Are you an empath? Please watch this carefully

Are you an empath, light worker, shadow worker, HSP? Hi guys, welcome to Becoming a Better You by Skeed and another video. Today as you can see I’m outside you might hear some birds in the background, I do have aeroplanes flying overhead so you might catch some of them and some background noise… but it’s a really nice day and I just wanted to take advantage of the nice day and so I’m recording outside today. So what is this video about? Well, I’ve now got over a hundred videos on my channel and I thought it was about time that I talked to you about Who I am…. and my experiences and why I’m making this channel. This weekend I was helping someone with some shadow work and it just dawned on me that perhaps I need to talk about these things and the best way for me to talk about these things is through my experiences, because I’ve also seen many different ideas of different things and everything gets in a huge muddle and things have been so abstracted and I just need to sort of put it all into focus.

I’ve also seen people for example, talking about shadow work as being something coming from yourself your inner demons, your past. Now I’d like to set the bar straight here. It can be that but from my own experience I can tell you it doesn’t have to be anything to do with you whatsoever… Anyway I’m jumping ahead of myself. Let’s go back. Who am I? As I said on other videos… People call me Skeed and as you may know from watching other videos…. I do dyslexia, I do ADD. I’m also an empath. You can call me a lightworker, a shadow worker as well and I’m gonna explain a little bit more about that in this video with my experiences. Now when we’re talking about all of these things I put on my channel a lot of people find them very sort of Airy Fairy spooky dooky things….

Talking about psychic abilities and blah, blah, blah. I’m not some airy-fairy type of person. I’m a very down-to-earth type of person but I can also tell you these things do exist. Now some of the things I’m going to tell you… you might think “oh he’s nuts, he’s lost his mind” and no sorry I haven’t. You can’t sort of discredit things that way but when I’m telling you these things, when you’re watching, you will have to have an open mind. If you’re biased in any way then it’s just gonna brush over you. You’re gonna form opinions, judge me…. misjudge me and well you’re gonna lose out on possibly seeing new things in your own experience.

Why am I saying this? Because most people, they either live as some people have termed it “asleep”. A lot of empaths see people who are have not realised that empathic abilities, (I do believe everybody has them). They’re just asleep, there dormant, there is a seed somewhere inside them but they because of their programming, obligatory education, their social programming… that they just don’t want to see it or can’t see it or so basically these people live in what has been termed…. there was a book written about it called, “Flatland”. Now Flatland is a two dimensional place, where you live and all you can see a dots and lines, because in Flatland, all you can see is the end of a point which will be a dot. or a line which would be a wall if you get a three-dimensional… which would be the side of whatever it is and you can’t see anything else….

But there is so much more out there to see and this has been documented by so many people. Talking from as simple as things about auras and all the energy work going on chi. Qi-Gong, Tai Chi… It’s all developed around this energy that we can’t see and there’s so much out there about it that you just can’t actually deny that. It’s there. Just because we can’t see it.

Some people claim that scientists have already learned how to measure this with electromagnetic devices, others claim the electromagnetic energy isn’t chi so there is a debates out there. Right, about me…. so when it comes to empaths they say virtually all empaths if not all empaths are empths because of some traumatic experience they had when they were younger or when they grew up. A lot of people develop these skills after near-death experiences. I haven’t had a near-death experience to wake me up. As far as trauma goes…. well I did have a trauma in my life but I don’t remember it and I was only a toddler. The funny thing is when I place what my memories are on my timeline, they actually begin right after that trauma happened. So either I don’t have memories from before or for some reason they’re blocked. Now I do have a good memory and I can remember when I was three years old and some things from even when I was younger than three but it was literally that trauma happened.

