Blinking Red Light on Speed Control (ESC) | Traxxas Support

If you power on the vehicle with a nickel-metal-hydride battery and low voltage detection is currently enabled, the ESC may immediately blink red to indicate low voltage. When this happens, re-calibrate the ESC. First, power it off by disconnecting the battery. Turn on the transmitter and reconnect the battery. Now press and hold the EZ-Set button until it turns red and then release immediately. The LED will blink once and turn off. Quickly pull and hold full throttle while watching the LED. When you see two blinks go right to full reverse without pausing in the middle. Continue holding full reverse as you press and hold the EZ-Set button for around ten seconds… Now release the trigger and button. The LED should now glow red to indicate nickel-metal hydride mode. For more information about low voltage detection, electronic speed controls, and power cell batteries, visit our website at

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