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My name is Avatar. Enough. You all have come here to become investigator reporters. Yes sir. Can anyone of you tell me what the job of investigator reporter is? To go to the place where incident took place and get the report. To get important news and to present it fearlessly. If you do not get any news item there then make it yourself. A new movie has been released. Will you come with me to watch it? I have got engaged, idiot. That means today is the last day of your freedom. So enjoy it. Do not step back even if you have to face the sword. This is called courage. You are selected and rest of you is rejected. Raja, tell me your details. Close friends call me Munna and father calls me useless.. ..and taunts me day and night. Bad times have come that even this duffer has passed. Son, do you like his taunts? Why don’t you find a good job by going out of the house? – Idea. – What is it? I shall marry such a girl who has a job. She will take care of our house.

Don’t dream. The girl must be stupid to marry an unemployed person like you. And most important thing is that.. ..a person would be a fool to give you a job. Okay. In Kurukshetra.. ..what did Lord Krishna say before Arjun climbed the chariot? What would he say? He would has asked him to climb the chariot quickly. Sir, do you know what did Arjun tell Krishna? Did he say something? He asked him to hold the horses as I have to climb the chariot. You are saying as if Arjun is your cousin brother. Sir, now you are making fun of me. – You really want to do this job. – Of course sir. – For your old parents. – Not at all. If you woo a girl then she asks about job first. I applied so that I can answer her. Tell me the truth.

Have you ever been to school? I passed degree yesterday. By cheating. Only in one subject. That is okay. I got rest of the four papers written by friends. Raja, have you thought of any goal for life? – Of course. – Will you tell me? In childhood father stuck a burning wooden my back. – Why? – I must have done some stupidity. I understood. The aim of your life is to remain aimless.

– Am I right? – Absolutely wrong. The aim of my life is to burn father’s back and takes revenge. Till now you have not talked intelligently. How can I give you a job? You want a mad person for this job. This time you are right. Come on. Sir, should I think that this job is mine. Think it this way. – But first you will have to do an assignment for me. – Order me sir. Have you heard the name of minister Dileshwar Rao? Hail to Dileshwaar Rao.

Hail to Dileshwaar Rao. Dileshwar will remain popular forever. Hail to Dileshwaar Rao. Hail to Dileshwaar Rao. This Dileshwar Rao gave bribe to ministers.. ..in Delhi to get a thermal project passed. He talked about giving 500acres of land for free.. ..he became a God for people. For less money he grabbed 3000 acre land from poor farmers. He is cheating people of giving job and electricity. The truth is that.. ..in thermal plant 51% holding is with Dileshwar Rao. As soon as project starts he will sell power to these poor people.. ..and is going to earn millions of rupees. – Uncle.. – Yes Dileshwar. Ten villages are under your control. For this thermal project I need that land. You don’t worry about that. You just take care of me. They think of me as God.

If I say one all of them will give me papers of the land. You just arrange.. What was the hurry? He was greedy and hungry. You wasted the entire food. My favorite fish curry was present. How will I eat after it got stained with blood? His farmhouse does not have that any fruits.. ..as many dead bodies pass from there. Tomorrow there is a secret meeting there. All businessmen who support him will be there. You go to his farmhouse and make video of the meeting. And bring that evidence to me. Then your job is confirmed. Okay sir. Give them a separate connection. I will check in the evening. Hey, why have you come here? I received a complaint of AC repair. If not required then I shall go back. – Hey, let him go. – Go. Where are you going? Sir had called for AC service. – Who has sent you? – Das sir. Okay go. Even God cannot read the mind of politicians. Of course. This thing is said about women too. – Even I have heard this. – This AC.

– Will there be ladder in the house? – I shall get it. In our country money is worshipped after God. Welcome, welcome.. He is Miralya Kumar. Give him 1000 crores. From minister to CM he has the responsibility to give him their share. You just keep speaking.. It would be good then. Yes, you are right. Eat. Eat. Eat some more. Here. Hey, what is happening there? You are so fat but till where you will run. I am tired. Go and tell him that I escaped. – Go. – What if we does not agree? If he does not agree then there will be two things. First, I will thrash you. – And second thing? – Second thing. You will not survive to listen to that.

Why are you doing overacting? I have still not started thrashing you. Your hairstyle is nice. Where do you get your haircut done? You punched the face that I wash with mineral water. I explained you that I am still a bachelor.. ..and have not been able to find a girl for me. And you are spoiling my face. Who will marry me? He is finished. Come on. 2This is Hindi movie brother. The hero never dies. If he had to die then why the picture would be made. The picture still remains, my friend. Will you please call the nurse? – I am there. – Oh, I am sorry. If Miss Universe comes in.. ..uniform of nurse then this is what is going to happen. Remain in control. Your BP is high. Now that you have come then everything will remain in control. Do you know how you reached here? Some kind fellow must have found me.. ..lying on the road so would have brought me here. Not a man but a girl brought you here. Do you know how many problems she had to go through to bring you here? To pay your hospital bills she sold her chain.

Till you did not gain consciousness she was serving you. You want the chain.. – ..so that you can return to the girl. – Yes doctor. Go home and send money. – Yes I will do it. – Do you think I am a fool? You recognized yourself so well. She was a nice girl. – So give the chain. – You will not get the chain. If you do not give the chain..

..then I shall file a false case on you that you steal kidneys. Think something new as I have already gone to jail for this many times. I will tell your wife about your affair you have with the nurse. My wife has already gone and I have many affairs. Son, listen. There is only one way by which you can get the chain from me. – Do chain snatching. – Thanks for the idea. Security, catch him. I took the chain, sir. Security, catch him. I have catched it. – Hello.. – Sir, I am Venkat speaking. Where were you? Where are you now? I went to the farmhouse and got the breaking news as well. But then a big drama started there. You can narrate the story later but where is the evidence.

I have kept it safely, sir. I understood. Very good. – Where is it now? – It is in my pocket. Come quickly and your job is final. I will not be able to come today but will come tomorrow. Why? Do you want to go to temple? I have to return someone’s chain and say thanks to her. Tell me one thing. You will return the chain and say thanks also. Hello, answer me. Why are you quiet? I think the line got disconnected. Did you disconnect it? If you are saying then I shall disconnect it. Bye. Don’t disconnect. He will obviously be proud of his talent. Simple man has no value in this country. Hello.. Sir, I have got the evidence against Dileshwar. Very good Avtaar. Where is the evidence? Today it is with someone else and tomorrow I will get it. But when will I get it. As soon as I get it I will give it to you.

So your post of deputy director is final. Sir, thank you sir. I love you sir. – Hello.. – Hello Bajrang an important thing of your boss is with me. In three days this work should be done. I will not be able to wait more than this. – How much is he asking? – 100. 100? You had said that he died. I made a mistake, brother. Don’t you know the difference between a dead and a alive man. You don’t take tension. I will see. Priest, go with your son. Who is he? – You come tomorrow. – Okay. I want to meet Dr. Aliya. Dr. Aliya’s duty is over for today. Where can I meet her then? She goes to a charitable old age home in the evening. After duty instead of going to beauty parlor.. ..this beauty goes to old age home. She is not beauty but cutie. – What cutie? – Good plus beauty is equal to cutie. You are very nice, child. Marry my son. You are asking me to marry the son who left you.

I like you. If you want to marry me then tell me. What is this? You keep helping others. Along with you make us also do charity. Serving humans never goes waste. God keeps an account for everything. Let God maintain his own accounts. Because of your nature the line of your lovers is increasing. Everyone wants to say I love you and flirt with you.

They go if I refuse once. Just imagine what would happen if a crazy fellow woos you. – Hi ladies. – Who is this? – Are you Dr. Aliya? – Not I but she is the one. You cannot be the one. Nurse had said that the girl was beautiful. You are not a girl but a woman. – Keep quiet. – I am Aliya and you.. It is me. You did not recognize me.

Road, hospital, chain.. Are you the one? You became well very soon. You took good care of me so I got well soon. Okay enough. Catch 11 number bus and leave. I do not have faith on God but slowly, slowly I have started to have it. – Why so? – Who except him can make such a beautiful girl? – Mother.. – I do not know when were you born.. ..but I know where were you born? – Where was she born? – In heaven. You landed from such a height on earth. I hope you had no problem in landing. You are over smart. Give this chain and leave from here. How can I give it easily? First we will sit somewhere and have coffee. Let’s talk something and then this chain is yours. – 6 filter coffees. – Okay, mam. I don’t drink coffee. Please get one dosa for me. Tell us that how did you get injured on the road? It is unavoidable for the lion to hunt and a reporter to take risk.

– There is something on your cheek. – What is it? Beauty spot. Seeing them I miss father. I can’t wait anymore. Give me the phone as I feel like talking to him. – Thank you. – Hey! – Hello. – Hello, father. This is you? Where are you idiot? You left ten days ago. Where were you? – I got a job father. – Job? But I don’t believe you. I have come to Hyderabad following a girl. Okay so you found a girl along with job. – Father.. – I am listening.. A father was very lovingly making his son eat food. And I missed you. – Is that so? – You are worth nothing. How dare you burn my back? Disconnect the phone. You did me a favor by saving my life. Whenever you are in problem do call me without any hesitation.

