How to speed Up BitTorrent to over 4Mbps with latest settings 2015

Hi guys welcome to Vidiolikes and today i am going to show you the best workable settings for bittorrent version 7.9.2. So just follow the tutorial and put in the settings. now if your using a lower version of bittorrent please update your version and then apply these settings. I have already applied the tweaks so let me show you the current download speed i am clocking on bittorrent. My current internet connectivity speed is of 1Mbps. So here on my desktop i already have a torrent file for the movie The Fault in our stars. Now this is a movie with good health. So i am going to start it up on bittorrent and check the download speed. as u can see its over 4.1mbs with a current internet connectivity speed of 1mbps.

So let me now discuss with you the kind of settings you need to put in. First we need to go to options and under options select preferences. Now once you come down to preferences in the left menu select connections. in connections change port used for incoming connections to 45682. also check Enable UPnP port mapping, Enable Nat-PMP port mapping and Windows firewall exceptions. Uncheck Randomize port each start. Next go to Bandwidth. Now under bandwidth change max upload rate to 70, max download rate to 6000.

You can see that 0 is for unlimited but its always good and advisable to give it a threshold limit so i have specified 6000. Check the first two options for global rate limit options. Now put global maximum number of connections to 200. Max number of connected peers per torrent to 2329 and number of upload slots per torrent to 14. Also check additional upload slots if upload speed <90%. Now go to bittorrent and under bittorrent check all the options except Limit local peer bandwidth. Keep that unchecked. Also change protocol encryption from disabled to forced. Now go down to Queueing. under queueing put max number of active torrent at 60. put max number of active downloads at 63. Seeding goal minimum ratio % to 150. minimum seeding time to 0 and minimum number of available seeds to 0. Now after making these changes leave Scheduler, remote playback, paired device and go to advanced. first you need to change bt.allow_same_ip to true. by default it is selected as false. Now change bt.connect_speed to 28. you can see here guys that my download has already finished. for bt connect speed just select the particular option put the desired value and click on set.

The value will be set and also marked with an asterik sign. come down further and change gui show no torrent node to false. come down further and change gui update rate to 2000. by default it is selected as 1000. the change net max half open value to 500. this is a vital step which really helps to boost your download speed. then change net outgoing port to 50. then you go down and change peer disconnect inactive interval value to 125. change rss update interval value to 20. so thats it guys. now you click on apply and then ok. Now after you do that you exit utorrent and start it up once again. close utorrent window also exit utorrent from taskbar. then you start up utorrent once again. So thats all for today guys. Hope this tutorial will help you to boost your download speed. if you have any query please put in ur comments below and i wud be glad to answer them. If u like my videos do please put in ur likes and subscribe to my channel. Catch u again in the next vidio till then bye bye..

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