What was the trauma? My father died. As I said that was toddler, I don’t remember it but it could be that I blocked those memories and therefore I can’t remember things earlier or it could just be the coincidental point where my memories formed to enough to started remembering them. The other thing it wasn’t one big blunt trauma hitting me on the head but as I said because I do a deed in dyslexia I had a very tough time at school and I had this constant you can’t do it you’re not able to do it do better for many many years which did eventually develop into being depressed for a good number of years until thankfully someone helps me wake out of it so it wasn’t a blunt trauma but you could I suppose if you want to cool that a long-standing trauma that I had for virtue of my childhood and I was told many things that I wouldn’t be able to do and they were just completely wrong anyway so that could be or these could be some of the causes of the awakening may impart abilities or strengthen all of them or not I really don’t care what it is not a person that lives in the past I prefer to live in the present prefer to live in a mindful manner but it’s just to explain a couple of things so anyway growing up I always had the sense that there was something more something else out there and when I was a child yes I thought I could see sort of shadows as it were some people call them spirits or ghosts so I don’t like those names because I can’t really name them I like to call them shadows because that’s what they were and anyway it’s like old I’ve sort of told they don’t exist blah blah blah and I basically led to shut them off you know also when I was at school I was a person that was always doing things that I shouldn’t however I never ever got caught at school doing things I shouldn’t and there’s a reason why I didn’t now they’re a couple of times I did get into trouble but I never got caught directly that was because someone said oh and this person was there as well so I’m not saying I didn’t get into trouble but only because people named me and a lot of the times I even managed to get out of trouble when people to name me because I knew how to the talk to the person the teacher who was in trouble I gave them the information they needed it’s something I learned later that they talked about in year allistic programming but I could do it by myself I didn’t need to learn it anyway so when I was at school the reason I would never get into trouble is because I always had these feelings and these feelings would be someone said let’s do this and I’d be like no I’m not gonna go with you today I’m not gonna do that and then that day you know my friends would go off and they were don’t end up getting in trouble because I had this feeling saying don’t do it I didn’t do it and then other times I’ll go with them and I’d certainly get this feeling get out of there and don’t go you know morwe find another way to get out of wherever you are and they did only to discover the people that chose not to come with me I always told my friends as well sometimes they listen sometimes they didn’t I didn’t explain what and the people that stayed behind guess what happened when I got those feelings yeah they got caught we got into trouble so I’ve always had this sort of cognition these feelings obviously when I was you know 8 9 10 13 14 15 I just put it down to blind luck but I trusted myself anyway as I got older and when this person I’m not going to name them but when I got hit by this powerful positive empathic energy from this person amazing person they broke me out of the depression I’ve been in four it was probably about four or five years and it was actually quite funny because we were sitting together in their flat I was 18 or 19 at the time and I was with them and we were talking and just generally enjoying ourselves and all of a sudden I sort of started uncontrollably crying I don’t know I’ve no idea was good I couldn’t I couldn’t stop couldn’t stopping it kept going and going and going and going go and anyway with this break of this depression I just got this flood of sensations of feelings all these things started coming back to me I could start seeing things again and I’m gonna go into a story of some of the things I saw which will show you that shadow work isn’t about working through your interior and then I’ve got all these floods of things because this person was an empath and they knew about energy work and stuff they actually helped me a great deal and they showed me for example how to see auras how to project and how to feel energy and I just went bigger and bigger and bigger and anyway we were at the time I was living in the at was working in the Alps in Italy very nice job anyway we the season was over we left and I went with this person back to where they live again still in Italy an in we went we went to their house their their parents house and we were there for a while and when I was there one night when I was in the house I sort of when we got there I was a little bit uneasy still didn’t really speak Italian that well they were Italian but their English was great but because my Italian wasn’t my grat couldn’t really talk to the parents either and it and anyway one one night I was there but there were three of us another friend came two of us was sleeping in the Attic and then the friend was sleeping downstairs in another room anyway I suddenly got these really bizarre sensations and they weren’t just sensations I could hear them I could feel them I could see them and they were what I now know as shadows and you could call the many things my imagination obviously knowing about dragons and demons from cartoons and there was he created these shapes and I could see these things flying around and sort of skeleton