Author: Neha Kaamra

Still Face Experiment: Dr. Edward Tronick

>> Babies this young are extremely responsive to the emotions and the reactivity and the social interaction that they get from the world around them. This is something that we started studying 30, 40 years ago when people didn’t think that infants could engage in social interaction. In the “still face” experiment, what the mother

Primitive Technology: Tiled Roof Hut

Making stone axe Cutting timber for hut Digging post holes Carving mortices in roof beams Fire hardening mortices with coals (strengthens mortices) Fitting mortices of beams on to posts Hammering beams in place Loya cane (a type of creeper) Putting on rafters Lashing to frame Making a kiln grate from clay Making holes to let

How To Read ANYONE

In this video, I’m going to teach you how to read anyone and specifically, what I want to do is give you six things that if you implement and think about these, you’re going to know what people are thinking and feeling, without them even having to tell you, and that skill is amazing. You

Mega Battles First Transformation and Fight (Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue)

Lightspeed Rescue! (heroic music) (thumps) (grunts) I’ve had enough of this clown. (grunts) Ah! (clanks) Oh! (thumps) Goodbye, green ranger. Lightspeed. Ah! Rescue! Ha! (clanks) (grunts) [Infinitor] Come on! (grunts) [Joel] Chad. Now to finish them. Batlings! (wings fluttering) (menacing music) (lasers shooting) [Joel] Ah! (grunts) You pathetic rangers are no match for my power.

IELTS Reading: Top 10 Tips

Hello. My name is Emma, and in today’s video, we are going to talk about the reading module of the IELTS. I’m going to tell you some of my top IELTS reading tips. So let’s get started. During the reading module of the IELTS, there will be three passages that you read, and for each