Month: October 2017

What Is The Speed of Dark?

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here. Nyctophobia is the fear of the dark. But there’s another fear that’s more chilling. It’s the fear that darkness will go away. Optophobia, the fear of opening your eyes. Light travels at the fastest speed possible for a physical object. Darkness is erased when light appears, and returns when light leaves.

1GB/s High Speed Internet

Hey what’s going on youtubers its ShreeG Here as you have already seen my previous Video we have shown you The 1 Gbps Internet ! how to use That so I’m going to show you Today how to use on your side The 1Gb/s ! internet connection With less than one dollar so let’s get

3 Things ‘Faster Than Light’

Here are 3 things you may have heard are faster than the speed of light, but you’d be surprised which ones actually are. I’m Greg, and what the physics is faster than light? What if, when you looked up at the night sky, instead of seeing this, you saw this. You actually would if all

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue – From Deep in the Shadows – Titanium Ranger Morpher Test

(dramatic music) Coming through! Here we go. Titanium Power. (pained grunting) (electricity surging) Carter, are you okay? I got you, buddy. Yeah, I’m okay. I don’t think we should continue testing the titanium powers. The circuitry is too powerful for an ordinary human. Would have been fantastic. Yes, it truly would have. Good night, captain..