Elvis Nolasco Speed Reads for First Book

Hi my name is Elvis Nolasco and I’m joining the magic of storytelling speed-read to give 1 million books to kids in need through first book i’ve chosen one of my childhood favorites Curious George I got 10 seconds to read as many words as possible here we go one day George saw a man he had on a large yellow straw hat the man saw George too what a nice little monkey he thought I would like to take him home with me he puts his hat on the ground and of course.

Stop. that’s it that was fast that was a rough challenge man but anyhow listen um you could try to beat my record so i challenge you to try to beat my record let’s see what we can do for every five dollar donation to first book disney will give two books to a child in need up to 1 million books so just go to firstbook.org/beinspired.

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