A quick rendezvous with 114 years old Narrow Gauge GWALIOR LIGHT RAILWAY (GLR)

-GB NDM5 #810 of GWL (GWALIOR) NG DLS is all set to depart Gwalior Jn. with 52175 passenger train to Sabalgarh NG passenger departs from Gwalior Jn. at scheduled time, negotiating a curve through the structures The passenger bifurcates towards left side, while the old track on right side go towards goods yard, loco shed , maintenance depot Old & classic semaphore signal post Gauging the speed of NG passenger on my GPS Got many glimpses of the mighty Gwalior Fort from the slow moving NG passenger Train passes through the famous rock-cutting serving as a road-cum-rail path Train arrives at Ghosipura, the first station on its route Arriving at Motijheel 52174 Sabalgarh-Gwalior NG passenger led by NDM5 #806 from GWL arrives at Motijheel & crosses its counterpart train 52175. The white structure with beautiful dome in the background is Gurudwara sabha 52175 passenger departs from Motijheel for onward journey Arriving back to Gwalior Jn.

GWL NDM5 #808 ready to depart Gwalior Jn. with 52173 passenger to Sabalgarh The 7-coacher 52173 train departs from Gwalior Jn.

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