I help those who help me. It is my habit since childhood. – I do not have any problem. – No problem at all. I will just go to the wash room and will be back. – He will not leave you easily. – How can you say that? He is crossing all limits without your permission. As far as I think he has started liking you. Now he will narrate a false story and will wait here. Just wait and watch. Why did you say that you have no problem? You are in deep trouble. What do you want to say? Someone is following her. When we were talking in old age home then a man was staring at you. That time I did not pay attention. But when I went to the washroom I met him here. Definitely there must be some problem. Maybe he is following you. You are right. Even I had the same doubt. When I held his pocket then a photo slipped in slow motion. – Do you know whose photo it was? – Hers. – Yes. – Then what did you do? When I saw the photo then I lost my senses. I kept on seeing the photo and that man escaped.

What did you do of that photo? As he ran the photo also flew away because of wind. The photo flew out of the window. But you do not worry. Just as a hungry man eyes food, unemployed eyes job.. ..and CBI eyes corruption in the same way, I will just keep an eye on you. Yes. No one is following me. And if there is someone then God is there to save me. God had sent me to protect you but I think you do not need me. Bye. – But I was..

– I think you do not like me going. Just give the chain back before leaving. Chain? What a brain? Take it. Bye. Thank God. I don’t know whose face I saw in the morning. By narrating false stories he kept glued to us. I used my brain and made him run from here. Look there. Ladies, for last two hours I am waiting for you. Come. Why have come here? What work do you have? Someone said that we have to live here, die her and where else to go. Leaving my dosa I went towards the bus stand. The bus was about to leave and I saw that man. – Who? The one who follows her. – No. But the one who was following me. My inner soul was hesitating.. ..in leaving behind the girl in problem who saved my life. So I came here. You go home. I will handle this loafer. Are you going alone? Take bodyguard with you. Where are you going? Stop here. You do not know that, I have VIP bodyguards.

If I call them they will not spare you. No problem. Aliya will set them right. You will not understand like this. He is the one..this boy.. You have already given details on the phone. – This is our area. – Romeos not allowed. Madam, you go and sleep. Pick him up. Come on get up.. – Come on, get up. – Get up. Come on. Come on. Tell me what is your problem? – I want a place to stay. – You want a place. – Come in the corner. Come on. – Where are you taking me? I am taking you to bar to drink. Will you make me drink or eat? First we will take a drink and then think later. Come. Talking before drinking..

..and if you do not understand what we are saying then thrashing. If you understand then you will go home otherwise to hospital. Understood. Do you want to board a bus or go to ICU. Will you read news tomorrow in the paper or become news of your murder. – I understood. – What did you understand? I understood that you are loafers of this place.

What is this? You are enjoying with Veera brother’s money. We pay the installment as well. You did not pay installment for last two weeks.. ..and you have money to drink. If you say okay then I shall pay the installment. Okay. – Okay friends. – Okay. Which is this installment? – You said okay. – What? We? You got me thrashed because I came to get my money back. – Brother will not spare you. – Come on. Hey, these four will not spare your brother.

– Come. – Yes, come on. Hey, today two things happened. First, he thrashed them. That means we cannot thrash him. – And second one? – Second is also the same. He thrashed them and they will tell brother. And brother will not spare us. Who will save us? Your lives are now in my hands. So hand over your problem to me. I will not spare him and will not let anything happen to you all.

No one can go there without brother’s permission. You thrashed them so you will not get permission but punishment. What did Lord Krishna tell Arjun in Mahabharata? – What? – Where there is Venkat there is no problem. Veera brother will not spare us. – Time is bad. – Whose bed is that? – It is mine. – Shall I sleep there, brother? – Go and sleep. – Yes. Thank you, thank you. Wow! – What happened? – I think brother has come. Hey, Veera brother has come. What will we do now? – Oh, God! – Hurry up and close it.

Where will we go? – Let’s hide somewhere. – Who can stop him? It is sure that we are going to be dead today. – You came to know it now. – I wish we could get invisible behind the wall. – What are you doing? – Let’s go and hide there. – Okay, fine. – Come on. Forgive us, brother. We made a mistake. We are sorry brother. We did not do anything. He thrashed your men. Without reason you thrashed my men.. ..and without my permission you entered my colony. – Is this colony your father’s property? – Yes, I rule here. The A-one beauty of this colony is mine. You are so old and you still want a-one beauty. But our age match. Sandhya madam. I will not spare him with her help. What is your name? Brahma. Veera Brahma. Never ever do war with Veera. I will not spar you. I committed a sin. Without knowing you I messed up with you. I thrashed your men. What are you doing here? Come in and we will sit and talk. – Come. Come. Sit. – Better.. – Sit. – What is it? Okay, okay.. First apologize for thrashing my men. I am sorry brother but I don’t have a habit of saying sorry.

– You just said it. – Sorry for that. Are you fooling me? I will not spare you. What is the need for you to remove clothes to thrash me? Forget that. You were saying something about Sandhya madam. You are right. We are so close to each other that we are inseparable. You are right. Your pair is superb. Just like Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. What are you saying? Kajol is not very beautiful. I will tell you how your relationship is.

Your physics and chemistry is great. Physics and chemistry is A grade. – But failure in history. – Why so? Sandhya has played a magic of psychology on me. Veera, with my psychiatric brain I will take 100 marks of love test. Why love test? – Dear my love is best. – I know that. I will ask you few questions. You will have to answer quickly without delay. I will answer as quickly as possible. Who is more favorite? – Ranbir Kapoor or Shakti Kapoor? – Shakti Kapoor.

– Aliya Bhatt or Aryabhatt. – Aliya Bhatt. – Sunny Leone or Sunny Deol. – Sunny Leone. – Sunny Leone or I. – Again Sunny Leone. – Young neighbor or I. – Neighbor. – Maid or I. – Of course maid. – You like me or my job. – Your job. – Am I going to slap you or not? – Of course you will slap me. Mother.. This was my history. Don’t worry brother. I am ready to do anything so that Sandhya madam likes you. Okay. Yesterday that fool had called me from this number. Hello.. A girl is speaking. – She must be your daughter-in-law. – Talk to her. Good morning daughter-in-law. Who daughter-in-law? Which number have you dialled? This on.

My stupid son had called from this number. Have you gone mad old man? Do not call me again. Idiot, old man. She disconnected the phone. What else will she do if you talk to your future daughter-in-law like this? – Hi. – Hi. I am sorry in giving you the card late Aliya.. – ..but do come on time in the wedding. – I will surley come on time. – Hey, take this new comic book. – Thanks. You all are very smart. I thought you are useless. What is the meeting about? Yesterday these three together taught that Romeo a good lesson. – Yes. – They thrashed that Romeo so badly.. ..that he might have left the city by now. Hello, good morning. I am coming up in a moment. Hi colony mates. Hi roommates. Hi cutie. What are you doing in the hospital? It is duty to give security to this beauty.

Security.. ..only doctor and staff will remain in the hospital. We don’t want road side Romeos. Only patients will remain here. And their relatives. Throw him out. I shall take revenge. – Brother, come here. – What happened? – Sit here, brother. – What is the matter? First sit here and then I will tell you. Now tell me what happened? No brother, first we will drink. Drinks and discussion together. Is this the time? It is better at night. Drink it without asking anything. Enough of your drama. Now speak. – If we drink this only then I will be able to talk. – Is that so? Now tell me. – I met Sandhya madam today. – Okay. I told her that you love her but she showed no interest. – I told her it is too late. – She said what he can do. I said he will eat poison in your love. She said that you are coward. I will make you drink poison to win challenge from her.

Why will I drink poison? – I will not. – You have already had. – What? I? – Yes, brother. – When? – Just a minute ago I had added poison to your drink. Stupid, what did you make me drink? It has gone inside. – Now, I will die. – Surely. I will die. Get a side. Brother has consumed poison in love for Sandhya madam. Get a side. It is an emergency case. Get a side. Emergency. I am relative of the patient. Relative of the patient. – I have come with him.

– Hurry up.. Don’t worry. There is nothing to worry. Thank you, doctor. You have magical hands. – Thank you once again. – Why Veera? Why didn’t you consume little poison and why not entire bottle. He will surely drink. Why only a bottle he will consume the entire drum. Full drum. Come here. I have a doubt. Whether you have come here for me or her. If it was my love I would have consumed poison. Can’t you complete your sentence without uttering the word poison? I get acidity with the name of tea. Poison will make my stomach upset. Hey, isn’t this matter getting more realistic like art movies? Let’s make it hot like South movies. – What is he saying? – Do you want to hear? He is asking me to get poison so that he drinks it in front of you.

– When did I say? – You can die if you wish to. Good that daughter-in-law picked up the phone. – Daughter-in-law, I was saying that.. – I am not your daughter-in-law. If you call again then I will do your operation. That fool got a doctor. Ask your father not to call me again and again. Come here. Why is your father calling her daughter-in-law? Are you wooing her too? Why did you make such a dirty face? Do you feel she is so bad looking? That is not the case brother. She is your lover so she is like an aunt to me.

Thank God. Friend, ask the doctor to discharge me as I have to go for collection. Did you hear what he said? You too consume some poison so that you can understand his pain. – What nonsense are you talking? – I swear.. ..that till brother does not get success in love I will not eat food. I am feeling very hungry. Let’s go and discuss in the canteen. You fool. People do anything in love. They consume poison for that. Look Venkat, I know that you like me. What? How did you think this way? I helped you and you helped me.

– How can you think like that? – I love someone else. – What did you say? – Really. I will reject him if he is not suitable. He should at least have looks of a hero. Such a boyfriend is of no use if his picture.. ..is not published in top 10 magazines. Do you know who he is? The most successful heart surgeon in the state. Dr. Vishrant. – Really. – The most eligible bachelor. Is that so? 24*7 he is busy.. ..and agrees only if there is a very complicated operation. I understood. Till where has the matter reached? The matter will go ahead only when he sees me. Is that the case? Till now you have never talked to each other. My bad luck. – One sided love. – Any girl will love him. Okay. I will set it. I had promised that I will help you. Think of it as help. Don’t take tension.

