How to Speed up Youtube video loading/ buffering (really easy)

What’s going on guys. Welcome back to another youtube special episode. And Today we gonna be show you, how to eliminate buffering issues on youtube Before get start, I need to talk to you a littile bit about youtube buffering or internet video buffering. You know most of us are experienced buffering issues, while we watching online videos especially from And you know it is very irritating sometime or most of the time. So we need to find a remedy for that. One common form of buffering occurs when your broadband connection is too slow to stream a video in real time. So your computer will buffer the video data, And starting playback when there is enough to prevent the video lag. If you see this happen often, it might be time to upgrade your broadband speed. But in most case we can make over this buffering issues without spending money for a better broadband connection or a plan upgrade, with the help of a few tricks. Which we will show you later on this video. Let’s start doing some magic. Are you guys ready?.

Know we are on the youtube home page. Let’s go to my channel and play random video for this test. And let’s see how it works before we apply the tricks. I am playing this video for 60second continuously in full hd quality and let’s see, How much times the video get buffer or stuck. Let’s start, Here is one Another buffer Again buffering I thing this is the thired time the video get buffered. So it’s time to save some time. Let’s fast forward straight to the end result! Guys, in the past 60 seconds, believe it or not it buffered or get stucked11 times. This video is applicable for any quality of Youtube video stream as well as any other videos that you watch online.

So let’s start apply this tricks one by one, to achive a buffer or stuck free youtube video streaming experience. Stay tune. For that all you gonna wanna do is follow my in structions.and if you want you can pause this video. and do this tiricks in real time with me.Anyway it’s up to you. Let’s start. First you gonna wanna open your google chrome. As you can see I’m already on my google chrome. And go to this website it is the chrome web store. And you need to download this extention for your google chrome.It’s called magic action for youtube.The download link will be on the video description.Checkout that as well. Then click on this blue button add to chrome. Then you will see a popup windows just like this. Just click on add extention. Now you will see this magic extention is downloading. It is installing. And it is successfully added to the chrome finally. Now just click on this settings button, And you will get to this settings page. Scroll down a little bit and you will see this.

Settings dashboard!. Just scroll down in the setting dashboard. Here you can see so much settings to customize for your youtube. you don’t need to messup with all of them this can just look for an option called, speed booster!. Wow, it sounds freaking powerfull.Here is it, speed booster. Better video preloading or buffering. that’s what we are looking for, finally we found it.

Now you gonna wanna check this box. Just click inside the box and it will select the option. Now you can close this tab. And close every s**t of. You’re job here is done. Now you gonna wanna go to another website, The Link will be in the video description as well. Check out that, and download speedbit video accelerator. It is a very small program, approximately 2 MB’s. But very effective to boost youtube streaming. Just uncheck this :I agree to make Speedbit my homepage and my default search, You know what? I hate using third party tool bars, So my decision is to un-checking this box. If you agree with me, uncheck the box. Whatever, let’s continue.. After that just click on this green button. download free! You can see it is instantly downloading the program. And install the program by reading the on screen instruction, bla bla bla…. It is really simple, any one can do it. Just install it, Ok. It is really really easy to do so. And after you installed the speed bit video accelerator, launch it instantly.

You will find this tiny icon of speedbit video accelerator on your task bar. Just click on that or just click on it, s**t whatever! . And you will see this video accelerator, pops up. Here you can see the speedbit video accelerator status. As you can see we have only the option to accelerate normal quality videos and high quality videos. But the option to accelerate high definition videos or HD videos, is disable by default. Bad luck.Thats simple, because we are using a free version of speedbit video accelerator. In my case, I’m already purchased a copy of this program.Because it worth buying. I suggest you to buy this if you have some extra money or you can search on google, to get a damn HD supported version of this freaking software, you will definitely find and get one. Because there are so many pirates out there.

You know what I mean?.Ok. But I don’t recommend that really or never ever recommend that, because this guys insanely good at there programs. And they deserve the penny, if you can buy?. that’s the best thing to do in this case. Do you think what I’m thinking? no no no..I’m not a damn sponsor of speedbit video accelerator. No way. Ok let’s go back to subject. It is a good software, of cause!. Whatever, I have my license key here, and I’m gonna enter and get the HD enabled, by going here, you can see the activation.

Ta da. Now you can see the hd videos acceleration and iTunes download acceleration options are now enabled for me. Now you can move your mouse to the option button, then right click on it. And you will see this menu. And form here select settings. and make sure you checked this boxes. Load service on startup. And hide tray icon. So now we all setup with the speed bit video accelerator. Now let’s move on to the last and final trick or optimization process. It’s called, network adapter optimization. In this step what we gonna do is, add a third party dns server to your network adapter To consume the maximum bandwidth form your network provider. You don’t worry it’s 100% legal and for that first you gonna find some high quality dns servers form the internet, You don worry about that, because I have all the super speed high quality dns servers for you in one place that’s works all over in the world.

For getting that,You can just go to this website, and try each and every dns servers and find which dns server is perfectly work for you Here we have the Google Public DNS,DNS.WATCH,OpenDNS,Level3 DNS,Comodo Secure DNS,Norton DNS and so on and forth. I will show you a demonstration for how to add dns server address to a network adapter. Keep watching. I found the best dns server that work for me, already.This is the one for me, so you wanna find your one. your perfectly working dns server maybe the same or different. To find the right one, as I said earlier you must try each and every dns servers on this list one by one. So let’s start the work. Go back to you’re desktop and locate your mouse to the lower right side of you task bar, Here you will see the network logo.If you connected to a wifi network, here you can see a wireless network logo. Both are fine for this procedure.

So right click on the network logo. And form here you gonna wanna select open network and sharing center. Then you will see this network and sharing center windows pops up. And form here you gonna wanna click on this hyper link, change adapter settings. Then select your network adapter from this window, and right click on it, choose properties from here. know you will see this Ethernet properties for your network adapter. Now scroll all the way down, and you will find this internet protocol version 6. Un-check that. And if you look a little bit upside, You will see the internet protocol version 4 double click on it, and you will see this internet protocol version 4 properties. now look down and you will see, obtain dns server address automatically, Option selected as default.

Just switch that in to, use this following server address, option. Now you can see this address field is just enabled. Now you can go back to the website and fatch your dns servers address. First you gonna wanna copy the Preferred DNS server address and past it in to the Preferred DNS server field . Then you gonnawanna copy the Alternate DNS server address and past it in to the Alternate DNS server field. Is that clear guys. That’s all we can do to eliminate the youtube buffering issues. So it’s time to checkout the biggest difference.

Let’s go. Clearing the caches and cookies from my browser for a fresh start. Playing the same video again for another 60 seconds in the same video quality So far no probs. I think we are almost there. Yes, we made it. It is a huge success. There isn’t a single buffer time or stuck!. That’s it guys. That’s how you can watch youtube and other internet streaming services hassle free. If you guys wanna watch more videos like this, subscribe, like, and share. This is amal rafi form Geeks tutorial. See you guys on next one Peace out.

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