shaped dragons and things like that now the actual imagery and the symbology of it is there more to it or or was it just my imagination turning these shadows into these images again I’m not gonna go there because there’s so much in it but anyway I could see these shadows and they were attacking me because this person previously before they left the outfits are so tell me about energy work and sort of a little bit of protection and suffer I tried to protect myself and this is I starts to protect myself they just came at me more and both both and it was sort of I’m go to sleep I try to go to sleep and I would even see them in my dreams and I wake up and they wouldn’t go away that was still there now some people could call these night terrors but never had anything like this before and then I was breaking out in sweats and I could see them and luckily the other person in the room sort of woke up I was like what’s going on I said up go and get this friend that’s downstairs and so you know they came up because they had this powerful energy they came up and immediately the energy around the person had just calmed the whole situation them and but this way to say the least I was pretty shaken up by it and it also proved to me that what I now know as why I seen so many videos but what I now know is called shield protection or barriers I do have a video on this and it is useful when you’re starting and there’s a reason the whole channel I’m doing I’m developing a series so if you follow the series then then there is a method to my madness in the welding and you see where I’m going it’s a step-by-step process seeing things in certain ways before we go other ways but anyway I was in in this strange place with a lot of people I couldn’t really talk to a couple of people our kid and anyway woke up the next day very shaken up as a bit obviously the parents were surprised absolutely nuts well they did anyway had the next day but these shields up what happened well when I put the shields up I just got attacked even more so I’m like God what do I do if this happens again so I realized that if it did happen again and I had this kneeling for you it was gonna happen again but obviously I couldn’t defeat them you know these shields weren’t gonna work and I didn’t know what to do and anyway I spoke to this friend they didn’t have any idea or anyway it was way above their level so the next night came and guess what fact they came these shadows came back hitting me hitting me hitting me hitting me hitting me and it was well let’s just call it a very scary experience but as I need the shields weren’t gonna work I decided okay I’m just gonna surrender to it and see where it goes and nothing nothing else I can do sheer blind luck that I chose the right thing to do perhaps not maybe it was intuition my higher voice telling me what I needed to do but I didn’t know that at the time you know I do I learn all of this and anyway so I I just let let it fill me up yeah I was breaking out in sweat so I had tears running down my face trying to cope with it so it wasn’t just in my head it was being physically manifested in me yeah religious people will probably call it a possession it’s not that either sorry guys that think that but it doesn’t have to be it’s any a possession if you fight it but anyway I just let them completely absorb me I said let you know tell me what you need to tell me do what you need to do because I can’t fight you sorry like this happened and it sort of kept going for a couple of hours and eventually it sort of started to fade Matt asleep and the next morning I woke up and I just had this really lay message in my mind and it wasn’t a message for me means this is when people say shadow work is all about you inner demons because something was oh that was all your depression coming out anyway I had this really clear message and I had to go and tell my friend the who my friend I didn’t mention before their father had also died and was buried in in this cemetery in the village we were staying it and we had that day when I said nothing had happened during that day something did happen we actually went for a walk and we walked past the cemetery and my friend asked me if I wanted to go in and see their father’s grave and again I just got this really negative feeling saying no I can’t go in there I’ve always had this feeling about cemeteries some of them I could go in some of them I couldn’t a lot of times when I was doing things I shouldn’t at school I actually went into cemeteries and that is where I could get very clear messages of when it was safe to go in when it wasn’t safe to go in when I had to get out and now I’m not saying it was ghosts in the cemetery but they are powerful places that place is a powerful energy I’m not gonna say ghosts but that’s again call them shadows or lights non-descriptive I think’s far better because things can get confused by imagination so anyway yes that day we’ve gone past the cemetery and I had this clay clear message that I can go in the cemetery and then this happen the next night and the next one I had this clear message and I said to this friend I said you have to go to the cemetery and you have to go not by yourself you have to go with your mother and you have to go make peace something’s happened with your father I don’t know what it is but you have to go make peace and thankfully my friend being the person they were they did exactly that then at night nothing happened I wasn’t attacked by anything it was very strange we got up the next morning and my friend who’s sleeping in another room they said to me you’ll never guess what happened to me this morning said the strangest thing ever happened said a bird came and sat on the windowsill the bed was right next to a window mrs.

