Month: February 2018

Read Scripture: 1 Samuel

The book the first and second Samuel. They’re two separate books in our modern Bibles but that division is due simply to scroll length It was originally written as one coherent story We’re just going to cover the book of first Samuel in this video So after Israel was rescued from slavery in Egypt they

Indian Railways different horns Compilation!! from Steam to Diesel to High Speed Electric Locos.

WP 7161 Headed Steam Express leave Delhi Cantt. Light WDP-1 15021 Blasts thru CNJ WDG-3 from Andal headed with DDN Indore Express. WDM-3A from TKD headed with 12015 Ajmer Shatabdi Express. WDM-3D from VTV headed with 12957 Swaran Jayanti Rajdhani Express. WDP-4B from TKD headed with 22462 Sri Shakti Express. Twin WAG-5 from TKD headed

How to Read Music REALLY FAST!

– Did you know that real piano players look at more than just the notes on the page when they read music? They’re actually using a few other techniques so they can read and process the music much, much faster. Well, today I’m gonna show you what these techniques are, as well as a lot