IELTS Reading – Choose your Strategy Carefully (3 of 3)

IELTS Reading Strategy, choose your strategy carefully, my son. Hi there. I’m Ben Worthington, from IELTS Podcast. In this video, we’re going to have a very brief look at choosing your strategy. Now, there are two schools of thought here, regarding you IELTS reading strategy. It really depends on where you are and what your objectives are. So, the first school of thought is you spend more time on the first and second article, knowing that that’s where you’re going to pick up the majority of your points, because that’s your level and maybe spending less time with the third article because that’s the most difficult one and they don’t think that you’re going to pick up that many points from there because it’s above you.

That’s okay. So, you do this maybe if you’re going for a Band 6, more or less. Now, the other strategy is the ‘I can attitude’ This means, allocating the same amount of time for each article and trying to score maximum points on each section. Now, is it definitely pulling the more positive way of doing it? However, not really focusing on positive or negative here. We’ll be focusing on realistic, on being realistic and what works for you. Just depending. What I was going to say is like I said a million times before is try. Do some practice tests and try the first and the third which is focusing on the first two and leaving maybe 10 or 15 minutes for the final section, the hardest one and then also try the ‘I can strategy’and go for all three, same time, same effort and see which way, see which strategy brings you the best results then adopt that one.

Only you’ve got the answer to this one. Okay? Well, you know the score, if you want more advice and more tips and more help, go to my website, sign up and you’ll get lots of advice, lots of value dealing with you every single — not every single day. I won’t do that, but every once in a while you can also get my emails, and maybe ask me some questions. All the best..

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