Month: January 2018

Logitech G703 Lightspeed игровая мышь,обзор,распаковка!Dodixbro Games!The best gaming mouse!

-US Welcome to the DodixBro Games channel! Today I would like to show you what gift Santa Claus gave me for Christmas! I think you already got it! It’s a wireless logitech g703 mouse, asymmetric for right-hander users! Let’s see what’s inside in the package! It a mouse with additional devices in the blister and

Read Scripture Series: Matthew Ch. 1-13

The Gospel according to Matthew It’s one of the earliest official accounts about Jesus of Nazareth: his life, his death and his resurrection. The book itself is anonymous but the earliest reliable tradition links it to Matthew, the tax collector, who was one of the twelve apostles that Jesus appointed and he actually appears within

Speed of Light 2.mp4

Measuring the speed of light these days is a simple college laboratory with the help of an oscilloscope. An oscilloscope can take data at a rate of hundreds millions of frames per second. Here is how we do it. The laser sends a signal to the receiver at point b. But the same signal is