I will set it. I will make the heart of that heart surgeon so restless.. ..that he will start wooing you. – Hey, hey.. – Who is it? – The one who is following you like twitter. – Hey.. – What happened? I don’t know what has happened to him? Nothing has happened to him. Don’t worry so much about him. – I have to go and see patients. Bye. – Okay go. – And pay the bill. – Okay. I did not understand one thing. She loves Dr. Vishrant then why is she helping him. You are duffer. You do not understand. He is working on a formula. Being innocent in front of Aliya he is doing acting of helping her. Then he will win her confidence. This is the formula. Sympathy formula. This is going to happen. Just keep watching. There must be someone who would have taken him to hospital. The steering of the car is on the right side. That means he must be seen from right side. If she went from wrong side..

..then people coming from other side must have seen the face. Both the things are possible. Let’s go this side and not that. – Why not that side? – The city is closer from this side, Munna. Yes. He has picked up the phone. What should I say? Turn on the speaker and say as I ask you to say. Who is this? Hello, this is Dr. Aliya from Narayan Hospital. – I want to talk to you for a minute.

– I want to talk to you for a minute. I am very busy and can give you only half a minute. I read your article on open heart surgery in the magazine. I wanted to talk about that. Oh, you wanted to praise me. I often receive such calls. Speak. It is absolutely wrong. – It is absolutely wrong. – What? – Absolutely nonsense. – Are you crazy? – Absolutely nonsense.

– Why did you feel that way? You had given half a minute of time so it is over. You had given half a minute of time so it is over. I am busy right now so will call in half an hour. I am busy right now so will call in half an hour. Okay, disconnect the call now. Hello, hello.. – We have to call after half an hour. – But we will not call. – Why not? – Because he is expecting your call right now. – Yes. – He is expecting your call means he is thinking about you. If you do not call then he will get angry.. ..and what will you when he is angry? – What will he do? – He will call you.. – ..and the matter will be cleared. – Oh.. – It is his call. – Don’t pick up the phone. Those you make others wait get a lot of attention. Now talk to him. – Hello.. – You were supposed to call.

Don’t you know I am such a busy person? – Yes. – The relatives of that patient have come.. – Yes. – ..and are saying that they could not arrange for money. Tell them that the surgery will start only after getting the money. Why are you wasting my time? You called up so you are wasting my time. It’s okay. Now tell me what is wrong in my article. I will tell you in the evening in Angel’s Pub. I will tell you in the evening in Angel’s Pub.

– In pub? – In pub? No. – Didn’t you find any other place? – I don’t know I am feeling very tensed. – Are you getting tensed? – Yes. Come on, I will narrate a story. After so many days I enjoyed so much. He forced Vishrant to come in the pub. But where did he go? According to my theory he will take sympathy and melt her heart. He escaped again. – Who? – You forgot. The one who follows you. – He was sitting on the corner seta of the pub. – Yes. As I moved towards him he jumped out. He crossed the road and then could not be seen. Following him I got a scratch but that is fine. Oh no. Get first aid kit. – Did you see? – Show me.

I will surely get you discharged. You are absolutely fine. – Tomorrow morning you can go home. – Thanks doctor. I think for safety he should be kept her for 2-3 weeks. Will he trouble me hr for 2-3 weeks more. Brother, I know what are you thinking? You want to thank me. I was just thinking that at which inauspicious moment I met you. As soon as I get discharged I will not spare you. You will thrash me only when you get out of here. Fire, fire.. Oh Goddess Kali help me. What did you do? You were about to get discharged then why did you jump. Someone said that a fire has broken down in hospital.

– Fire? – Yes. Did a fire accident take place here last night? No. Was that you? I think he needs a psychiatrist. Is Sandhya there in day shift? I did this, brother. Yesterday night I met Sandhya madam. I gave a marriage proposal from your side and she refused. Then I also got angry. I said that brother will jump from the window. She said he is a coward and he will not jump. But you jumped to save my dignity. You are fantastic brother, simply amazing. – Oh, mother.. – You are again saved. This building is of 8 floors even then you jumped from second floor. For your love he will jump not only from second floor.. – ..but from terrace too. – Shall I jump from Eiffel tower? Jump from Qutb Minar. – Sandhya.. – You hit her at right point. Enemy, I beg of you with fractured hands not to help me again. Why are you saying like this, brother? At this moment I am not in a condition to break your limbs. I can just request you to spare me further. Listen, after getting discharged from hospital if I do not make you.. ..lie on this bed then I am not Veera Brahma.

– I understood brother. – What did you understand? Because of jumping along with knees your brain has damaged. Otherwise you wouldn’t dare to threaten me. But I am not sad. Till you do not get your love I will not be at peace. Will he not sleep but h is yawning. He is cheater. He stole my chain. A girl brought him here. He tore the page on which the girl’s address was written. That lady doctor is from Hyderabad. I think her name is Aliya. Call up boss and tell him that we have found him. Have you been able to contact him or not? Not yet sir. You are absolutely foolish. Don’t say like this sir. I will think of a better curse for myself. A new dictionary of curses should be made for you.

Mail me the evidence as soon as you get it. But you had said sir that mail can be hacked. Because of that I am repenting till today. – I will send by courier, sir. – Keep the phone. The sweet fragrance of tea and coffee from her table is making me cry. Why can’t I see the tears? The monsoon has started from Kerala. It will take some time for you to see the tears. Whatever he talks is complicated. – Okay then I will see you later. – Okay. Hey! What all did you talk? Won’t you tell your friends? Today he will give me a surprise on my birthday party. Everything became possible because of you. – Thank you so much. – This was my duty.

What is this? I did it and you both are together. Your work is done so you may go now. I will surely go. How can I go without catching that man who is following you? Enough of your story. Everyone is educated here so stop speaking lies. Hey, he is the one. That means someone is rally following you. I saw Ravi for the first time when he came to meet you in old age home. Then in rest room of the restaurant the other day I met him. Then he followed you in the canteen. And that night in pub too I followed him but he escaped. I will not spare you. For last seven days I have neither gone to office.. ..nor home just because of you. Who are you? Tell me why are you following her? I love Aliya, sir. So you are in love. Brother, from the time I have seen her I cannot live. That is why I follow her.

Forgive me. If by mistake I see you around her.. ..then I will kill you. Get lost. So finally today your problem is solved. That boy loved you so that is why he was following you. I thrashed him and he escaped. Now he will not disturb you. Okay I will leave now. Okay, go. Okay bye. Wait. Attend my birthday party and then you can go.

I thought whether you would invite me or not.. ..but now that you have invited me so I will surely come. – I shall call. – Hey, not from my phone. Thank you very much. Hello, father. Where were you last so many days, stupid? You couldn’t call your father once. I am coming home tomorrow. Listen, the one who gave you the job keeps calling me every day. Are you doing the job or not? You keep the phone and I shall call him. Now you remember me. I hope you have not escaped to foreign by taking loan from the bank. By giving you a job I have put my job in danger. Sir, some important work had come up so had to stay back here.

Which thing is more important than the first job? What are you saying sir? If someone helps m then I cannot resist myself from helping him back. A girl helped me so I was just solving her small problem. I will reach office till tomorrow morning. Whether you come or not but make that proof reach me by tomorrow morning. It is okay if you do not send me but mail it directly to MD. I will give you email id. If I send tomorrow then will it be telecasted tomorrow? First send it and then 5o’clock in the evening it will be breaking news. Breaking news will get top TRP. Okay sir. Very good Avtaar. Eat some more. – Tell me. – Keep the money ready. Ready. Countdown starts. Welcome to cooking show. Today we will teach you how to make mash brinjal. – Listen Reddy.. – Sir. The cooking show is being telecast. Is this our channel? Father.. Hey wait. There is something wrong. The breaking news of our channel is being telecast on some other channel. Change the channel, sir. Except for our channel he sent footage to all other channels. Many happy returns of the day.

– You are looking very pretty. – Thank you. Yes, yes very pretty. Why is he talking like that? Who is he? I have done decoration and after cake cutting I will go. Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to you.. A diamond ring worth seven and a half lakhs. This is my birthday surprise. Have it. – Can I also give you a gift? – Yes. – What is this? – Open and see. Chanda Mama. This is the same book in which my story was published. I came to know from your friend that you like reading this book. For so many days, I was trying to find the book.. ..that has your story published in it. How did you find? It is said that where there is Venkat there is a way. – Luckily I found it today morning. – Thank you. Every month I will get Chanda Mama and you keep smiling like this. Always remain happy in life. I will leave. Bye. I gave you diamond ring worth seven and a half lakhs..

..and you liked this book worth 7.50/- What is there in this book? Whatever is close to heart is valuable. This philosophy is of the failures. I had no idea that you like failure and cheap kind of people. I am sorry if you did not like it but I am like this. I was right. He forced her to love him. Mother, by helping me to get my love.. ..he taught me, the real meaning of love. Before I could say something to him, he went away, mother. Where will I find him? I do not have his phone number also. Hello.. – She is not the first one. – Then.. She is someone else. I want to talk to my stupid son. Your stupid son. That stupid boy called from this number yesterday. Mother, I found him. – Hello.. – I just wanted to confirm.. ..that dos my son love you, child? – Yes uncle. – By the way what do you do? – I am a doctor. – Doctor? And still you love that useless fellow. Do you know anything about him? Not much but I want to know.

