Highspeed Photography of a popping waterballoon: How to take a picture of an exploding water balloon

Hi my name is Michael from pixelcatcher.com today I will show you how to create a picture of exploding water bomb using a digital SLR camera and a strobe let’s go lets have a look at some other equipment that we will need for this shot there’s nylon cord. there’s a flash hot shoe a super clamp a bolt a flash a self-made light barrier. wireless flash triggers a magic arm. some balloons, a needle and a bucket in order to freeze the fast-moving water drops we will need a very short flash duration in order to achieve a very short flash duration we will set the flash to manual mode and adjust the power setting to the lowest power setting possible alright so everything is in place and as you can see our light barrier is going right next to the balloon so if you’re crossing the light barrier with your finger it’s supposed to trigger the flash let’s check yeah it works as you can see the flash is triggered before I’m hitting the balloon with my finger this is really important because you’re going to hold the needle in your hand like this and when you crossed the beam the needle is supposed to be inside the balloon and that is the only way you can achieve that let’s have a look yeah works wonderful check your exposure by firing a test flash and adjust your aperture and ISO until your exposure is right time for some action make sure to check where the light beam is.

Adjust the needle in your hand accordingly press the shutter there you go. alright as you can see taking a picture of exploding water bomb is pretty simple there are many other ways of doing it feel free to experiment for yourself have a good time see you..

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