How to Fix a Speedometer Gauge in Your Car (Speed Sensor) – DIY with Scotty Kilmer

One, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if your speedometer isn’t working, then stay tuned, because today I’m going to show how to fix the speedometer that stuck on zero, now cars used to be simple, the speedometers had a cable that went inside the speedometer head, and it’s spun and made the speedometer move, but modern cars stopped using speedometer cables over 20 years ago, modern cars are all computerized, this is a speed sensor that bolts in the transmission, and it sends electrical impulses to the dash to make the speedometer work, with such computerized systems, you use another computer, a scan tool, to analyze what’s going wrong with the system, in the case of the Honda, we plug it into under the cigarette lighter where the data port is, right down in here, in it goes, then we put the scan tool on data and watch the speed as we drive, in this case, the speed stayed at zero even though we’re going at least thirty, so we all the sensor isn’t giving any information to the computer, so in this case, we’ll replace the speed sensor, but if the scan tool was giving the miles an hour in the correct speed while we are driving, that would mean the speed sensors working, and probably the speedometer inside the dash was bad, now in the case of the Honda, the speed sensors hidden on the transmission, way under here, so we got to take all this air duct work out of the way to even see it, we’ll just pull this all out the way, wiggle it and get off, and there’s a sensor hiding down inside the engine right there, I’ve unplugged the plug on the top of it, so you can see it better, here’s a new one, it just has two little bolts you take off and pull it out, and out comes the old dirty one, be sure to make sure they’re the same, they got the same bottom and the same connector so it looks like the right part, then you just get their old ten millimeter socket ratchet, bolt it back in, put the electrical connection in until it snaps, well in this case, it didn’t snap it so old, but it is on, then we put all the place a duct work back on, now we’ll close the hood and take it for a drive, off we go and there goes the speedometer, it’s working now, so the next time your speedometer breaks, why not fix it yourself, it’s not that hard, and remember if your car has any problems just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel, before it’s too late!

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