There are many things but will make you understand in short. He likes to whatever he wants to from childhood. 13 years ago we had to leave our village.. ..farming and relatives because of that useless fellow. Why did you tell her all this? What will she feel when she hears from someone else. Where did this happen? Nowhere else but in our village. – A small village in Chitoor district. – Munna.. How do you know his nick name? He must have told you. Hello, hello.. Can Munna be seen in this graveyard? Did you see him? Mother, look there. What happened, child? Why are you sleeping here? It is morning. So come I will tell you. There is a foolish boy in the village. He asked me to bet and sleep in graveyard the entire night. And came back in morning. But it seemed you became unconscious after being scared. I told you that I was sleeping. You helped me so I will not lie to you. I was really unconscious. I hope you will not tell anyone. Whose house do you want to go? – To Rajeshwar Rao’s house. – That palace kind of a house. Your palace is that side and my hut is this side.

– He has came. – Yeah! He has came. Munna.. Hey stupid, com on give me your cycle. – Hey Picheshwar.. – He lost.. Were you alone the whole night in the graveyard? You have doubt on me. Okay then I will not give you cycle. Does anyone else have doubt on me? – Weren’t you scared? – Not at all. I played hide and seek with ghosts. I whistled and called them near to me. And danced with ghosts. I ate food with ghosts too. Abracadabra. I heard scary sounds but did not get scared. Help me. I am doing this for cycle. My father is stingy. He will never buy one for me. I saw a ghost on the tree. Hello uncle. Mother.. And then I comfortably slept on the grave. Tell me one thing. What if mother comes to know about it? Chill Laxmi. If ghosts could not do anything then what can mother do? I am head of ghosts. I will not spare you, Laxmi. You went and slept in graveyard. – Are you crazy? – Mother, don’t beat me. I don’t know when you will behave sensibly. – Day by day you are getting spoiled.

– Save me. – Wait, wait..what are you doing? – Help me. Thanks father. Why did you stop me from hitting him? He betted with his friend and slept in the graveyard the entire night. I did not stop you from beating. Just to save your hands from pain I will do the work of beating. Run.. – Father.. – Get a side.. – Hit him more. – I will not spare you. – You misbehave a lot. – Teach him a good lesson. – Give that to me. – Father, where will put that? I shall put it behind. – Look mother, father has come. – Yes. I had gone to the station to get you. Why didn’t you stop there? We waited for long so we thought you won’t come. Okay, if elders say something then don’t feel bad. Okay. Come child. 10 years after marriage you are telling this secret. I kept quiet because I knew you won’t accept a girl from low standard. How could you think that we will accept her? My fear and dignity of this house has put me in big trouble. Keeping her in the house will bring disgrace to the family name.

What will happen of the proposal that I brought? We brought proposals for him and that is why he had to tell the truth today. Now no one can do anything. Take daughter-in-law inside. Aliya, come inside. So will you accept her? How could you think.. ..that I would accept a girl from low standard as my daughter-in-law? You have on son so we cannot separate him from us. But that woman can be thrown out. Give me food. Father, I want a new cycle. – Where did the previous cycle go? – I lost it in a bet.

Is this the age to do betting? Even you had lost so much money in cricket betting, father. How dare you answer me back? I will not stay in this house. I am going. You said that you will leave the house. Then why are you removing the clothes? Whatever I will do is with self respect. So that is why, I am leaving clothes given by you. You are my true heir. You have true qualities of me. I shall buy you a new cycle. On one hand all women of the family do not leave any chance to insult Laxmi. On the other hand Aliya went to get admission in Munna’s school. Munna became so happy to see her. He requested the principal and made her sit next to the studious girl. And gave her all the previous notes. Aliya asked him as to why he did all this. Do you know what our hero said? Munna never forgets the one who helps him. Picheshwar had become obese.. ..because of eating a lot and did not leave any chance to trouble Aliya. At school he used to eat her Tiffin..

..and at home used to make her massage his legs. You wil have to go to anonymity. Like a Coolie used to make her carry his bag. – Hey, can’t you carry it properly? – Our hero saw all this. The pencil broke in hand and Picheshwar’s luck too. Picheshwar today bet according to your wish. But if you lose today then do not trouble Aliya. If I lose then this cycle will be yours. These girls kind betting won’t work. Talk like a man. Oaky, whosoever loses will leave the village for a year. Hey, are you out of your mind? Hey, this is like a man’s talk. The one who loses will not step into the village for 13 years. What? Done.. And in this way the race started. – Munna, come on fast.. – Munna, fast.. Hurry up, Munna.. Hurry up, Munna and defeat him today. Hey, I won.. Munna.. Wait! Hey Picheshwar there is no need to leave the village. But just don’t trouble Aliya. Hey, he is really going. What if his family comes to know? How will they come to know? Who will tell them? What if I tell them? Laxmi, stop.. Breaking news reached home and Dhaneshwar got angry.

Hey, he sent my heir to exile. Chop off the heads of his parents. Munna’s father got scared. He locked the house and the entire family escaped. Save my farms. Will talk to you if we come back safe. Listen to me. What happened? Family members held Aliya responsible. Leave it. At such a young age you got two boys fight with each other because of you. She cannot belong to a good family. If you have some shame then take away your characterless daughter. Laxmi could not tolerate this insult.. ..and went away with her daughter from there. What happened? Where are you going? A very small incident took place.

Your daughter made a mistake so was making her understand lovingly. Your wife felt so bad that she started cursing us. And decided to leave with her daughter. We did not know that she had no respect for elders. You are her husband. She did not think it right to tell you before leaving. Did you see her true character? No, I did not say anything of this sort. Look at your status before saying anything. Aliya, Aliya where are you going? – Why are you crying? – Why did you do betting? For you.

– Hey! – If someone ill treats you then I am not bothered. Because of you my mother got insulted. They threw us out of the house. It is better if you go somewhere else rather than staying in hell. Munna, whom are you talking to? Who is this girl? We started to get some happiness but you finished everything. – I don’t want to see your face. – Don’t say like this. Time will tell. Maybe I become father of your children. Stop talking nonsense. Let’s go from here. Day by day you are getting spoiled. Come on. Because of you we have to leave the village. Don’t push me father. – I will leave you all and go. – What? Will you leave us and go? Where will you go? Go.. Hey, he really left.

I am very hungry. Give me something to drink. Don’t you have parents? I have but I have escaped from my house. Mother, give this bag to me. There is no need. It is heavy. No problem. I am there. Sir, today I will kill that girl. – What is your name? – Ravi Shankar. Ravi Shankar, it has been so many days.. ..but still you have not been able to kill that girl.

Leave all this and play Sitar. If I wished I would killed her long back. But I was ordered that your name shouldn’t come in the murder. And murder should not look pre planned. That is why I followed that girl. But nothing happened. I told you that a boy is already following her. He is very smart. He is stuck to her like Wi-Fi. Today that boy has gone so I will kill that girl today. Child, forgive m. I apologize on behalf of my son. What are you doing? Our son watches you from far. When I asked him he replied that he loves you. Today morning someone thrashed him badly. My son has become scared.

He is neither coming out of the house nor going to hospital for treatment. Take me to him and I will treat him. Okay. – Come on sit in the car. – Okay. There is Aliya madam. The one who made the video and lover of that girl is the same person. I believed your love story and forgave you. But then I realized. That day while fighting you had hidden something behind you. Show me what you had hidden. I was expecting this. If someone loves a girl then will he follow with a gun? Do you have the intention to kill him? Not only her, I shall kill you also. Just to trap you I had given this address. Look, he is thrashing my son again. Why have you come here? Tell me. Get back. Be with me otherwise you will be killed. Why did you call her? Go and thrash him. All this..oh no.. Don’t be scared. I am here. Whom are you scared of? Hey Aliya. Aliya, listen.. Don’t spare that girl. Do you know how much loss have we suffered because of you? He has gone that side brother. Aliya.. Excuse me, how to go towards the main road.

From here. – Which side is the main road? – This side. He will kill me. Save me. Stop.. – Save me. – Stop.. Aliya, get a side. Get up and stop doing drama. Get up. He is not doing drama but you are doing it. What drama have I done? What do you think I do not know your reality? – My reality? – Don’t say lies to me. I know that you are Munna. Are you Munni? Somehow you found me and reached to me. First you trapped me in your love.. ..and now you are killing those who really love me. – Do you love me? – Not now.

Not at all after knowing the truth. – I will never be able to fall in love. – You do not know the truth. This man had come to kill you. Don’t narrate stories. I do not know how many times have to lied since childhood. You spoiled my childhood. I had to stay away from my family. My mother tolerated so many problems alone. But not anymore. Enough is enough. From today I do not want to see your face. Aliya, listen.. Aliya.. – Tell me, is she dead? – She escaped again, father. A man is standing like a wall in between. Who is he? I did not know you but still helped you. Now I know that you are Munni. I will protect you at the cost of my life. After the footage shown on TV channels.. ..amidst heavy protest by the opposition minister Dileshwar Rao.. ..has submitted his resignation letter to the speaker.

– The speaker has.. – Listen to me father.. Stupid, you are totally useless. You could not kill a girl. Don’t talk such things on the phone. We cannot talk on phone. Someone put a CCTV camera and exposed you in front of everyone. The entire country is watching the drama. Father that is not the case. Then what is it? Thinking that you would handle my position I made.. ..you the MP and took retirement. You are better at home. Just wait and watch. I shall run this show on my terms and condition. Don’t worry. I will manage everything. Bajrang, you came. You missed her again. I got the news. I can understand. It is easy to kill powerful men but difficult to kill a coward. But who will make my old father understand this. Because of kidney fail he goes to toilet 10 times.. ..and takes out vengeance of that on me.

