Do You Need to Fix Your Perspective on Life? | Meeting With 4 People Who Supported Crushing It!

– Like, there are people who literally think this glass is empty. (laughs) There are literally people who think it. You know? And I just genuinely, and I’m not kidding, sorry I’m taking your water. (laughs) I’m gonna run out of room and I don’t care about this carpet. This shit right here? This is full as fuck for me. Full as fuck. You give me that, I know exactly what to do with it. I know exactly what to do with what’s in there.

And that’s it. That’s my fuckin’ life right there in a cup full of, that’s it. I know exactly what the fuck to do with this, and other people don’t know what to do with a full fuckin’ container. There’s something very powerful about consistency. I eat my own dog food. I think the thing that makes me sleep at night like a baby is everything I tell you do, I do. I don’t even know how many followers, how many subscribers I have on YouTube. I subconsciously know, and theoretically know that I’m not growing on views on YouTube and weirdly, I love that because I think I’m doing this exchange program of people who watch like four months of DailyVee, and they’ll be like, okay, fuck it, let’s go.

It’s so crazy when you say the same thing 84 thousand different ways. You never know when the person on the other side’s ready, and you said it that right way, and that became it. – [Female] That’s exactly what happened to me, I had to hear it so many times, until I really realized what you are saying. Because a lot of people have said the same thing that you said but it had to be someone I can relate to. And someone that I really think, okay, he knows his shit. He should know. – To me what’s interesting, thank you, the other thing that’s gonna be super interesting is when voice becomes real real. I’m so deep, so heavy, I have a funny feeling, like, a lot of people hear me on social and are going and it’s working, and in like 26 months when they plateau or they’ve had success, plateau comes not like, you stopped growing.

Plateau sometimes is, you don’t love it as much. You don’t feel on fire. It’ll be interesting, I’m really fascinated to watch what happens, the level, I’ve been really thinking a lot lately for the first time of like, oh shit, five years from now is gonna be really cool. Level of recalling content, like I’m really into, we’re not doing a good job with this but we’re doing the team in a way that I think will. There’s so much Throwback Thursday content that I should be putting out. It’s just so interesting to watch something from 2012.

I love when I do that stuff, but we’re not really going hard yet. – It’s also great to see it’s the same messages over and over, but then that there’s that evolving over time. And the story is like amazing. People, when I’m telling them about you it’s like, oh it’s the same message and I’m like, yeah but you gotta really pay attention. There’s – [Female] Nuances. – Every, and then the most important part is, I don’t think what people realize is, especially if they want something for themselves, it’s not about the content, it’s about me executing the awareness of the content. It’s meta. Once you get it down, the reason I think I have longevity is cool, you’ve got it down, you’re in the same wavelength, cool. By the way, which is rare. People are like, anybody who says, oh, it’s the same stuff is actually not in the zone. They’re looking for an excuse.

It’s the same stuff, aka I’m not gonna let you get away with it. – [Female] Yeah. – Which is why most people don’t want to actually stick with me, or like it. They want the excuse. – [Female] They want someone to tell ’em, oh, it’s okay. – 100 thousand percent, or, or what’s the saddest part is they want the bullshit version of me which is, I’m gonna make you pay me to make you feel that way and because you’re paying me 900 dollars a month, you think you’re doing something. – That’s motivation for some people too. (laughs) – Well, on the other side, but I’m talking about the person. The person that’s consuming it, the reason it’s, oh it’s the same thing is they want the excuses and they want somebody to say it’s okay, but there’s a scarier one to me.

That’s okay, that’s like that one’s kind of like, you’re compassionate but not thoughtful contemporary. Right? Or, it’s not okay, let me phrase. It’s one of two people that gives you room to be it’s okay. They love you blindly. Your mom, if you’re lucky enough. Your sister, brother, whatever. Somebody who loves you and thinks they’re doing the right thing. Or, somebody who loves you or doesn’t love you that just likes misery loves company. Like, the worst thing would be for you to shine. And not that they hate you, it’s just they hate themselves.

