Learn Speed-Reading easily by yourself – with a metronome

Hello and welcome, my name is Peter, I’m a speed reading coach from Nuremberg in Germany, and today, I would like to show you, how to learn “speed reading” on your own, without having to spend any money and having any cost. All we will need for this lesson is a metronome. It doesn’t have to be a prehistoric metronome like this. You can download today metronomes apps for free on your smartphone. Then, we will need a pencil and, as we talk about reading, we’re going to need a book. The first step to improve your reading skills, is the improvement of the eye coordination. Please take a look on my eyes. I will try to do circles with my eyes. Look at this. And now, look at this: I will follow the pencil. Did you see the difference? Without the pen, when I try to make circles with my eyes, it looks like the eyes are jumping. But when I use the pen, my eyes are always exactly where the pen is. How can this be? The answer is: human beings instinctively have this reflexin them: the eyes can follow movement very precisely and exactly.

We can use this effect to improve our eye coordination. It will be even easier for the eye to follow the movement, than without having this movement. So I will show you how you can use this positive effect on reading. Very simple – you take the book and you lead your eyes through the text. Like this.. For some people it is a little difficult but after 10 or 20 minutes of training, this effect will be OK again. So please trust me in this case. Exercise that for 10 or 20 minutes and your eyes will follow the the pen exactly. This is the first step Speed reading without this pen will not work. And I tell you why. Because you will not always read like this. One day you will read like this.

And then, your eyes will not be able anymore to follow the rows and the eye coordination will not be good enough, to read as fast as this. So please trust me: Speed reading without a pen will not work! OK This is step one. But now, we would like to read faster. So if you want to read faster the thing that you have to do is: is to read faster, as you already can. Why is it? Because when you always read in the speed, that you already can read in, then there will be never an improvement. But if you read faster than you can, your brain will get a shock.

It will say “Oh no, I have a problem. I can’t manage this new neccessity to follow text. I can´t do it..” So then, when your brain is getting panic, it will begin to adapt. It will begin to build new competencies. It will try to adapt to the new situation and this is why your brain begins to develop the ability to read faster. So the only thing ehhh. the sense of this training is: when your reading level is like this high. You will have to read faster as you can. When you do this jump, your brain begins to adapt and it will try to develop the ability to understand the text in this speed.

It will maybe not… You will maybe not understand at this speed. But when you say OK, I will go back to my normal speed, then you will go back here – on this level. Because your brain has developed new abilities and you feel not anymore this level is normal. You will go back to here and this is the improvement, that you will reach, when you read faster, as you already can. So it is normal, that you train in a speed where you don’t understand what you read. But, believe me, during this time your brain is working very hard and it will lead to the situation, that you .. will be able to read much faster. OK, so we said, we have to read faster as we already can. But when you do this, you will face one problem: maybe you will read a book in the speed like this here. And you say OK, now I try to be faster, as I can. You will not know: am I reading faster as 10 minutes before? Or, when you continue your training on the next day Will you know, how much your reading speed has increased? Are you faster than yesterday? You won’t know it.

And this is the reason, why we have to get control of the reading speed, so that we can know, if we are faster and how much faster we are. And there is one possibility to do this. This is, why we need the metronome for speed reading training. For all those, who don’t know what a metronome is: a metronome is a gadget, which makes a beat. Please listen to this, something like this. And here you can change the speed of this metronome. This is a speed of 40 beats per minute and this is 80 beats per minute a hundred .. and this metronome can also go to 200.

But this won’t be necessary. And now we can use this metronome for our training, because we have to read in the speed of the metronome and the beat that we are hearing at the moment. Let’s say, we read at a beat of the speed of 50 beats per minute. OK Metronome is beating and we read like this I think you saw what I just did. I read one row per beat one beat one row and this way, we know exactly how fast we are. This way we can control of how fast we want to read. So the method is..how to speed reading: you will try to read at the beat of 40.

And then you say okay, this is a speed, where I understand very good. Let’s try it with 50. And with 50, you will see: okay this is a little higher, than i I can read in. So you leave the metronome at the beat of 50 and you do it … you read 20 or 30 minutes with the beat of 50. You will see after this time, your brain will adapt to this reading speed. And when you say: OK, With 50, now I can understand very good you just turn the metronome to 52 or 55 and now you see, why the metronome is so good to exercise with. Because when you say: I´ve read this book at 50, now I understand, and now I will try it with 55, then you know: this is an acceleration of exactly 10% – From 50 to 55 …. 10% … And this gives you the control of the speed, that you want to exercise with. And when you know: today evening I go to bed and will continue tomorrow and then you will see tomorrow: OK, I have my speed was 55.

Today, I will try to 60 and… nothing more. This is it. This is all you need. So you take a book, you use the metronome to give you a speed, a speed that is little higher, than the level on which you can read already. Then you just read and you just wait until you understand again what you read. Very simple. Then, you turn the metronome a little higher. You go on reading for 20 minutes or 30 minutes again, and your brain will adapt again.

This way, you will increase your reading speed level, step-by-step, as high, as you want it to be. With only some hours of training, I promise you, you will reach at least 25% or maybe 50%. And if you do it for only some days, for some hours every day – maybe five days for two hours – you will all probably read maybe 50% or 100% faster. than you can. It is very simple and it is very cheap to exercise it. All you need to do, is this exercise, and you will read much faster within a very short period of time.

The best thing in speed reading is: it´s just like driving a bicycle. When you learn to drive a bicycle, you will never forget it. With speed reading, it is the same. If you reach this level and your brain understands what you read in this speed then you will never fall back to this. Reading skill, is an investment, which will last all your life long.

That´s why it is so important, to train, to exercise it. PLease, invest some hours in your reading speed and you wil profit, you will have a profit, all your life long. That´s it. There is nothing about speed reading, that I can teach you anymore. So please if you like this video give me a “sign” and if you have questions, please use the comment function and I will answer you whatever you ask. Thank you and goodbye..

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