He will not understand. H has been asked not to scream. Come.. Mr. Gupta wants to say something. Remove the handkerchief. – Spare me. – Is the quality of torture upto the mark? – Spare me. – How can I leave you? I am so angry. I did not telecast that video. – Really! – I had not given order of that sting operation. Reporters of Tirupati Unit have got this done. I am not responsible for whatever that happened.

I remember something from what you said. Bajrang, he had asked for 30crores. But you said ask for 100crores Not 30, 50crores min and 50yours. Rest I will take care. I always loved him as a younger brother. But he turned out to be unfaithful. It is my old habit to pretend innocent. So that such enemies remain in false belief and do such mistake. Forgive me. I beg of you. No father. Does he have the courage to kill me? – Did I do anything wrong? – No. My son committed a crime so he got punished for that. One more enemy remains other than him. – Go and find him. – Come. Sir, that girl is going to Mehboob Nagar to attend a wedding. Kill her. Come with me. Why are you taking her forcefully? Keep quiet. Aliya, listen to me carefully. Minister Dileshwar Rao is trying to kill you. – Why would he want to kill me? – Because he is your uncle. Take this and see. I am trying to kill you for last so many days.

Dileshwar asked me to do this. Kill them. Bang it quickly. They are coming. Move.. Please move. What are you doing? Come on. When your family broke all ties with you years ago. Then what is the logic of killing you? Only your family can answer this question. Till we do not know the truth we have to be careful. You were selflessly helping me and I misunderstood you. – I am sorry. – Childhood habits are not easily forgotten. Come on Munni. Twist in the story. Entry of hero and heroine in the village of villain. Rather than killing us with your useless story.. ..why don’t you get that villain killed? Will surely get him killed. After thinking of a great climax I shall kill everyone. My movie will be released in every theatre. And I will get the award for best story. I forgot. Till where did the story reach? Hero and heroine enter the village of the villain.

– Yes, I remember. – But why are they coming? – To bring peace in a restless village. – But from where will you bring a hero? – Shanti has got married. – No.. Oh, god.. Our hero will not spare the powerful men of our village. In the last by speaking my dialogues he will win Oscar. Till where did the story reach? – Hero and heroine enter the village in the car. – You are right. Who are they? Hey, remove the bike from the way. If I do not remove it then what will you do. Will you remove it after getting thrashed? Messing up with me means messing with God of death. Hey you.. How dare you talk with me like that? Do I owe you anything? Of course. 10 pencils, 3 geometry box and 200 marbles. 200 marbles.. Look properly, you fool I am Munna. Munna.. I will take a test to see whether you are Munna or not. – What is that test? – A train passes my village at a speed of 150.

Then what would be the age of my grandfather. Your grandfather’s age? Simple, Dimple Kapadia. – Hey, my friend. We met again. – Hey friend.. ‘Sanksrit shlok’ Grandmother.. The day they threw you and your mother out.. ..I could not speak anything. After few days I told the truth to your father. He decided to leave the house. Wait. Go tomorrow. First offer fire to my death pyre. – Then do whatever you wish to. – Don’t say like this. Everyone thought that he will agree to get married again after few days. But no he did not. He decided to spend his life with memories of your mother. He started drinking day and night in that pain. Your grandfather came to know about the fact that how his brother and sons.. ..were embezzling money in business. Hey.. – Come on, tie it. – Come on, let’s go inside. Let’s go inside. After few days your grandfather found the letter written by your mother. He read that. You left me but I did not get disheartened. I made your daughter a doctor. I wrote this letter to tell you that I am very near to the death.

I have cancer. After few days my daughter will become orphan. Being a part of such a great family she will lead life of an orphan. She does not need your property. But please invite her to your house on festivals. If you do this much then I will be able to die peacefully.. ..that my daughter too has a family. This is my last wish and I am sure you will fulfill it. That day your grandfather called the lawyer..

..and named his share of property in your name. From today my granddaughter will live like a princess in this house. Sarveshwar, get my granddaughter. Are you sleeping? Okay. Brother-in-law.. The land where they were going to start the thermal plant.. ..they came to know that the land is in your name. I will not let the ancestral property to go in the hands.. ..of a daughter of a low standard woman. Hey, find that orphan and kill her.

And remember, that our name should not be involved in this. Tell them that I do not want any property. I will sign wherever they ask me to do. But this was the last wish of your mother and grandfather. Grandfather wanted to make you a princess.. ..and your mother wanted you to be a part of this family. Aliya, don’t you want to go your father.. ..who is living in hope to meet you. I want to met my father, hug him and cry. – But.. – Just don’t say anything. I will make you met your father and take you to that house as well. That is not enough. I will give you the position of princess of that house. Being aware of the fact that they want to kill us.. – ..how will you go in that house. – This is my responsibility. I was responsible for you being thrown out of the house. And I am the one who will take you. What did you say? Will you enter that house? People over there are full of anger. How dare you? How dare you enter this house after giving card to a poor man? The first card of wedding goes to Dhaneshwar.

His elder son Dileshwar Rao. He is a devil greater than his father. And younger son Jangameshwar Rao. He kills for a trivial matter. He is son-in-law of Thane. A girl stopped his marriage.. ..and then he kidnapped her and has kept her as a servant in the house. Do you remember who that girl is? That little girl Raj Laxmi. Oh, her habit of back biting hasn’t gone yet. Younger daughter Kadeshwari is worst than all. Can’t you see I am sitting here? On first night her husband jokingly called her football. Then he kicked her so badly.. ..that no one knew where the husband has gone. – There are many fools in the house. – One minute. Any news of the boy who escaped from the house 13 years ago. Picheshwar, he is still missing. Tomorrow he will return. Hey, wait.. Stop him. Where is he going? Where is he entering? Will anyone serve food? Who are you? Where is he entering? Will anyone serve food? Who are you? Today after 13years your grandson has returned..

..and you will ask him questions. Who are you to order like this? – Who are you? – Picheshwar. What is the guarantee that you are Picheshwar? What is the guarantee that you Jangameshwar uncle? – Hey.. – Keep quiet. Look whether there is mole under his waist or not. I have returned after 13 years. Instead of broken heart you are more concerned about mole. I am going back immediately. I will not wait for a second. Why did I come here? Hey, my dear grandson, wait. He has all your habits. Hey, come here. Where were you for last so many years? I was in Nagpur. What were you doing in Nagpur. I used to do sugar testing in sugar factory. Come here, son. – Now you are missing your son. – Tell me where is mother? She is dead and this one is your new mother.

You married the girl of my age. – What will happen of me? – Calm down. I am your father. Learn to respect elders. If you want to get respect then learn to give. There was one more old man in this house. Where is he? He is dead. And Dili brother? Is he dead too? Hey, he has become a minister. Such a cheater as him can become a minister and not a school master. Calm down. Go and eat food. Sir.. – ..before eating, wash your hands. – Why are you being so extra kind? I am the servant of this house, sir. It is because of my good deeds of past birth that I got work here. If you over sweet then that means he is a man with a poisonous mind. Without kindness a man is like an animal. Instead of talking to me wash your hands and feet.

Look, he has come. Who is he? He is madam’s husband. The son-in-law of this house. Why did the background music change? Don’t say like this. He is Dhyanmurti full of knowledge. – Is his name Gurumurti? – You are absolutely right. But madam calls him semi Swami. Semi Swami. Swami, give me blessings. Get up, child. Get up. Child, who is this boy? He is Picheshwar you ran away from the house. – Show me his face. – Take his blessings. Taking blessings from.. ..such a knowledgably person is like attaining freedom. – What else? – Great! Most of the time he spends in hermitage. Worship is his power. In the evening he goes to temple for worship and offering. After meditation he comes back home at night. Cheers.. Whether it is morning or evening.. ..all his time passes in chanting religious songs. He might forget me but does not forget to offer worship. Arti.. Arti.. Whenever he comes after offering worship, prayers and meditation..

..the shine of his face is different. You all go inside. I want to talk something important with him. – Okay priest. – Fine. Come. Son, turn around and show your face. Give me blessings. – You.. – So you recognized me. – You are not Picheshwar. – Yes, I am not. Everyone come hr quickly. I have to tell you something. You too come. I have to reveal a secret. – What are you trying to do? – How will you reveal my secret? If you reveal my secret then I shall reveal yours as well. Which secret do you have? If you tell me A grade secret then I shall I tell your C grade secret. You will believe you? Dance bars keep CCTV footage for a year. Has everyone come? Seeing such a talented child I remember a poem. The dear child of the house.. – What did I say? – The dear child of the house.. The dear child of the house may go anywhere.. ..but comes back ultimately to his house. Great. Great. – Now get back to your rooms. – Okay. Did you call us to recite this third class poem? I get inspiration from you. You..where has he gone? Wait, stop..where are you going fake Picheshwar? – I have to go to washroom.

– I have seen many frauds in my life. – I will set you right. – Don’t unnecessarily give lecture. I am sorry sir. This is guest bathroom. There is one in your room as well. Your childhood room has been kept as it was. – Okay, show me the room. – Don’t you know where your room is? – Will you question me? – I am sorry sir. Do you know anything about the Jhol? Mother promise, I do not know anything about it. But I know something about brother Salman. – What is the name of Salman’s brother? – Does Salman have a brother? Did you hear my talks with this cheater? – Sir, dare not call him a cheater. – So much respect.. Along with cheater add fraud and rascal too. – You.. – Not once but many times I would say fraud. Hey, a deep research has been done about him.

