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Secret Apple Watch Port?!

Super Secret Apple Watch Port?! Hey what’s up guys Keaton here. So I know a lot of you guys have Apple Watches and if you do, send me a picture of your Apple Watch because I’d love to see what band and what color you got and I’ll definitely go ahead and retweet a few.

Active Reading 2

Welcome to the Reading Actively video. Just as I need a leash and a collar to take my dog for a walk, I need a pen and a highlighter to be an active reader. Learning to use active reading skills will help you to remember what you read. Let’s try one. Why is it important

The First Honest Cable Company

Align:start hi we’re your local high speed internet and cable provider are you looking for a fast reliable internet connection a large selection of your favorite HD TV channels with 24/7 access to the best customer support technicians all out of fair price fuck you you’ll take what we give you you’ll have the option