Bird came and sat right next to them when they were in bed and set and wouldn’t leave it just stayed there they even open the window and the bird stayed there the birds don’t do that if you open a window at the bird will fly away and it was a bird that had a nest there anything like that in any way eventually they said that the bird sort of made peace as it were with her and flew away I wasn’t there with that this is their words and then I just knew that that’s what the demons or the shadows or whatever you want to call them were about nothing to do with me someone or something had a message for this person I gave them the message they fix what they needed to fix and the problem was solved and the shadows were gone those shadows had nothing to do with me that was one little thing that happened and that was if you want to call it obviously its shadow work but obviously it’s also I could see them I could hear them I could feel them so it was all the Claire’s the clairvoyant sentient cognizant s– audience all in the same experience again some people say people who have one and not the other while they might have to but not awful I’ve had all four then another experience I had funnily enough it was with this same person but we weren’t we weren’t in Italy anymore we we had met up somewhere else and it was now the summer and anyway I was bare on we weren’t staying together or anything they would they were in another house and I was staying in a hostel there because I was looking for a job there and obviously I had from when I was in the Alps and been introduced to all this energy work but I’ve also been in reduce to meditation and so I on the beach starting to practice meditation by myself and I could feel my energy increasing and increasing wonderful experiences and then all of a sudden I got this feeling and I’m gonna tell you what the feeling was about in a second but this friend they would they wish they were staying with another friend in their house and this the person they were staying with their mother had had an accident she had fallen off a ladder she was picking apples which had fallen off a ladder had a really bad accident and ended up in hospital and anyway they’d said she’s had this accident but she’s absolutely fine nothing’s gonna happen okay that’s that’s fine but then coming back to the feeling I had knowing that the doctors had said that the mother of this friend of my friend was absolutely fine I suddenly had this feeling that the mother was going to die which is absolutely absurd because I knew the doctors said that they were fine and anyway I phoned my friend as soon as I had this feeling but for some reason I held back and I didn’t tell them I found them away they came over and I told them something else and it’s something else had happened some news that was to do with me and I told them that years instead of the information I’d received because I was just like there’s no way there can be true because the doctors have given the person this mother that will clear and anyway the next day I then went to phone my friend to tell them because I hadn’t told it before what I had felt because I knew they were open to these things and anyway they weren’t it and I dr.

House no no was this what’s going on and so eventually I bumped into someone else we knew in the village worried and they had told me no they’re my friend and the person they were staying with had had to rush home they jumped on the flight and rushed home because the mother of his friend had died yeah so had I told my friend my friend could have told their friend which they would have done and at the very least not saying could have saved that mother’s like something you would tell the doctors and the dogs would be like that’s absurd but she could have phoned her mother and that perhaps to talk to her one last time that’s another experience that happened to me other experiences that have happened to me talking about these things okay that was more to do with shadow work and pre cognizance so what I talked about so far other experiences as far as the shadow work well that’s the best example I can give you of things that’ll happen to me so I can give you a clearer understanding one what shadow work is how to deal with it if you’re paying attention and also just so you know who I am in my experiences and why I started doing all these thing so after those experiences obviously I was quite shocked at how fast I was getting all this information and I didn’t really have anyone who could help me with this okay I had the friend who was another empath but it was beyond their level too anyway I’m other experiences I’ve had in another video I talked about precognition where I gave an example of sitting in a train and you suddenly see dead bodies and they scare you witless and you jump off the train well that experience with me I was living in Madrid and I was commuting every day into Madrid by train and you know I would still practice these things so I’ve got an aeroplane flying overhead if you can hear it I was practicing my meditations and things on the train and everyone I saw in the carriage with me suddenly looked dead but it wasn’t so much what they looked like it was the feeling I got I just got this feeling love get off this train now and don’t come back and I did I jumped off at the next station which luckily happened to be my stop and I didn’t get back on them that day to get home I decided to get the bus and I got the bus home and I’ve been commuting for a long time every day on the train but for a net day on as I know where I’m not getting not getting on on the training it I’m gonna just drive so I started driving well seven days later there was the Madrid bombings on the trains and it was the exact train I looked it up it was the exact train that I was on seven days later was the one that exploded so again that was another clear sign it again that was clairvoyance and Claire called munition because it was feeling more than anything other experiences I’ve had or intuitive experiences if you want to call them again another year I had