Extra deep research. I will tell you two deep secrets about this loafer. – Okay. – First secret. He is a hypocrite. Second secret is that this hypocrite is my father. – What? What did you say? – I will tell you his weekly schedule. Archana on Monday, Pooja on Tuesday, Tapasya on Wednesday.. ..and on rest of the days he goes to Arti. Yes. I am son of that Arti. My mother told me the secret and has sent me here. He acts like a priest here and makes the entire family fool. Why don’t you tell the truth to the family members? What will happen if I tell? Along with him they will throw me out of the house too. Then along with him even I will become useless.

Instead of that I will stay here and become assistant to this family. I swear upon this. – I will help you to fulfill your efforts. – Thank you. – But you will have to help me. – Now you have come to the point. What help do you require? Tell me. – Uncle, you leave. – Till now you knew everything about me. And now when it is about you, you are asking me to leave. – Get lost. – Get lost. I am going. Yes sir. Tell me. Avatar, do you have details of the man who did the sting operations? I want to make him a national hero by showing him on TV. I have it sir. I have his application form with me. I will find it and let you know. – I found it sir. – Immediately forward his details. Okay sir. But this video has run on all other channels except our channel. I also know that you have done secret deal with that Dileshwar. This is not a rumor. I have a proof sir.

That Dileshwar Rao is a corrupt fellow. He is a criminal. How did you join hands with him? Thank God that I did not tell this news to anyone else. Forget that Dileshwar and fax me the details of that boy. I cannot do it sir. You failed in my test sir. I just said by fluke.. ..that you have had a secret deal with that corrupt leader. I wanted to know what you would say. But after listening to all this you neither refused nor got angry. You are just repeating the same thing again and again.. ..to get the details of the one who got the video. This means there is connection between you and that corrupt officer. I am sure that rascal is standing close to you. – I am tearing the application, sir. – Listen.. – Oh no.. – If you do not send the fax then I shall burn your house.

I shall kill you mercilessly and do its live telecast. Hey rascal, do you think I will wait till you come here? I will go to some hill station. Till that time my savior will come. Then you compete with him. He will teach you how to kill mercilessly. Keep quiet. Leave me. Leave me.. Leave me.. – Who is this girl? – Do you want to know? I had gone to Venkatpuram. She was about to marry a fool in the temple. When I saw her face then I instantly fell in love with her. She wasn’t paying attention to me.. ..so I forcefully picked her up from there. Will you get anyone in this house? – You had also done this.

– Will you compete with me? Why shouldn’t I do? Leave all that. Are you going to marry her? Who talked about the Marriage? I shall enjoy for some time and then I will throw her out. – She will be insulted and disgraced. – Very good. You are my true grandson. She is the same girl. You must have seen her in the pub. You must have seen hr in any temple. – Yes. – Isn’t it? She used to come to listen to my sermons. Keep quiet. He is your blood. To teach her a lesson he kidnapped her from the marriage canopy. If she has been kidnapped then tell me why isn’t she crying? Why are you not crying? Are you happy now? – Hey.. – Yes. Take her inside. Come, madam. I want to meet my father. If you go now then they will have a doubt. Wait for some time. Okay.

Let me at least talk to Sandhya madam. My friends would be worried. – Hello.. – Hello Sandhya madam. Where are you Aliya? Where did he take you? He has brought me to Pichshwarpuram near Tirupati. – I will tell you rest later. – Hey, whom are you talking secretly? Now she will never return home. Get inside. That rascal has kidnapped Aliya. Like a man you will have to save Aliya. He is a child. He may not be able to tolerate my thrashing. If you save her then I will marry you. Get the marriage hall booked. You pay for the marriage expenses and I shall sponsor honeymoon. He will be no more till tomorrow. Everywhere this will be the breaking news on all channels. I have called him for your help. Aliya had faith on that fraud. We both will save her. – If we go in one car then petrol will be saved. – Okay. Hey come out quickly. I am not going to get scared of your big house. If you have courage then, face me.

Come out. Hand over that hooligan to me. Who is he?Already we had so many comedians and now even he has come. Idiot, you kidnapped this girl. I will not spare you. Who is this fool? He is father of the girl. And the other one is her fiancé. I kidnapped her in front of them. He has kidnapped my wife to be. Inspector, go and arrest that fellow. – Bring that cute girl to me. – Will you keep quiet? Sir, the complaint is that this hooligan has kidnapped this girl. Madam, is this true? Hey, if you say the truth to the inspector.. ..then I shall kill your father and would be husband.

This is lies. I have come here willingly. Hello, hello..you whispered something in her ear so she is scared. Don’t mess up with me. There is terror of my name in the entire state. CM is my best friend.. ..and I used to play marbles with the governor of the state in childhood. And PM was my classmate. Look at the innocent face. How did you think of kidnapping her? You do hooliganism. I am there for her. We will leave sir. Start the car. Your pair is perfect. I will leave. – Even, I will leave. – Wait. Bring him inside. H has relations with PM and CM. Serve him well. Bathroom. I don’t want to go to bathroom. I am sorry. If I wouldn’t have made him quiet then my mission would have failed here. I will call up Dr. Vishrant and tell him the truth.

– There is no need for that. – Why? Are you feeling scared? Look, he is your would be husband and is worried about you. If I was in his place then even I would be worried. Wait. Listen to me first and then you can call him. I love you and will not be able to live without you. If you do not love me then you can call him. What should I say.. There is nothing to say. It is enough that you are with me.

‘Hey sweety! Please pick up the phone.’ – Hello, Sandhya.. – Veera, you did not call up. I have thrashed everyone. Don’t worry. I will not return without Aliya. And after I return, I shall marry you without wasting any time. This matter should not reach media. If you say then shall I talk to the police commissioner? Not at all. Okay. His name is Munna. He is Aliya madam’s childhood friend. I swear on my mother that w do not know anything about him. – Get lost from here. – Thank you, sir. Let’s go and meet father. After so many days you have come. – Where is father? – He is in the garden at the backside. What happened? Brother-in-law, why have you come today? Call Picheshwar. Till I do not say anything do not come out.

What kind of a person you are? Does anyone leave the house for a bet? If you fulfill all your promises then the world will not spare you. Go. Okay, I am leaving. Won’t you say anything? Everyone leave. I named you Dileshwar so that you rule Delhi. And not because you lose power and stay at home. It is okay you lost the post of minister.. ..but you should not lose public sympathy. I will live up to your expectations.

I will not let you be disgraced. Sir, sir minister, look this side. Your people kidnapped a girl. I came here to get her released but they locked me too in the bathroom. Sir, I request you to please take me out. I am your fan sir. Go and see if that boy has kidnapped a girl. Hey, Pichshwar kidnapped you. Are you sure you are calling her? – Come out. – Come on. Go. Sir is calling you, go. What will happen now? Brother Venkat where have you gone? She is not that girl.

You get inside. Come inside. Who is there? She is the girl. – Who brought her? – Jangam uncle. – Why has he brought her here? – Jangam uncle was about to get married. She reached there and started speaking ill of him. She got the marriage cancelled. Then uncle got angry and brought her here. Go, go.. In the house or out. Okay, I will go out. Get the one who is locked in the bathroom. Thank you, sir. I will leave sir. I have a request sir. Shall I take a photograph with you? Come on you take our photo. Sir, this is better. Click. Bring smile on the face sir. Would he marry such a girl? Go. Why did he slap me? Come here. What are you looking behind? Go. From this side? Okay. Back to bathroom. Greetings, brother. When did you come, brother? Tell me who is Munni’s childhood friend? That Kondal Prasad’s son Munna. Because of him Picheshwar left the village. It is true that I manage Prasad’s farm. But neither he came to take his share nor do I know anything about him. Why will I lie to you? After all I have to stay in this village.

Once Prasad called me and gave me his bank account number. I do not know anything else brother. Does Kondal Rao stay here? He does not stay here. He has left the village. Get his address from the bank. Bank has his old address. What will we do now? Where will he, escape? Find him out. Search every village. We will have to get public sympathy. Find him too. Hey, no one has the permission to touch this photo.

No one in this house is capable to touch it. Sorry, child. My dear child, my life.. Hey, come out. How dare you go there? Why did you go in that room? Why don’t you answer? I had sent her to clean the room. Hey, what did I say? Go and do your work. No one will step in that room. – Chhotu.. – Yes brother. I have understood their problem and now we will start the treatment. Master, how can they keep in bathroom? I cannot see your condition. – Do you know me? – You are fool. You will get respect according to your status. People think it that way. I have an idea to take you out from here. Shall I tell you master? It is a million dollar plan, master.

– Today evening everyone will go out. – Okay. Be ready. I will open the latch from outside. I shall knock the door twice and you escape as fast as you can. What about that baby? I am helping you so be satisfied with that. That girl will be waiting for you at the main door. Are you happy, master? Okay, okay.. Okay, okay..you don’t have any choice. Give me permission, master. ‘This is what we have waited for.’ ‘The showdown. The fastest man in the world.’ ‘Usain Bolt will take the goal and will take the tittle.’ ‘World 100 metre final.’ Father.. Oh no.. Get inside. Bad luck. Hey doctor.. ..don’t try to make extra bill by telling about a false ailment.. ..otherwise I will kill you. Grandfather.. As a doctor, I am saying.. ..that your survival is not only difficult but impossible.