And if you go and win, that sucks. So then they’re like, no no it’s okay, because stick with me, let’s watch the rodeo tonight and do nothing. Right? North Dakota. (laughs) – [Female] Let’s watch the snow melt. – But, but, the the scarier version of that to me, is the bullshit version of me. When I watch people comment and they’re like, oh I get more value from X. I’m like, fuck. They’re in such a bad place because they are paying somebody to make them think they’re doing something. That one’s scary. I like fun. Something I’m trying to figure out more of, fun is interesting. Bartering is fun. Contests are fun. Raffles are fun. It’s a fun way to get the community involved. This content is good. I think about all the people that didn’t win, but now are gonna watch this video, who bought 10. Who, this video, ’cause of the serendipity, it’s all so meta, so much more meta than people realize. I bought 10. I bought 10 because I really wanted to be one of you four people, right? I lost. I’m a little mad. I’m sad, I overextended myself.

What the fuck am I gonna do with, this is real people, what am I gonna do with 10 fuckin’ books now? Right? But listen, when you’re easier for people in places of income where they can afford it, there’s some people, and I always get scared of people overstretching themselves for a lot of here’s the psyche. It’s the same people that are paying those other people. I’m gonna win, this is it, it’s my time. I’m convinced, it’s the fuckin’ secret out here. I’m gonna buy the 10 books, I can’t afford the 180 dollars that these 10 books, but I’m gonna win. I’m gonna fly to New York, Gary’s gonna give me the fuckin’ Midas Touch. (group reacts) And then they, the raffle happens and they lose. That’s devastating to me. What’s exciting to me though is, they lose, this video’s gonna be put on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, they’re gonna watch it. And something in your question makes them willing to promote now and not be scared about it, and the 17th time they do it was the thing that led to the same thing they were trying to do and get by the Midas Touch in this meeting.

It’s how it works, for real. Interesting, right? – [Male] Awesome, yeah. – People are just not, you know what? It’s the way I think about branding and internet marketing. Internet marketing, aka last touch, attribution, quant-based, math-based selling, people aren’t being thoughtful. They don’t think Facebook works as good as Google, because a Facebook ad costs them 88 dollars to get a coat sold, and Google’s 72. What they don’t realize is Google does no branding and every picture and video did branding for you on Facebook. To live that long, he’s 21 years old. It took another 10 years before I even made my first video online. He’s got 10 more years of living. – Super inspiring by the way. – Right, you’re 32. I was 31 years old. I was 30 actually, it was February 26th. But, it was, you know what I mean? But 32, I was two years into Wine Library TV and nobody gave a fuck, fuck, fuck. And to be very frank, at the level that we’re even talking about, nobody gave a fuck 18 months ago. Some people gave a fuck. Now it’s, everyone’s gonna eventually give a fuck. But, yeah. – [Female] Since I’m in New York, I brought this bag where I printed your quote, it’s one that I really live by.

I really don’t complain at all for nothing and never at all. Especially because of my dad’s life and my mom’s life and I – Well that’s mine too. – [Female] Yeah. – That’s, we’re so lucky about the mom and dad’s life. – [Female] Absolutely. – My mom grew up in Soviet Russia, lost her mother at five years old, her dad went to jail for 10 years when she was eight. Like, she came to America with nothing, she raised three kids by herself, not one housekeeper for one day ever. Went on one family vacation, never bought anything, and never complained. So, I’m struggling. I’m struggling, I’m struggling. – [Female] When I hear people complain, I really get mad. Like I get furious. – I get empathetic. I get empathetic, I do. I don’t get mad, I’m telling you, I get empathetic. I realize they don’t have perspective. If you have perspective, I just almost wish every day that people could You know what I would love virtual reality to do? There would be an app, I would build an app called Your Family Died. That would be my app. You go into VR, you’d walk in, it would feel real. And you’d watch your family go into a car accident and you’d see their fucking death.

Right? And then you take it out, and then you live your life, I promise you, you’ll be happy as fuck. – Brings it back to your Tony Robbins video. (laughs) – [Female] And that’s so funny, the first time I – Yeah, right? He said he was, that was an interesting moment, right? – Super interesting, yeah. – We were very different on that. What was he, he was like, he does something in the morning? I don’t remember. – Affirmation’s the mirror – Yeah yeah yeah. And I’m like, I just make pretend my mom’s dead. He was like, he was like (laughs) But it’s perspective! – [Female] That’s the crazy thing, I do that too. I do that because we flew from war, so for me it was very natural – Real war. – [Female] Yeah. – You guys know people who died. – [Female] Yeah. I saw people dying on the streets, they were droven over with trucks, the big tanks. – Tanks. – [Female] I saw that. – You can’t unsee that. – [Female] No, never.

