Elite Dangerous Horizons : The rare Materials Expolit still works in 2.3

Hello it’s Ricardo and I’m playing elite dangerous commanders now since the update came out an awful lot of the ways of making money and ways of getting raw materials and rare materials has been taken away so I thought I’d get into my Imperial cutter that’s been recently named as the Badgers list and take a trip from the current station where I am back to the hall system now as spelt Oh ar e ar ar e it’s not so fast about six or seven jumps so that’ll also give me a bit of time to play with the new camera and see what sort of shots I can get with that as well it’s my hope free that even though the places like robbed Eagle minds and Draconis quite rightly so in my opinion have been nerfed or being fixed so that you can only have so many stackable missions it’s my hope that the rare materials that you can get for the multiple cargo racks in the or system and a crash ships like is still working now I recently did a video on this that was put onto YouTube and yeah I suppose it is circumventing the game mechanics in a way so as it is because you are logging out you’re logging back in the cargo racks appear you shoot those cargo racks and outcome those rare materials so even though it’s about ten jumps away and I’ve got my Imperial cutter the badges list or engineer debt I think at least to a grade four hyperdrives and I go get some more in regard to that I know I’ve got to stop off and do some refueling I’ve got it to do with a fuel scoop once they get into system I’m going to dock at the space station Sharon Lee free market and that way then if I get destroyed in system hopefully I won’t get destroyed in system then at least I’ll spawn back at that station and now using this camera I found that you can get some quite good shots and you can still try and attempt to land it’s really weird camera angles as well this one was particularly tricky which tricky the better times getting a ship like that through the aperture but even from the obscure angle it is quite is quite weird so when sin Sharon leaves free market we’re going to go to Guin survey that is not far from where that damaged ship is and when you get close it will show up as a point of interest on the navigation map and there is the Badgers list in all its glory with a vibrant paint pack on it and it’s nameplate which actually isn’t actually a nameplate it’s like a spray job on the side of the ship okay and it’s time to go so from this angle will they actually get it through the aperture well I’m afraid that’s gonna be between me and the docking master of that station so here we are on a on approach if you get close like I mentioned earlier on the crash ship does come up as a point of interest so and that’s quite handy as opposed to going to the latitude and longitude coordinates doesn’t take that long to get there go in get a good angle glide in and it’ll take you directly to that point of interest in the glide now using the booster try and get there a bit quicker they may not make any difference but it certainly seems gratifying and it looks pretty good as well from outside using the new free camera although I can’t seem to get it it’s smooth to rotate and I must have the key bindings wrong I never see something I’ve got I’ll look at later date so there’s the crash ship it’s in the bottom of a canyon very high walls you decide to be very careful when you’re approaching this planet seems always to be dark and since we always facing away the dark side of this planet always got you in pitch darkness so use of the ship lights use of the lights on the Scarab is a mess to see what you’re doing so there it is there is a crashed anaconda so you can gain a little bit closer you can see all the wreckage as in my other videos all strewn around there you go so from the outside instead of right old nose plant into that planet okay so that’s the shit we’re going to go inspect let’s get the Scarab out and let’s go exploring so here we a scarab deployed here we go deploy let’s get those lights on and get over that Ridge and the new camera does get you some good looks inside the cockpit and from different angles of the scarab things that you may not have seen before I’m not sure enough to read the release notice see whether the graphics have indeed been upgraded it certainly looks like it has it seems to be more in my opinion looks more realistic now I’m using only a small card really it’s a gtx TI superclocked when I can afford the cheapest as I could get my hands on couldn’t spring for 10 60 or certainly couldn’t spring for a 1080 so you found the cargo racks into the turret you shoot them they spew out their materials we got solarium let’s go scoop it up now incidentally let’s go and log out of this let’s board hop I know there are two other cargo racks here but the purpose of this video let’s see if they respond and they give us more rare materials so now we’ve gone back into the game not even a board hopper just come out and log back in I’m currently playing in solo mode because this area can be a bit hostile if you’ve got your ship parked anywhere then you will get your ship destroyed of course you can always dismiss the ship I was just doing solo it’s easier so all the cargo is still strewn around there’s a cargo rack just shoot it and take it from me it responds more material so this time we’ve got antimony so this still does work so went back and tried to be scan the ship and its data core and that was telling me that has already been scanned well that was the same as what it was a couple of days ago when I did my last video but the good news is you can still get materials and if you were that way inclined you could also pick up all the other canisters like Bertrand ID and beryllium and palladium and goals that are laying around so here we go rip from the cargo rack unleash the green death on it a Fenian just go and pick that up so good a little bit of relief especially those commanders who were doing the engineer missions and need some of these rare materials let’s go back and check the cargo rack by the downed anaconda a little bit too close enough to move out the way it’s a shame this planet just couldn’t rotate towards the Sun just one so you can see what’s going on it’s although quite dark right there’s the rack let’s shoot it and then you go zirconium and tellurium so that still works and it’s like a good thing we least you know of a way where you can get these these items now for your engineering upgrades anyway thank you very much for watching I’ve been Ricardo this is an elite dangerous the commanders please look out for more videos in the series and I’ll see you soon

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