KTM 1290 SuperAdventure S 2017 Review-TOP SPEED Stability-DYNO-Weighing

Oh yes! This is the brand new 1290 Super Adventure S from K(a) T(ea) (e)M! OK-OK this is not the correct pronunciation for KTM, but to be precise we hat to give a mouth full like… Thank you Hans, I couldn’t do it by myself, OK we get it, enough… K(a) T(ea) (e)M it’s going to be for us and yes this is the Super Adventure S that we’ve been waiting since 1190 gave its engine to Super Duke R (and got bigger) … and we’ve been waiting like 1190 wasn’t already fast enough, at least for all the situations was going to be used… But the ears of motorcyclists just want to hear the numbers go bigger and bigger, and if you too are one of these people, then a small surprise is that its displacement is actually 1301 and not 1290.. We’ve test it at the difficult roads of Greece, putting under every situation possible, and aσ we published on our printed version, the S model is going to battle with motorcycle in different categories. Travels with great comfort, you can go easy on the throttle and have a smooth ride, and when you want more… well as you see it puts no boundaries! Fast forward to the conclusion, the S model tries to find its way to the top through many different categories.

From the R it has different suspension and ergonomics, meets Euro4 standards and introduces the new “face” of KTM. You can say it looks like a lot of things you can like it or not, but you have to admit it’s one of a kind. Same goes for the pig screen in front of you: We, motorcyclists, are difficult people, we want changes but we want them done in small steps, smoothly, so the big screen is not something that everybody is expected to like. Especially when you learn that are times during early morning and –dependable on season in the afternoon also- that the sun is reflected straight to your eyes. The big screen comes with a handful of connections, you can connect your mobile phone and check your signal and battery status but it’s a little bit racists with headphones.. Doesn’t connect with all. The adjustment for the screen is not the easiest among its rivals but it does a good job and the rest of the fairing is exceptional.

Let’s say you travel to Germany where there is no speed limit than this bike can maintain a very high travel speed that is only limited by its generous gas tank! Part of the 1190 legacy, is the MSC electronics package that years ago we were testing in Germany among the firsts in the world, with phenomenal results. In this bike a small step from the highest level is lοst due to the stiffer setup of the suspension.

You don’t break to the absolute limit without having the bike lift up, instead you break extremely hard and you keep turning and leaning. That is not less than amazing and still far better than any competitor who still struggles to follow in that direction! You see here part of the expensive VBOX system that we use for measuring acceleration, …braking and performance. Some figures: We saw LESS than 3,5 sec for 0-100Km (0-60miles) and we’ve weighted 246,5Kg (543,4p) on our very own motorcycle scale With the use of the quickshifter you have an ally for fast riding. In every day usage or at low speeds using the clutch level will result in smoother operation. There are also some moments when you can’t find where the neutral has hide. But riding fast no one’s hand or… foot is going to make faster changes than this quickshifter. Some preexisted issues from 1190, with extensive heat dissipation have been taken care, and there is no major issue, but still if the weather is very hot, your right leg is going to suffer. Extremely stable at high speed, when as you see, we tried very hard to make it unstable.

This predictable behavior continues during braking, or hard braking You get power everywhere and enough torque to do everything, in a motorcycle you can travel easily and commute with it. During testing the το 1290 Super Adventure S covered our anticipation to see it come into production. Years ago, while attending the press launch of the Super Duke R, we were saying that KTM is going to built one… Thankfully they have!.

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