I was four, but I still remember. – Of course! – [Female] I don’t have food, I don’t have fuck that! My parents are healthy, my family’s healthy. – The end. Period. – [Female] The thing that keeps me still going and being so humble, even though at 24 I make more money than my Dad does in 10 years. – 100 percent. – [Female] It’s just – I genuinely think I’m going to be one of the most famous, impactful people ever. And I feel like I’m gonna feel the same way I feel right now. Which is like, eh okay. Cool, like, what? Yes. Great, I’m excited. But I don’t know, it’s just so obvious to me that people that have perspective and don’t. You know? And then I’ll die, and for 48 hours, on whatever the way we communicate as humans, I’ll get a ton of love, you’ll all tell your stories, and then everybody will move on. And so, that’s how I feel. If that’s what happened to Prince, if that’s what happened to Maya Angelou, if that’s what happens to that’s what’s gonna happen what? So, that’s it. – I had the opposite experience, a spoiled little brat. And then, started smoking weed at 15 or 16 and my dad just said, I’m not giving you shit.

Took away everything except for the roof pretty much. And just started – Was that good? – It was a bad relationship. – In hindsight are you happy that happened? – But I’m happy, ’cause I had no interests as a teen. – Of course. – And then everything started opening up. It’s like, yeah. – Honestly bro, I swear to God, and I really want this for you, – It kind of, it was like, either I give you stuff, or the weed and I’m like, I would prefer to be myself. And I went that path. And that was interesting. Go ahead. – Just putting pressure on the system. However he contextualized it, these are all the things. You know what’s funny? I just, I said this once before, I used to say this, I don’t say it much now. I just think, there’s not a lot left here but like, there are people who literally think this glass is empty. (laughs) There are literally people who think it. You know? And I just genuinely and I’m not kidding.

Sorry I’m taking your water. (laughs) Gonna run out of room and I don’t even care about this carpet. This shit right here, this is full as fuck for me. Full as fuck. You give me that, I know exactly what to do with it. I know exactly what to do what’s in there. And that’s it, that’s my fuckin’ life right there in a cup form. That’s it. I know exactly what the fuck to do with this. And other people don’t know what to do with a full fuckin’ container. You can’t lose by pushing against your parents if you follow your heart because A, if you’re successful, you’re a fuckin’ Messiah. And if you’re not, later, later, later, when they’re really old, they’re gonna look you dead in the face, hopefully nobody dies and everything, you get this moment, they’ll be proud of you for going for it. Your mom will secretly say, hey, by the way, remember 28 years ago when you went for it? And we were mad at you? I’m proud of you, ’cause I didn’t go for it.

And my mom once told me that she didn’t go for it either, your Grandma, you know what I mean? – [Female] You can mix and match, meaning it’s so reckon and fox, whatever so it’s expensive and luxurious. And what I’m struggling with is that I hear from a lot of people, oh, you should go on Amazon and eBay and whatever. But because it’s such a luxury product, I’m afraid of putting that on Amazon and Ebay – Don’t. – [Female] Changing the experience? – The experience is one thing. I was worried that you were worried about putting it there for brand perception that those platforms would cheapen it. Good, that’s what I think you’re actually saying. Because the experience is you’re fucking shipping it. – [Female] Yeah. – DHL is DHL or UPS is UPS or whatever’s shipping it, right? I don’t think that’s what you’re actually talking about, you’re talking about – [Female] No no, I mean absolutely the cheap part, yes.

– It’s not an issue. – [Female] Okay. If you say it’s fine. (laughs) – Let me break it down for you so it’s not just blindly just listen to me. If somebody of high net worth, look, if somebody’s buying fox fur or raccoon or whatever you’re, how much is it? – [Female] Starting from 300 up to 600 euro. – Yeah. I mean, eBay and Amazon are selling way more luxurious, and luxurious items, it will not cheapen your brand at all. And I do think it will give your more exposure and more sales. – [Females] Yeah it does, absolutely. – Now, you’re gonna make less margin than you selling it direct, but I do think it expands your brand, and I think that’s a trade. I do a lot of I, for example, I get paid 150 thousand dollars to give a speech. Right? Ridiculous, it’s amazing, thank you.