I swear upon anyone that both your kidneys have failed. Stop taking any other medicines and start eating my medicines from today. I promise in front of everyone that your life will become long. If you do not eat medicine then within three days you will die. – Come here.. – No, no.. From today this nurse will take care of you. Put it properly. Why are your hands trembling? Do you know how to put injection? Hey, are you a nurse too? Come on, hold it. Give her the injection. Is it done? I did not come to know. From today you will take care of him. Understood. Brother, the matter is set. Hey, call that fool who is locked in bathroom. Grandfather, what did the doctor say? If you get angry then you will die within three months. Okay, correct. Hey, call that fool who is locked in bathroom. Did anyone remember me? Sir, that boy is cheating sir. I was running sir and you were walking sir.

– Bad timing, sir. – Hey, break both his legs. Wait! Grandfather.. Leave him. Serve the guest well. How are they going to serve me? – What did you whisper in his ears? – Nothing much. Both his kidneys have failed. You can be of use to him. – Kidneys are failing? – Yes. – Does he need my kidney? – Yes. Why did you leave the remaining body parts? Remove those as well. They are free. Idea is good. The old lady has weak eyesight.. ..and one of his son has bad liver. Tell me if anyone has heart problem. Anyone can have heart problem. I will go and ask. Ask, ask..do not leave anything. Will he donate my body parts to entire family? He spoiled my life. My grandson has changed so much. There is no trait of childhood left in him.

Now who has come? Wait… – Go and do your work. – This is my work. – Tell me whom do you want to meet. – Why are you bothered? Hey, don’t try to be smart.. ..Last year two murders took place at Tirupati station. Shall I tell you a secret? I have no connection with that. But I have a connection. – With that murder? – With this house. I am heir of this house, Picheshwar. I am back. Oh God, the real Picheshwar has come. Stop him there. I tried sir but that rascal went inside. We will have to stop him for 2-3 minutes. Oh God, what a problem it is. – Hey idiot… – Who is it? – Come and catch me.

– You… Run, run…. Hello, hello everyone come here. I want to tell something. Grandfather, after leaving this house I lived with a family. They loved me as their son. Their son considered me as his brother. I have told them everything about you. I have invited him to stay here. When he comes here then, love him as a family member. He has an angry nature but co-operate. Hey, why should we tolerate an uninvited guest? Grandfather, if you do not agree to me then I will leave. Stop, son. Bring him. She is sitting in the house forever… Now who is he? Serve food. Everyone is staring as if they have seen an alien. Hey old man, you have still not died.

You… I had brought garland for your photo. I suffered a loss. 5.25/- got wasted. Here, wear it. Instead of welcoming me with flowers you slapped me. I will not wait here. I am going from here. He slapped me. What is this? Why is he removing clothes? Everyone is uneducated. No one loves me. I had thought that I would come here and eat Biryani here. But what did I get? A slap. He is doing striptease like my son. It is effect of the company. He has all the habits of my grandson. If I leave again then will have to roam again like a dog.

Is he the original one? How will I come to know? If he is original then he must be having a mole on his waist. No one loves me. Hey, don’t you know that it is your duty.. ..to find your son if he runs away from home. I tried to find my son a lot. – Who is she? – What do you think? She is my wife. Stupid. Hey, who are you? – Hello, hello… – Hello.. Who are you? Can’t you speak? Do you know her? – Who is she? – Your mother. My mother? She seems to be yours by age. – Shut up.

– Okay bye. – Give me your intro. – Do you want my intro? – Yes. – For that you will have to listen to a story. Tell me. Once upon a time there was a king. – He had 1acre land. – The king had only 1acre land. – He was a middle class king. – Okay, continue. – One day the king… – Hold on. Is this your story? 100% it is mine. Then where did king come in between. He is not king of any state but Raja is the name of the farmer. Okay, continue. One day while ploughing a field he finds a gold necklace. He thinks he would get more so he starts digging the land. He dug for 1feet but could not find anything. After digging 2feet h did not find anything. – After digging 3feet same story. – After digging 4feet nothing getting.

– After digging 5feet… – Wait. How much did he dig before he got gold? At 15feet he got the jackpot. – What did he get there? – He found a bag. – Then… – He kept the bag in the cart and went away. – Where are you in the story? – I was there in the bag. How is it possible that you were there in the bag? By holding my breath. How can anyone hold breath? Great sages… – What is your intention? – Will you remove your boxer? – Why should I remove? – I will be able to see only if you remove. – Why do you want to see? – Nothing. I just want to see it once. If I give you one punch then you will go 15 feet deep into the ground.

I had thought that such people are found just in cities. – Which type of people? – People like you. I had thought that I am one piece. Keep seeing that side. You were kidnapped and I had come to rescue you. Now they want to kidnap my kidneys. You spoiled everything in front of police by saying I don’t know you. Let’s escape from here before the dawn and before they get up. But I… I told you to look that side. Useless girl. Minutes post midnight meet me at the back door dressed in black.

– Why in black dress? – Duffer. Black color is not seen in dark. Use your brains sometimes. I am trying to save you, buddy. – Did you understand? – Okay. – Okay! – Plan is okay but what if we are caught. If we are caught then we will not be spared. Wait. Did you understand who is powerful? – No. – You did not understand. – I am the powerful one. – Okay, okay… I don’t know how you passed MBBS. Slow mind… Dry the clothes. That brother Vera will try to be smart with me.

I will have to think of some permanent solution for him. Tonight we will play a game with Jangam, uncle. Where will I find Laxmi? Chintu… How do you know my nick name? I know your life history. Your work is to do back biting and break people’s homes. And your family has forgotten you completely thinking you to be useless. If you want to change your life then you will have to do as I say.

What do you say? Come on. Leave my hand. Where are you taking me? Who is there? He was forcefully taking me with him. I swear I had no intention of eloping with her. Then with whom were you planning to elope? First decide as to who will thrash me. But please only one of you. Uncle…. Today you gave him the chance. Okay good night, sir. Why did you trap me? Hey, you too get inside. Hey, wait. Why did you refuse to elope with him? You ask her, uncle. Yes tell me why didn’t you elope? I think you did not understand. And you will never understand. If you do not say it clearly then no one will understand. Why will any unmarried girl create a hindrance in the marriage of a man? How do we know? She must be a fool. No. that girl must be in love with that boy. – What? – This is matter of love. You will understand my love only when people will make fun of me. – Chhotu… – Yes brother.

I have seen many times men spoiling their life in love. But for the first time I am sing that the girl is spoiling her life. Great. That man must be so lucky who will get her. When husband returns home in the evening after committing a murder. She will give massage to her husband. – If he goes to jail. – Then she will get him released on bail. If bail is cancelled. Then she will bring down the jail with bulldozer. What have we to do with their love? We must go. Keep quiet. We have searched all the villages except four. I do not want information but lives of all of them. – Go. – Okay. Without being scared meet your father. Why did you get food so early today? It is not good for health to drink so much. If I don’t drink then also I will die. This alcohol cools my soul. As it is who wants to live. There are so many people in the house even then why do stay aloof. It is a big family with very narrow thinking.

I could not understand my wife and daughter. And when I understood it was too late. – Give me. – It is enough. Eat food. My relatives do not stop me then who are you. Your daughter. Think of me as your daughter. No, no I am not capable of being called a father. Why do you think it was your mistake? There is a possibility that your daughter was wrong in going. You do not know anything. Nothing at all. Go away from here. Go. I don’t want to eat anything. – Go away from here. – Father…father… What did you say? Father…. Aliya… You came here for me. You made me meet my daughter. I will never forget your favor. Don’t, talk like this. We did not tell you so that by chance.. ..you speak the truth by being emotional. We will have to keep it a secret.. ..for few more days that Aliya is your daughter. I understood, son. Now try to stand. Very carefully. Carefully, slowly…. Did you see I can walk without any support? You are a very good nurse, I must say. Listen, if you don’t mind then shall I say something? Yes, say without any hesitation.

If you think it right then shall we get this nurse married to Picheshwar? You will be benefitted by this. She will serve you all your life. Picheshwar will leave the house anytime in anger. Maybe she will stop him from going. Nandini, today after many years you gave a good suggestion. Hey naughty boy… – What is it? – We have thought of something. We want you to get married to this nurse. With this nurse. Never. Why? Neither do we know about his caste or family. Stupid. Qualities are above caste. Ask grandfather to say this. How did you think that I would make the girl.. ..from a low standard family as my daughter-in-law? – This is right.

– Qualities are above caste. Okay. If you say then I will marry her. So child.. As you wish. Hey, call her father. – Why did you call me? – Go behind and then come again. I will go. Sir, why did you call me? We want to get your daughter married to Picheshwar. Never. It cannot take place. She lied in front of police. – Hey! – She hurt me. Just for one lies will you stop considering her as your daughter. Daughter? Will you argue with these fools? Make some excuse and leave from here. My daughter…okay fix the marriage. I will go. Hey.. Sorry I request you.

Can I please leave if you give permission? Don’t you have any responsibility? The father has the main work to do in daughter’s marriage. – You will have to wait here. – You can go. – Your house or mine. – What? Bathroom… I am going. – Hey, call the priest home. – Okay. Few days back son came home and now h is getting married. – You are right. – Hello, hello… Whom did you ask before fixing marriage? We have fixed it so there is no need to ask anyone. You decided and you think I will do it. First I will talk to her. If I like her only then I will decide. – Your permission is required. – Yes. – Is it? – Where is the girl? – In her room. – Okay. Do we need his permission as well? We did not take permission from the girl’s father as well. What is this sister? The snake bit again. Get lost from here. Go. Playing snakes and ladders. Get lost. The old man was saying that you are going to be the bride.

