Logitech G703 Lightspeed игровая мышь,обзор,распаковка!Dodixbro Games!The best gaming mouse!

-US Welcome to the DodixBro Games channel! Today I would like to show you what gift Santa Claus gave me for Christmas! I think you already got it! It’s a wireless logitech g703 mouse, asymmetric for right-hander users! Let’s see what’s inside in the package! It a mouse with additional devices in the blister and some instructions that usually nobody reads. On the side of the package, you can see all the technical characteristics that will appear on the screen during the review! We open the package and see a miracle mouse a cable for charging and data transfer a weighting agent or a weight and a transmitter! In my opinion, the mouse looks stern and stylish, it is nice to hold in your hand! On the other side is the location of the weighing container, it’s mounted and installed very easily! Fits really cool in your hand! There are 6 programmable buttons, side, in my opinion, are located too high, the logo’s illumination and wheel illumination mouse on the back of the switch on and off switch. The sides are made of special rubber! And of course, to every game mouse, there is a company’s software!Let’s get acquainted with it! The first tab informs on the possibility of choosing the type of memory either mouse or computer memory! In the second tab, you can program the buttons for each game to save their profiles! The third tab allows you to set the number of DPI levels to a maximum of 5 and their sensitivity, as well as the frequency of the refresh! The fourth tab is this set of all kinds of backlighting palettes as well as lighting zones of the logo or wheel! The fifth tab is the backlight profile and power consumption information of the device! The sixth tab is this setting of the surface you use! The seventh tab serves for analysis and statistics the number of clicks on the mouse buttons! This miracle of engineering thought costs 103 bucks and for me, it is nine out of ten! To buy or not? Of course, buy! Why think!? If you liked this review, hit the like button and subscribe to my channel, be nice!

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