(knocks) I’m so blessed. But I’ll give a speech for free. If I get an email right now that says, hey Gary, we’re the High School Association of America. And we’re doing this first thing ever. We got a government grant and we’re bringing one million students to Central Park. One million! Forget Central Park. Portland. Some fuckin’ park in Portland, I don’t even want to make it convenient for me. In Portland, a million high school students and we want you to give the keynote.

I’ll walk! I’ll walk! ‘Cause it’s a million people, it’s brand! People get fancy when they start making money. Yes I get 150, and I turn down 150 to speak all the time. Yes I will do it for free. So when I talk about doing things for free, people get mad, I’ve done stuff for free my whole life because it’s not free, the attent- I say it all this is back to how I desperately am trying to figure out what you guys are talking about which is, how do I help more people actually understand how to get the most value out of me? Getting the most that’s how I came up with don’t listen to what I’m saying, watch what I’m doing.

That is why I think everybody should watch me forever. They should do what I do to you. I don’t watch your content. I watch how you consume content. I know things about my audience not based on what they’re posting. I may know more about your habits, some of these handles, pants47 or, you know? I may know more about their habits or what they’re reacting to and not even know they have two children even though every post on their Instagram is two children. So, I watch what people react to. I think that’s how people should watch me. I think people should watch why I do things. How I do them, and then do them. If I start a podcast, you start a podcast. If I start doing more LinkedIn, you start doing more LinkedIn. If I put a filter on my face while I’m doing an Instagram Live like I just did, you do that. There’s, that is the game. Reverse engineer, me yes, listen to me if you need the motivation or the insight or you have a business question, fine.

And I’m flattered and I love it. But watch why do I use an example like rodeo when somebody in the room just spent time in North Dakota? Why do I say hockey in Canada, and football in the U.S. And proper soccer? That’s me communicating within context. Got it? Watch what I’m doing. By pushing against your parents if you follow your heart because A, if you’re successful, you’re a fuckin’ Messiah, And if you’re not, later, later, later, when they’re really old, they’re gonna look you dead in the face, hopefully nobody dies and everything, you get this moment, they’ll be proud of you for going for it. Your mom will secretly say, hey, by the way, remember 28 years ago when you went for it? And we were mad at you? I’m proud of you, ’cause I didn’t go for it. And my mom once told me that she didn’t go for it either, your Grandma, you know what I mean? Being asked is the ultimate leverage in life. – Okay. – You know, to me, to me, there are ton of people who booed me along the way, who didn’t want to see me succeed, this and that.

There’s a great story, I wish Brandon was here from Wine Library. There’s a great story of a wine supplier who shit on me so heavy, and did such the wrong thing, such the wrong thing. Did the wrong thing by my business, I said this once before. Did something once, something terrible to me. Did the wrong thing by Wine Library, undermined me as a human being with straight lies. I went to an event in New York City where I went to go taste his wine and he fuckin’ said, “get the fuck out of here, “you’re a piece of shit. “You’re the worst thing with the wine business.” And then when Wine Library TV blew up, he sent me an email, acted as if none of that had ever happened and asked to be on the show for exposure for his brand, and I said “yes”.

– Wow. Why? – Because being the bigger person’s always right. Dude, negative, he knew. And I know. As long as everyone knows the score then you don’t need to impose it. Holding that negativity is stopping you from what you actually want to happen. – Okay. Right on. – You know what I mean? – Yeah. – There’s a level of being motivated, and I like that, but fake motivated. To me, sports is fake.

When I’m working, this is all if I want to put GQ out of business with my new ONE37pm, it’s kinda fake. I wanna put GQ out of business! But I don’t want anything bad to happen to humans. And I say, okay, those GQ people will go work somewhere else, maybe at ONE37, you know? So I think you need to be thoughtful about friends and family in a different way, you have to create a separate space for them. Because they deserve it. No matter what, there is a counter argument to, when you were four, they fed you. – Right. Of course. (laughs) – [Female] Always my argument. (laughs) – You know? – Yeah absolutely.

– I think you need to reconcile and I think the other biggest piece of advice I’ll give you is somebody who’s dealt with a lot of inner family dynamics, been in business with my family. There’s always stuff. You need to let poison out of your body. If there’s things, you did something and I caught and I did it and I do it. The way I reconcile things that are frustrating me with the people I love the most is by razzing and being snarky and drilling them. I do it with my own team. In a fun kind of, you know? – Okay.