this giggling little feel it all of a sudden I’d never really thought about it before did I had to go and do an advanced driving core and this feelings wouldn’t go away so guess what I went and did one and I did this advanced driving course and it was great fun and afterwards I kept on practicing the things that I could from this advanced driving course so I practiced him in car parks I practiced them on empty roads and just improving my skills and a couple of months later after doing the course I was driving at the time with my wife who was probably out seven months pregnant and something there was a very dangerous intersection in front and something happened and thanks to that advanced driving course nothing happened I was able to avoid a major major accident is that coincidence is that a happy coincidence people like to say Oh independent random things yeah you could call it that but it was just this legally feeling that I had to do this course out of nowhere I’d never thought about really doing one before and I don’t know I had to do it and I went and did it and it resulted in saving maybe all of us maybe one of us I don’t know that was just another experience then the amount of experiences I’ve had all just meeting people that remind me of other people and talking to them and it resulting in some great information coming to me and normally the information shit isn’t one way normally goes both ways the amount of times that has happened to me is just phenomenal and you know these people because they remind you of someone or you get a good feeling from and you just sort of connect as soon as you start talking so that’s sort of more just general intuition but again it’s a feeling it’s a cognition of precognition as it worked to go and talk an intuition what other things have happened to me that there a lot lots of them and this is why I do what I do because I’ve had so many of these experiences and I see now we have the Internet obviously when they started things started having to me the internet was it in infancy to really exist I didn’t have the ability to go and find the information but over the years I have done so many courses I’ve studied so many types of meditation I’ve studied yoga but one of the original yoga’s not some exercise class I studied Roger yoga with a very let’s just call him at the top of his field he’s being the president of the world year association I don’t know how many times he’s definitely at the top of the yoga field and I started with him I learned quite a lot from him as I said I’ve studied yoga meditation started sins and I started mindfulness with again another great character who taught me that mindfulness is not about what you’ve seen so many books and things it’s actually very simple to experience mindfulness and I do actually have a course on how to experience mindfulness in a couple of hours and then you just have to work to reproduce that feeling it can be very quick it’s a quick process children are naturally mindful they live in the present moment so we’re just trying to come back to that it’s experience that makes the monkey mind and not knowing how to concentrate because again concentration is something that people don’t know how to do you never thought you’re shown at school to pay attention and then people tell you to concentrate and you assume paying attention and concentration is the same thing again they’re not the same thing I’ve got a video on this channel about concentration the mindfulness course is a paid course I will leave the link for you if you’re interested in that it’s paid course it’s not an expensive course so these are just some of the many experiences I’ve had do I see or as naturally I can do when I concentrate on them but I do have to concentrate on them I’m not a person that sees them all the time unless I choose to is this a good thing is this a bad thing maybe I just need more development on it but because I can see them when I want to I’ve never really developed it to be able to sit permanently it’s not something I find necessary find it nice to be able to turn it on and off yes I was telling you that you know I’ve started yoga meditation mindfulness energy work in a Reiki Qi Gong and I’ve also experienced personally some of the things a lot of the time do to miss translations from other languages why certain things when it comes to teaching in the English language or the Spanish language as well the things have been mistranslated they caused miss confusions many of these subjects of mindfulness the meditation of energy work of even energy healing and just the simplest little detail it it just sort of changes everything and it makes things very hard to be able to learn them and so this is why I developed this channel after studying all these things being a DD and dyslexic I’m able to see the big picture I’m able to stand back from all these different modalities compare and contrast them not judge them compare and contrast them and find the relationships between them have done and this is why I found and understood why certain things I just is translated misinterpreted so as I said this is why I’ve created this channel to try and help as many people as possible become better and that’s why I named Michelle become a better you to try and raise the level the vibration the energy level of people who want to there are so many people as I said who are asleep who live in fear being programmed to live in fear or not necessary fear but negativity due to fear mongering from their parents oh you can’t do that be careful no all the time as they were growing up from their teachers the amount of people around today that just live in this perpetual state of fear and try to spread it oh you can’t do that because of the amount of laws that have been written in countries because of fear is incredible no it’s to keep you safe it’s to protect you that’s what common sense is for the laws are to keep people from doing things wrong really not to stop you and take away your freedoms and your protections and due to this fear-mongering we are having our freedoms taken