Come with me. Where are you going? I want to talk to her so I am taking her out. Why do you have to talk to her? Father made the decision so it is final. Is that so? Who is her father? He is the one. – He.. – The one behind him. Yes. – Father is not like his daughter. – Father is on his mother.

– And her resemblance. – One her mother’s father. Where did so much population come in this house? Who is that fool? – Don’t you know that fellow? – No, I don’t know him. – For that I will have to narrate a story. – Okay tell. – Once upon a time there was a king. – Was he a farmer? No, he was really a king. Shall I ask you one thing? Is that man there in this story? – 100% he is there. – Okay, and then continue. There was a king. He had six sons. How can they be six? There must be seven. There were seven sons but one did in car accident. Those days there were no cars. It is story of a king. This was not a king of any kingdom but was a king from heart. King from heart. Everyone does not have a petty heart like you. Does anyone become a king if he has heart? You continue. The son of the king met with an accident..

..and was admitted to the hospital. Why in hospital. He had died. The one who died was the seventh son. The sixth son was admitted to the hospital. Sixth son? Continue. He needed blood and the king put one liter of blood in the bottle. Was it orange juice that was put in bottle? He should have directly given to son. It was not king’s blood but was that of 5th son. Why wasn’t h taken to the hospital directly. The 5th son also met with an accident. He was in another hospital. Stupid. By taking blood from one hospital to give.. ..to another one in another hospital. What is this logic? Their blood group matched. Blood group? How did it match? Accident took place at the same time..

..on the same day so the blood group matched. – Am I right? – Okay. He filled the blood in a big bottle. What happened after that? With the bottle the king went to railway station. – The train moved ahead. – And the king ran behind… – The train increased the speed. – He increased his speed. The train ran fast… – He ran faster… – Shut up. Did he catch the train or not? Someone pulled the chain and he boarded the train. What happened after that? The train reached the station. The blood was given..and the son was saved. – Let’s go brother. – Hey! Where was the old man in this story? I said you that someone pulled the chain. – Yes. – He is the one who pulled the chain. What was the need to pull the chain? It wouldn’t have been bothered m if you did not pull the chain. – Which chain are you talking about? – I cannot hear the story anymore. – Are you talking to me or to yourself? – I am talking to you. – With me.

– Yes. Why aren’t you looking at me? Sit in front. I want to talk to you face to face. Bad luck. – Snacks? – Yes. I want to take your daughter out. – My daughter? – Is there any doubt? What will you do by taking her out? Why should I tell you? I want to marry her so want to know her. – You want to marry her. – Yes.. But her marriage is fixed with someone else.

Why with anyone else? I am there. I am her groom. – You are the one. – Yes. Take her, take her… Go wherever you wish to. Enjoy as you want. My life has been finished. I liked the girl. Good that you liked her. Marriage can take place in any hall but honeymoon should be in Switzerland. Why are you taking so much interest in honeymoon? If I am the groom then I will think about honeymoon.

– Are you thinking of yourself as groom? – Of course. – Hey! – No further discussions. I like the bride and her father likes me…. So our honeymoon will be in Switzerland. At any cost. Just look at the daring of bathroom joker. He said yes to both. Bring him here. Along with my grandson you said yes to that boy as well. He thrashed me, sir. Will you say yes to anyone who thrashes? – I cannot say no. – Just slap him. – Is it okay now? – Double okay sir. Is this final? Final sir. No semi final, no quarter final… Start the preparations of marriage. Remember this. All are mad here. – Bad luck… – This world is of no use to me. Master, you look to be a man with knowledge. I want to share my pain with you. A man without pain and a farm without bullock is the same. Great. You are so intelligent master. – Well said Swami. – No mention. – The tension at China border is not as much as in my life. – Relax. Share your sorrow and the problem will be solved. – Don’t waste time and come to the point. – Yes master. – 20 years ago I loved a girl.

– Great. Her name was Sandhya. – Evening.. – She kept a condition that… A lot of whispering is happening nowadays. I was sharing my problem with a great priest. With whom were you sharing? A stupid fellow with an intelligent fellow. – With this intelligent fellow. – Yes. Will you listen to great deeds of this great man? Which deeds? From the time he has entered my life is drowning. Do you know what the tragedy is bigger than that? – No… – To share my problems with you. Priest, read the horoscope nicely and take out a good auspicious date. Wait, uncle. An auspicious occasion is there in the house.. ..and that is your wedding anniversary. Yes grandfather, uncle is right. Marriage will take place after the birthday. – Please agree. – Please… I am very happy today. Come home soon. I will try my best. I pray that after this marriage even I am allowed to leave.

It is our friend’s wedding so it will be fun. – Have it. – To hell with the sweets. I have become bloody fool here. Sorry Pooja darling. – Wow! Wonderful. – It was wrong number. – Rascal, hypocrite… – Help me! You were cheating on me. Listen, wear it. Sir, please dance. Shall I dance on my destruction? Dance. Otherwise I will thrash you. Take it. Always be happy. Give it to me priest. This is for you. Why are you looking at the photo? I am here.

– Do you know him? – I do not know. Look for him in the next colony. – I am saved. – He stays there. Run… Brother, he had made us fool. – Eat this. – No no. – Yes tell me. – Which girl did Picheshwar bring? – Yes, he had brought. – He is not our Picheshwar. I know everything. No I do not know anything. I understood everything. Hey! Everyone come here. Breaking news has come. Listen, she is the one whom you were finding. Aliya, Aliya….these people…

Listen… Kill the boy and the girl both. Did you hear what he said? Kill the girl. Stop. I will kill anyone who touches my granddaughter. – But.. – What is it? This girl is the heir of this house. How can we kill her, Dileshwar? What crime has she committed? She just wanted to get everyone’s love. We wanted to kill her and her aim was to change us. Look son, we have everything. We have dignity, respect and everything else. What we do not have is truthfulness, love and honesty. This boy brought hr and taught us lesson of love. Such a boy should be given a lot respect. Why do you want to kill such a boy? This is not just my thinking but that of entire family. He is right. Please, agree to him. – Okay whatever you say is right.

– She is our daughter. Today I am very happy. Listen son, you know that before every.. ..auspicious occasion we go to worship Swami Venkateshwar. We are leaving so you too reach there. I will come, father. I shall meet you on the way. Forgive your grandfather. What to tell you. This family will always be your debtor. With your shrewdness you won over my family members. Fine. I will leave the girl alive but on one condition. You will have to come to me alone. Child… For the first time there is laughter heard in this house.

Now I will not let the happiness of all of them diminish. I shall come when and wherever you call me. We will have to call more men, boss. Call as many as you want. You are great as you came here on my request. I had promised my father to keep the girl alive for my family. That is why I will attack in form of enemy. Along with daughter I shall kill her father as well. I shall get wealth and sympathy in bonus. Now you will die for free for those who mean nothing to you. It is not in our hands to be born in this world. But it is in our hands to choose our death. If I have to die then I would die like a man. Thrash him. Come on. Get up, rascal. Stand up. Get lost. I have finished him but have you killed both of them or not.

Not only will both of them but today your entire family be killed. You killed my son in front of me. I fell at your feet. Even then you did not show mercy. It is said that every rascal has to pay for his deeds. Today my revenge will be complete. Hey Pandit…. Hey! Today you will feel the pain of losing your near and dear ones. Who are these people? Kill each one of them. – Come child. – Father… – Get out from here.

– Come… Run.. – No..no. – Hey! Come. Here comes the super hero. – Munna… – Son… – Son… – Are you fine? Dileshwar, do you know what his eyes are saying? You are not even worth respecting. You wanted to kill your family. This entire thing is result of our sins. Because of us his entire family had to suffer. But he did not bother about his life to save us. I have learnt a lot from this boy. If possible change the course of your life. Whatever that happened was because of brother Veera. Many problems came but he fought well. – He saved us risking his life. – Really? – Absolutely true. – Veera, I love you. The truth is that I would have wooed.. ..Anooshka with efforts I have put in for her. – I am feeling shy. – I love you. – Father-in-law… – Yes, son-in-law. He is my son. I have decided to adopt him. Great father. I knew that you would change.. ..but did not think it would be so soon. My son made my entire life hell and now at last I am sitting peacefully. Keep sitting. Take rest. Whom did he make sit on my grandfather’s place? You will not believe that once my son…

– Brother, you do not know him? – I don’t know. There is a long story behind it. Okay tell me. Once upon a time there was a king. He had 40 children. Whether they were chicks or puppies. How can he have so many children? – The commander and minister helped in this task. – What? Not only respect but also gave bravery award. Which is this award that is given for giving birth to children? Not like that. He helped the king to adopt 40 children. – Okay, continue. – 40 maids were kept for 40 children.

40 maids were kept for 40 children. Next. – One day children started crying. – Started crying? – They were given milk. – Given milk. – They were given toys. – Given toys. – They were picked up. – Picked up.. – They were crying. – Given chocolate. Just tell whether they became quiet or not. They kept quiet. The siren stopped and children kept quiet. Sire stopped and children kept quite. What is the connection of that man with this story? The person who switched off the siren was his great grandfather. – Siren stopped there. Hold this. – Yes. – I held it. – You have many stories… – Camera is on and this is family movie. – You have many stories… – Stop it… – Then there must be 40 diapers as well. You have great body. Am I a dancer doing item song? Why did you thrash him? – Remove it…. – Cut the shot.

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