Month: December 2017

Read Scripture: 1-2 Kings

The book of first and second kings Although they are two separate books in our Bibles They were originally written as one book telling a unified story that continues on from the book of Samuel that came before it So David has unified the tribes of Israel into a kingdom and God promised that from

Reading through closed books

[music] Barman: Ten years ago there was a group at MIT which showed that you can look through a closed envelope with terahertz waves. And that was really inspiring to me and I was like hm, if you have the time resolution of the terahertz spectrometer, now you can actually look deeper into multiple pages.

Zero Damage Tryndamere

Alright guys, I’m back. It took me a while to get around to making this video because I’ve been sleeping around so I don’t have to reflect on how shitty I did on my finals. And the time I wasn’t asleep was spent grinding. I had to get my rank up before showing my face

Volvo Trucks – The Iron Knight vs Volvo S60 Polestar – Two titans in a head-to-head challenge

For the first time ever two Swedish titans meet in a head-to-head challenge. A quarter mile drag race and a classic duel around the Mantorp track in Sweden. Volvo Trucks recently presented its record-breaking high-performance truck, The Iron Knight. The holder of two FIA world land speed records. Its monster engine delivers 2400 horsepower and