– Anybody who’s like my parents or my children there’s an undertone. I get it, I do get it. – Right. – I really get it. – Totally. – I think you need to let it out. It’s been the best thing I ever did. My relationships with everybody in my family and my team have been exponentially better as I have in the last half decade become a much better communicator. – Okay. I noticed. – Got it? – Yeah. – Cool. – [Female] Silly question to start with. – It’s alright. – [Female] So what if, okay, I love what I do, right? Working with athletes and coaching. – Yes. – And I’m a runner myself and where do you cross the line of I’m not good at, you want to promote yourself but you don’t want to brag. Does that make sense? – Of course! – Of being able to self promote but not be all, look at me. Like, where do you find that line, I guess it’s just a personal decision of where you find that authenticity? – That’s exactly right. People have a different point of view on promotion, self promotion, bragging, charlatan – Ego – Ego, you know, everybody’s got, look, I mean, the video camera – I know, wrong, wrong – No, but I mean it’s a really important point.

I no question sat for a good week and was like, oof. Really? I’m gonna really let somebody follow me? What does that look like in real life? I mean this is three years ago now. – That’s a really cool but I don’t want to talk about them because I feel like it’s bragging. But yet it’s my experience. – Here’s what I would say, couple things. I never think the truth is bragging. – That’s a great point. – I just, it’s very hard for me to understand how the truth is bragging. – That’s a good point. – You know? It’s just the truth. Now, let me tell you another way. You want to go a different way? So, I got a great idea for you. And it works for me at times, sometimes I want to say things in a different way. Maybe what you do instead of bragging is you hit up hundreds of running and strength and health and wellness podcasts, little ones, and ask them to interview you. Maybe the way, that’s right. Maybe being interviewed is easier than, right? That’s what a lot of people do. A lot of people just get interviewed. I love when people are like, Gary you’re such a self promoter, I’m like, dick, you’re on the fuckin’ interview circuit like crazy.

You’re doing the same thing, you’re just disguising it. – Yeah. That’s a good one. – You know? – Yeah. – So, I would think about that. – Okay. Thank you. – You’re welcome. We’ll keep going around. For awhile, keep going. Alright, brother. – I don’t have any crazy question, I’m sure something’s gonna come up. One thing I wanna say is just like thank you. I had all my friends saying, what are you gonna ask, what are you gonna ask? What do you want, what do you want? And I’m like, I don’t really want. Whatever I can do to give back, dude. – So, I appreciate it. So what do you think is going on? I mean you’re so early in the journey. What do you want to do? Do you want to build a production company? Do you want to make content and make a living of just being a solo creator? How do you think about it today? – Today, like right now, I think of it the way I see myself in long term, I want to learn how to run a big company.

I love business more than anything. Growing up with my dad, my dad’s business, answering the phone at 12 years old, that kind of thing. Like you say, eat shit, forget about everything ’til you’re 29. I’ll do that. – That resonated. – I mean, I’ll do that forever. – You like the process. – Yeah yeah, 100 percent. – I mean, look, I think at 21 I understood that it seems like you had that as well. That is something I’m gonna have to go deeper on. It is actually the ultimate. I don’t know, it’s the ultimate. And I see it in every shape and size. From crazy hedge fund gal who makes 88 trillion a year and she just loves that game and it’s about the money and it’s the point, mazel tov, good for her! She just loves the accumulation of wealth as a hedge fund runner, to $39 thousand dollar a year works in a corporation, loves that stability of nine to five, loves three weeks vacation, loves half-day Fridays in the summer, loves being the coach of both sons’ soccer and softball teams, loves doing a very tedious job.

Loves it! Loves. It’s the fuck, there’s nothing more important than loving the process. – Yeah. – There’s just nothing else! Everything, the reason so many people are making money online now, is because there’s a way to love the process of your process and make money because the internet created that infrastructure. In the same way that Blockchain will create peer to peer transactions that keep the transactions of money to people, that’s what technologies do.

