Hey what’s going on guys Patrick here with drone nerds today I want to figure out how fast the DJI inspire 2 really is so the other day we were filming a car commercial and I really had no idea what the top cop speed of the DJ is part 2 obviously I’ve flown it at the top speed but I didn’t know the exact number so today I want to get an idea of the exact number in sport mode and normal mode GPS mode kind of get an idea so in the future I know exactly how fast I could fly this bar to continuously filming the x5 s so the explore cameras going to be a little bit lighter probably a little bit faster but I think it’ll be pretty close in general I’m going to rip around with a by r2 right now and give you guys an idea of just how fast the inspire to really is with the x5 s camera so it’s looking like in GPS mode I’m getting around 40 miles an hour about thirty-nine point five miles an hour so I’m gonna get a couple more back forth see if that’s consistent here and give you guys an idea so great for full speed ahead I’m showing 35 37 38 and then 30 39 right there so full speed ahead thirty-nine point five by going the reverse I’m getting 40 point five so a little bit of a headwind there and a little bit faster going reverse so that’s pretty cool that in general going in Reverse going forward is going to be the same speed if I put this baby into port mode I can see the drone definitely picks up speed they’re going about 45 miles an hour right now full speed ahead 46 miles an hour 47 now 48 now I got 50 miles now we’re going in Reverse here 51 I hit about 51 miles an hour but consistently getting about 48 miles an hour there this is attitude mode getting 46 47 48 49 50 it’s about 50 miles an hour they’re running out of room there I get an idea if I’m going left and right what’s the speed difference is so doing the left here full speed to the left I’m getting 35 miles an hour going full speed left with the joysticks all the way to the left I’m getting about 33 miles an hour there and then coming back to the right full speed to the right getting about 35 miles an hour with the full speed to the right there stick it about 35 miles an hour their left and right if I’m going left in sport mode still about the same as GPS mode they’re at 35 miles an hour left and right flying in general sport mode is going to be a lot faster but kind of giving you guys an idea of exactly how fast the inspire two really is here so flying inspired to around kind of all over the place getting about 40 miles an hour while I’m turning and then moving forward all over the place kind of getting crazy here definitely a big jump in speed lying in sport mode over GPS mode here the aspire to really is the Ferrari of drones right now this thing is smoking all the competition in terms of drones that are in its kind of class really impressed with the overall speed of the inspire to thinking you’re getting about 50 miles an hour flying straight forward with the inspire too and then when you’re flying around kind of doing circles and stuff get about 45 miles an hour in sport mode and then when you put it into the straight GPS mode getting about 40 miles an hour going forward and then 37 38 flying around and then left and right kind of also being a little slower sport mode getting about 40 miles an hour left and right and the GPS ability getting about 33 34 miles an hour that’s and right so I think for most filming needs the aspire to is everything that you’re going to need in terms of speed and being able to keep up with the objects car stuff like that you know 40 miles an hour is it the fastest you can go but getting that 50 mile an hour filming boat cars different objects that you want to fall around with the drone when you’re filming nothing else on the market right now is going to match the performance and quality of the inspire to just want to give you guys an idea of the actual real life speed with the inspire – if you had to work questions leave a comment below if you enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe to the drone nerds Channel you

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