Indian Railways different horns Compilation!! from Steam to Diesel to High Speed Electric Locos.

WP 7161 Headed Steam Express leave Delhi Cantt. Light WDP-1 15021 Blasts thru CNJ WDG-3 from Andal headed with DDN Indore Express. WDM-3A from TKD headed with 12015 Ajmer Shatabdi Express. WDM-3D from VTV headed with 12957 Swaran Jayanti Rajdhani Express. WDP-4B from TKD headed with 22462 Sri Shakti Express. Twin WAG-5 from TKD headed with Bharat Darshan Special Express. WAG-9 from Gomoh headed with 22686 CDG-YPR Ktk Sampark Kranti Express. WAM-4 from BSL headed with 12618 Mangala Lakshadeep Express. WAP-1 from GZB headed with Udhampur Kota Weekly Express.

WAP-4 from HWH headed with 12380 Jallianwala Bagh Express. WAP-5 from GZB headed with 12431 TVC NZM Rajdhani Express. WAP-7 from GZB headed with 12617 Mangala Lakshadeep Express. Thanks for Watching…..

As found on Youtube