Fast cars and Squatnik suits – Status update

Fucking The time has come Welcome friends to another video about the status update just I want to tell you what’s going on what I do in my life what game I play why video is so little in recent weeks and of course all We wanted to know damn that happens with parcels of subscribers All this in the next couple of minutes let’s start Oh yeah channel Life of Boris the single most effective advertiser Adidas and Frets Since 1980, the whore and nobody pays for it in the previous video where I explain Why Slavs wear Adidas its appearance was mentioned In the Moscow Olympic Games in 1980 but they had only two strips As you can see One Soviet Russia to rule them all and in the style of this beautiful design I made my own BUUM it patsansky suit design by Boris It’s me Leading global elite all Slavic mind Only a very limited number of from ever made but still a couple of still available Come check out my website I know the price is not quite CHEAP for these custom hoodies but after receiving no less than four written refusal by Adidas of cooperation or sponorstva I just said Fuck Off GO fuck! I’ll make my own hoodie I do not have 10 years to wait for your returning to the yellow color so here yellow hoodies requested since 2015 pants supplied with zipper pocket and hoodies warm as the grandmother’s hug what else do you want? Next you want to know about the lack of video all the time 3 video 3 weeks What it is ? definitively whether madness Boris caught up? I have the Boris lazy? Whether he left channel? No, I did not throw January was a slow month because in December I passed quickly video bunch high-quality video and of course I have a life things you need to do.

Places to visit grandmother parents relatives friends Ehh BARS By the way, I started to load again in Gopnik Gaming Channel so if you want to see as played by Boris Guo Checa channel And let’s talk about Gopnik Gaming It finally happened dreams finally come true I reached double silver button status BUUUM delivered by mail and now decorates my wall in the bedroom What can I say? I am one of the most famous Gopnik Incidentally, the channel Gopnik Gaming He has reached one year of activity Well, not quite Activity But this is one year since the first boot Congratulations to all Gopnik “Claps” You know, I can hear some people say: that they lose interest in the channel because I did show face “1 million subscribers” comment spam Tipo: “Zvukinytika.mr3” He does not show the face come-off hell, I’d rather keep her identity a secret Especially after receiving ebannyh death threats after the last video Oh yeah, and for those who are wondering I uploaded a video of the Croatian language Then it was removed because hundreds dizlaykov and hundreds of comments saying egh Tesla Serbia does not Horvath because in the original video Did I mention that Nikola Tesla He was a Croat since he was born in the city which is now Located in Croatia So comments turned in Haight komenty and those turned into deadly Damn threatening fucking Good old fun YouTube And speaking of cheerful The game you see in the background It called Need For Speed ​​World Yes it’s back go seek, go download.

It’s free Thank you for the offer KIROBODY Well let me see. A few more things I I am going to mention Oh yes, sending subscribers close it was funny a couple of months almost a year were discovered a plurality of fan-mails have been received And I’m still getting ready to make a fan art wall it is simply too large to fit in my apartment and speaking of the shortcomings in the room as you can see for the last time in a video of the fan premises I quickly ran out of the room but some packages still dostalyayutsya Which means that I will do yet last vidos parcels with fans and going back to the good news channel Slavic channel about the Life of Boris just reached the mark of million subscribers it’s a lot and of course a great achievement It comes great reward and I do not mean demonetization damn all my videos it will happen in any case, but I mean, BUUM Long wait Gold YouTube button My work is performed Thank you for watching channel is closed Proschan “Zvukoshibkavindous.mr3” Hah! No, I’m not going I’ll never leave Boris 2035th anniversary very soon Celebrating 20 years activity on this channel very well done, Boris thanks, Boris But seriously, thank you for your views all video that I produced Thank you for subscribing And for the support in Patreone I say thank you for your support Without you, the channel could not exist because I really like YouTube demonetized each video I make you continue to support I keep Cheeki Breeki Thank you You thought that the video ended? there is not yet finished in social networks, I thought not so long ago I had a good not great survey because I know you like polls Polls this fun especially this one, to decide what to buy fret and after 10,000 replies and votes I read them all one after another how long I did it? couple of days Thank BORIS Well, that results all 10,000 people voted: where some 1000 people or 10% said select №1 11% said choose №5 12% or 1200 people said select №4 13% of people chose №2 14% vybrali№3 and finally the rest of the people 140% of course I voted for Lada Niva and that’s what I’m going to buy because technically it is the car that I used in music video Slav King but it was not my car and my friend one that I ran so that the new blyatmobilya review will be released very soon saying clip Slav King He recently took the position of the most viewed on my list of movies that I’ve done Of course this is the best video that I generally did so it makes sense so it looks something like this: Slav King million views How to sit at Cortana as the Slav: million page views as praise your wheelbarrow 4 million Chikii BRIC Hardbass: million Video Gopnik: million and a very useful practical lesson in the Russian language million views because Slavic life a good life show other channel let’s reach 5 billion views Well, not seriously is not just about how many people watch the video it’s about how to have fun it’s about how to show the world the way Slav sit on Cortana how to cook like a Slav as a mark how to make your own camera from the old recorder and battery you know the essential thing or about how to drive like a Slavic Gopnik Thank you for watching this video about status updates if you want more updates Czekaj of soc.

network or not. It depends on you or you want to see the player Boris Look Gopnik Gaming link in the description See you next time Stay Cheeki Breeki! Oh, it was all sweaty and thanks dosvidaniya.

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