They change everything. There used to not be planes, guys. I don’t understand how people don’t understand this. You weren’t born in America, nobody knew anything about Asia in this country until like 30 years ago! You know? Like, there was no sushi in fuckin’ America 25, 30 years ago. So, anyway, nonetheless, that’s great, bro. Like, honestly. It’s funny, I’m going through the same thing, guys. I don’t think people understand why the sneaker thing is happening or the stuff that I’m about to do over the next three, four years. I love selling stuff. It’s fun. The idea of buying something I love selling, but I love selling actual stuff more than I like selling, I don’t like selling VaynerMedia’s services. I do not get a high, I had a great meeting yesterday. We’re probably gonna make, I probably sold something yesterday for seven million dollars.

Like, in fee. I’ll staff it, we’ll have five against it, I’ll make two million dollars profit. Not fun. When we do a one-off t-shirt on my Instagram swipe up, like you know, I always wonder if people understand me. That’s the high, hey, we sold three thousand dollars worth of t-shirts! I’m like, yeah! (laughs) 57 people have that t-shirt, that’s cool! – Do you feel that because you feel like your brand’s getting out there? – No. With 57 people? One Instagram post? No. First, – Why? – First there’s a couple things. First, it’s so humbling that in the same way that I want to wear a Macho Man t-shirt, it’s cool to be this human. It’s just interesting. It’s cool that your friends think this is cool. Back to not getting too high, all the nice things you guys said, it’s funny that two comments in a row, this happens all the time to me. Literally, two comments in a row, in an Instagram or a YouTube post, “Jesus Christ, Gary, you’re like Jesus.” (laughs) Right? Next post. “This guy is so full of shit, he’s saying nothing. “Nothing ever.” (laughs) Right behind each other. They both grow through me the same way.

(laughs) We could go to my last post, I guarantee they’re both in there. Doesn’t, I just don’t hear it. I don’t hear it, I don’t hear it, ’cause I’m in my process. So, back to my answer, no, I think my crescendo, like my most calm ’cause I’m an operator too. When I hear ‘big company’, where I get scared is I’m like, I hope that kid understands the skill set it takes to be an operator. Not a creator, not a seller, an operator is very different. Which I was blessed with as well. And there’s no question the underestimated part of my career. I don’t think people understand what I actually do. I don’t think people understand the magnitude of building from scratch, zero, a billion dollar revenue business around services.

Not an app. Right? Services, this is fuckin’ intense. Do you know how many, this business does $150 million with 800 people. You know how many businesses do $700 million with 43? This is not a good business, this is hard. But that’s okay, I know why I’m doing it. And I’m doing it because when I buy a wine brand or a sneaker brand, when I buy K-Swiss, and 52 percent of the people here now are K-Swiss, and K-Swiss actually becomes Nike or Adidas, that’s why I’m doing it. I think it’s strategy. I think personal development done right is actually strategy.

Being optimistic is actually just, it’s actually why I’m poking a little, I want to get some To me, when somebody’s winning, quantifying anything that’s a negative is so important, because you want to put them in the right shelves. – [Male] Okay. Yeah. – What are the right ones? You know? – Yeah. – I still, I know there’s a big difference of remembering everything, you know, versus contextual. For my father, it’s hard, he doesn’t get over things. I watch it. And I can sense it. You know? You have to, ’cause you have so much more upside then.

So, I think the I think my thing is I run hot and cold, I run high and low. I pull from opposite directions. What I like about you is I think you understand mentality but then you also do. When I hear personal development and motivation I get scared because I see a world, whenever I do a keynote with Tony Robbins, I’m doing some events, I genuinely believe that audience skews towards not doing. I genuinely do, I think they go to that conference to get motivated, check the box, a version of paying somebody to being their mastermind.

I’m doing something. No you’re not! And I genuinely think that that’s why I’m a lightning bolt in a lot of ways as a personal, and it comes from people have very different and passionate reactions to me, because I’m doing something fundamentally different. I really am. I believe in that mentality, strategy. But fuck, man, you better work. – [Female] Absolutely. – If you want. You don’t have to work. You have to know yourself, but nobody’s building a million dollar business on some trick or shortcut. (laughs) – [Male] It’s crazy how much just comes when you put yourself out there. The doors open up. – It’s always about execution, it’s my same thesis on names. When people are like, what should the name of my thing be? I’m always like, it won’t matter if you can execute. – [Male] Faking it ’til you make it, I, back in University, I picked up Illustrator, I was never doing the homework, I was just doing skills on the side, learning Adobe.

