you do it? First of all, open up your map and find the observatory in the bottom left region of the map between Castle Hill and Bishop Rock Wildlife Reserve.

Look out for the circular road. Drive to this area first, because you’ll find a donut spot that you can use later to set a waypoint to so you can easily find your way back. Next, you need to get yourself into a police chase. You can never find a cop when you need one, but there’s a place on the map where one spawns. Down in the Southern area of the map near the Freeway between Navy Pier and San Pedro Transfer there’s a yellow race icon that you can teleport to. Turn around and make a right towards the crossroads. Hang around for a couple of minutes and a cop car will come patrolling up the road. In the meanwhile, bring up your map and set your route to the donut spot up near the observatory so you’re ready to rock with your route set on the map when the cop starts chasing you. Give the police car a nudge, then lead them up the 6 mile drive to the observatory. You’ll probably have to slow down a few times so they don’t get left behind and give up.

Once you’ve made it to the observatory, veer left and drop off the edge where the yellow bollards are. Check behind you to make sure the cop car follows. You might need to do this a few times, but sooner or later they’ll end up getting stuck against the wall at the bottom. All you have to do then is sit back and watch your rep pile on, which gets higher and higher the longer the chase goes on. It’s a shame this doesn’t build up your bank account at the same time. You might have all the goodies unlocked but you still need to grind for cash to be able to afford them. Plus you’ll also need to complete all Amy’s Build storyline races to unlock some top spec stuff, but at least it will save you hours of time ranking up to acquire those cool visual mods for your cars. So I hope you find this tip for ranking up your REP in Need for Speed useful.

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