away and people are applauding them being taken away and it’s just wrong right now where we are the leaven fear-mongering and control is bigger than Ezzor ever has been I said this in another video it also means at the same time this comes at a point where information is at its freest now I know there are certain countries that control more than others for example what you can see on the Internet but in some countries we are lucky enough to have the freedom if you just go and find it to learn these things the knowledge is there and this sort of sort of comes from a little bit of the theory all you could call it yin and yang you could call it the force from Star Wars which I’m going to talk about in another video whether it’s true or not but it’s the more powerful one side becomes the negative the more powerful the other side becomes to create the balance so whilst all this huge fear-mongering is outlet all this huge and negativity and just people living inside their little boxes everyone being controlled and there is this other side this big powerful positive side that’s there lying in wait and just needs to be taken in into the limelight and set free to balance it and I’m fine being in social media there are places that you can find like-minded people and veg waiting for it to blow up explode because they they say before the big positive you are gonna get the big negative well we’re getting the big negative so maybe the big positive comes along again versus is brilliant this is a power struggle between positive and negative I’ve talked in another video about ying and yang and non-duality the answer is in the balance and so whilst there is this big positive side out there we also know for us to be able to grow our energy level of our consciousness levels on the planet it’s to stop living in the negative stop living in the positive and live the yin yang the fine balance between the two I like to use a metaphor because it’s balanced when nature exists and this metaphor is think of a magnet okay first before I explain that people talk about the law of attraction like attracts like and yes if you hang around people with similar likes to you your vibration your success rate will increase if you want to be successful hang around with successful people you’ll become more successful commonly understood but that isn’t like necessarily attracting like that’s you going out and finding what you want and being brought up so as far as the law of attraction goes it’s not all right right to manifest what you want you have to realize what you want and go look for it and one of the most famous documentaries on the law of attraction was completely misinterpreting the people who starred in that really actually sued the producers – to my knowledge this is what happened because they were completely misquoted so does like a trap like well the laws of physics so the opposite likes repel opposites attract and this is what happens with a magnet and this is where I come back to my metaphor with opposites you have a magnet you have either positive then you have the negative what’s special about that well can you think of a magnet a big powerful magnetic example I can think of one it’s called planet Earth planet Earth is a giant magnet now okay I know there are other factors involved but just on a very basic level for the metaphor when you have a magnet that’s in harmony with the positive and the negative what can form in the balance in between life on Earth and it’s not life on Earth is it the positive life on Earth is it a negative we can live a anywhere on the magnet life is born in the balance of the positive and the negative so remember that when you’re striving to be a good person you’re just being bad or whilst you are living in duality it’s just not gonna work anyway I hope that helps to see a little of who I am where I’ve come from and why I’m doing this if you’ve enjoyed watching this video and learning about me obviously please like the video please share the video so others may also join us on this journey subscribe to my channel if you’re not subscribed to it already and place your comments below if you are a judgmental bias troll then yeah if you feel the need you have to comment then to feed your ego then okay go ahead and do so but you’re not gonna get any attention please comment below if you know how to be non-judgmental if you want to learn how to separate from your ego and actually join me on this path on this journey I’m going to continue creating videos it is a path there are steps I am trying to take you down them I’ve talked about some things in this video way before time not ready to go into them haven’t got there yet in the channel I will get you to I will get there and I will discuss them all in time I’m not obviously I’m not sure and I can’t cater to everybody the levels they’re on can’t start at their level so I sort of started at the beginning the if you look at all the videos it might seem a bit of a mishmash it is a bit of a mishmash but as I said there is a method to my madness I’m trying to capture as many sides as possible so it’s not necessarily under present lineal and there are certain things that it’s better to experience to be able to understand them because that’s what we’re talking about here this experience we’re not talking about anything materialistic when you can experience a certain thing then you can move on experience something else far more easily like concentration if you don’t know what it is go find my video on improving concentration or how to improve concentration I think it is look it up on my channel very easy to do very very simple thing it’s a passive thing not an active thing concentration so I hope this has cleared certain things up I hope some of the things that I’ve told you haven’t reached you out you made you think I’m a complete weirdo if you do that’s your choice to judge me and thank you very much and I hope you continue watching my channel and grow it in with me thank you very much and I’ll see you in another video

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