And, basically, New York went on strike, the school I was going to for three months, and I decided I wasn’t going back, I dropped out. And I got, I basically had been using Adobe Illustrator for six weeks and I went to a job interview. (laughs) Everything they said, I was just like, yeah I can do that, I can do that, no problem. Wrote it all down – To me, to me, to me, brother, that’s a little bit different than somebody going on – That was my fake it ’til you make it. – Yeah. I’ll tell you what fake it ’til make it is. A kid rents a tuxedo, rents goes to his Uncle’s best friend’s house, rents a Lamborghini, drives it to that house, pays some Instagram models to come and be in bikinis and then say, “this is my life, and you can do this too “if you pay me $6,000 dollars to teach you how.” And there’s a lot of that! Or, borrowing I’ve literally had people say, Gary V, you can help me, I read a lot of shit.

“Gary V, you can really help me, I need your help.” And then next line says, “if you lend me $10 thousand dollars, “I’ll give it right back to you.” And so once in a while, I’ll play a little bit and be like, “for what?” They’re like, “I know you hate it, “but I’d love to take a picture with it.” – [Male] Anonymity? – That’s weird you said that. I actually, randomly, for the first time in five years or eight years had a random thought of, whoa, what would it be like (laughs) Oh, actually it was two nights ago, my friend Lou was like, I went to Vegas and did this thing.

It was just something about the way he said it and I’m like, and nobody knew who he was. It was funny, it was the first, so funny you asked that. First of all, nobody’s ever asked me that question. And I’ve never thought about it. This is what I believe, everything’s in the air. Obviously in some weird way, it’s not that I miss it. Everything has a price. Everything has a price. And if you aspire (laughs) if crazy, ambitious and wonderful thoughts of Maya Angelou and Gandhi run through your head, you’re gonna have to realize, cool, that also means that there’s going to be not many times ever again that I will not be known, and that is weird. Because I almost can’t remember it at this point, and it’s only been 18 months where I now know if I’m out, I will be recognized.

Only 18 months, even though I’ve been around for a decade. Only 18 months, where I know for fact, it’s impossible for me to go somewhere and not have somebody know who I am. Now, that’s because mainly I’m in New York. It’s also where, if I went to North Dakota – [Female] Well, – No, no I know there’s people there but (laughs) in reality – [Female] When I went there to expand my team, I look for I found them there, I speak their language that’s perfect. So I went there and I told them about you and I brought the books and I gave them away and everybody knew you. It’s East Europe – Yeah. No I know, it’s even in North Dakota and – [Male] Random people, I was in the gym this morning at 6 o’clock and I’m like taking a shower and getting ready to come here.

And the guy is just like, he’s getting shaving cream or something, like stupid, right? And he’s like, I don’t wanna get in your way. And I’m like, ah that’s cool and I just decided to ask him how he’s doing. And we’re just literally in the locker room, right? And, I’m like, oh yeah I’m meeting this one dude, in New York. Gary? He’s like, you know who? (laughs) – [Female] That’s the first thing he thought of? – Wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute.

No no no no. You said I’m meeting a random dude to a random dude in a gym, and his first thing was you’re meeting Gary? – [Male] No I said – Oh okay. – [Male] I said I’m meeting this guy who owns an ad agency. And he’s like, “oh, you’re meeting Gary?” – Well that’s not bad. (laughs) It’s happened. So, the answer is no. But, I’m aware that it’s never gonna be like it was. And I lived, unlike, I think it’s unusual, it’s not unusual, what’s the right way to put it? 30, 40 is not the most common you start having Fame comes for athletes and actors, entrepreneurs now becoming famous is also 20’s and you’re really passionate about something.

If you really want to do something, you should absolutely do it for free as long as you can humanly do it. And in your 20’s you’re more likely to be okay with living with your folks, be okay with getting together with six buddies and living in a shithole. Not eating caviar. (laughs) – As long as I had enough to do the next month, next month of rent, eating for that month, I was cruisin’. – And that’s why I razz products a lot. Even though I sell sneakers, I don’t expect it. I don’t want people to buy watches or supremes or even my sneakers if they can’t afford it. You know? If it’s coming at the expense of them investing in themselves.

Go ahead. We’ll keep going around and around and around. – When you get where you want to go, and you have hard choices to make, the things that motivate me, motivated me before kind of don’t motivate me now. – Of course. – Is this ever something that you’ve struggled with, and do you have any advice? – Oh I don’t think it’s a struggle, I think it’s an accomplishment. – Cool. (laughs) – If you’re in a place where you’re motivated by something, do you know how many people live 88 years of their lives motivated by money, and never get away from it? Because they’ve never achieved the money. – Right. Interesting. – Do you know how many people are motivated by chase of fame, for 92 years of their life and never stop because they never got famous? – Right. – This is such a fun, this is what this is about. That is such a subtle terminology shift. You’ve been looking at it as a negative. It’s a massive positive. (laughs) – Absolutely, yeah. And like I said – Let me, I apologize, but I want to frame it for you. I’m secretly worried that I’m gonna get to a place where I’m not gonna care anything about business and it’s the love of my life.

I knew it was gonna be some run. – Oh yeah. – You know? It gets weird, you know, of course you don’t get motivated by the same things. That’s a great accomplishment, brother, especially at this young of an age. – Thank you. Yeah, no like I said, in my 20’s I defined myself by the grind and I was totally okay with that for the rest of my life. I remember talking, my friends were like, where are you going with this? How are you ever gonna make a ton of money from graphic design, working with these startups? I’m just like, I love it, I love learning new things, discovering new people.

– It’s also – I could have done that for 50 years. – There’s also, did you also have the feeling of there’s also an amazing part when you feel like you know something, and a lot of other people don’t know it. And then, you genuinely believe. There’s an incredible feeling of accomplishment when you know the unveil. I got ragged on so heavily for starting a YouTube show. – Right. – Made fun of for starting a website. Got so much snarky comments of starting an agency, writing a book, speaking, starting a sneaker. Everything I do I get made fun of! Even now! It’s a different level of people that are making fun of you. It’s somebody, it’s the best! It’s my preference. I like the boos much more than the cheers. – That’s the space I know how to navigate. That actually leads me into my next question, if I may take another question. – Go ahead. – Yeah. – So, I’ve achieved success very quickly, and it’s sort of started to, I started to have some interpersonal challenges. – Makes sense. – It’s sort of interesting, and I don’t really know how to reconcile it so namely, people in my life, people who are distant and close now just treat me differently.

I can give a bunch of examples – Give me some. (laughs) Just something. – Just you know, bigger hugs. My family’s thrown me a surprise birthday party when I get back from New York, which I don’t want. (laughs) I found out and I shouldn’t have, but like, why are you doing that? I would have never gotten a surprise birthday party if success wasn’t attached to that. – So, I think that’s something, the first part felt really easy and awesome. This one I think you have to be thoughtful about. Let me explain. There’s, so I think people are a little confused. Actually this is finally I’m excited, I think I can articulate this well. Ready? I think the boos more than the cheers. When I’m playing the game. When I’m on the ice, when I’m on the court.

Got it? That is a motivator. The second I’m off the court, it goes the other way. I think what you need to think about is reconciling what drives you professionally and not deploying that same thing personally. – Okay, yeah that’s, definitely – I’m watching, I can see it. For me, I, you’re deploying cynicism against those behaviors for no reason. There’s no upside. To me, if your parents were booing you on the court, that’s a different thing than off the court. – Right, right. – Got it? – But that also leads into just your ideas.

How do you, before, when you’re not successful, you put out ideas and whether they’re good or bad, even if they’re good ones, you have a 50 percent chance of someone thinking that it’s good or even thinking that you can execute that idea. – You know, I think – But now that you have success – Everybody thinks everything I say is smart. – Do you find that – Here’s the good news, here’s the good news. The good news is, even though I get motivated by the boos versus the cheers, that’s the micro.

In the macro, I can’t hear anything. – Okay. – I’ll explain. I just don’t value anybody’s opinion. And more importantly, I don’t, but I don’t judge them then either. If I don’t value your opinion, friend, well when you say it’s stupid, and I win, I don’t judge you for it, because it wasn’t a factor at all, so I’m not gonna impose on you either. There’s a level of I think there’s a sense of responsibility with success that I’d like to put pressure on which is being the bigger person. To me, it just plays out very simply, the chess pieces. Which is like, what’s in it for you to impose a negativity even though you know they’re pandering to you in a certain way.

There is, you’ve won. To me, when I win, there is no interest in spitting on you after I beat you. – Right. Right, makes sense. – Yeah I mean, I just don’t see, like, you won!.

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